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"But believe me, this effort that I am asking of you, I know it is unprecedented but the circumstances require it.

We are at war, certainly in a war for health. We are not fighting against one army or another nation, but the enemy is there, invisible, elusive, and advancing. And that requires our general mobilisation. We are at war." 

16 March 2020


COMMENT BY JULES LETAMBOUR (cartoon by Gus Leonisky).

The opinions expressed here below and comments thereafter in his column are those of Jules and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Gus Leonisky, the site owners or/and hosting agencies. Mind you, as a former professor of history and geography, Jules is very well placed to understand the complexities of hidden conspiracies throughout history.


Vive la France, mon pote! Amen!

And so Macron declared war on Covid-19… Today, French people are tiring of being taken for sheep. And from China comes the more accurate Covid-19 test taken from a sample in your arse…

So what’s the beef?

It is not unreasonable to question the way sciences have been used in political decisions. 

In the past, politics allied with religion. God gave the rulers the divine right to be at the top, and that was this. No question. People had to obey rules and regulations that made them mostly “bottom feeders”, apart from a few in privileged class — nobility, army commanders and the clergy — who were more often in bed with the king/queen in order to execute his/her power. Most of the people were peasants and tradies such as stonemasons. Apart from the weather and their tools, they were mostly ignormuses.

Then democracy came in. The people for the people...

Rulers who had been destined by birth to be sociopaths had to now be elected sociopath with money (and religion still) at their side. The people were soon divided into the working class and the privileged class, each with their own team of “representative” politicians, though most politicians have been on the take, have been on the sociopathic path in order to get there and pay lip service to “THE” people. The pollies are generally geared to “create wealth” — something that greases Wall Street — while giving crumbs (bigger crumbs for “THE" people with people’s pollies — bigger crumbs to the rich from the privileged's pollies) to their supporters, while claiming doing whatever in the “national interest” for everyone… Suck on a lemon if this is too acidic.

So while religion took a back seat, technocracy and sciences became more socially fashionable. And I’m not sorry for this. Sciences can tell us what we are doing right or wrong, not on a moral level, but on a planet survival mode — from cosmic influences to genetics.

Sciences rely on observations and statistics of observations. Some of the observations can be manipulated and we know about elastical statistics. This does not mean that sciences are wrong. A lot of our modern comforts rely on decisions made by governments, using technologies based on correct sciences and aligned protocols to make sure your systems work together or with that of other people. Without complex “handshakes’, the internet could not satisfy anyone… Imagine, 4.66 billion people were active internet users as of October 2020… This means that 4.66 billion people could talk to one another through a complex network of cable and satellite transmission — including automated translation systems. Simply amazing, while 35 year ago, the most powerful home computer was a 386, with security akin to a chewing-gum blob locking your front door.

And so came the fake facts…Hell no…Fake facts have been with us since the year dot. Religions are basically fake facts that masquerade as super-truths in order to control people and suck some of your cash in order to built belittling huge cathedrals…

And then came Trump. The elephant in the china shop. Trump was not a politician. He got the gig of President of the USA by default. On many front, Trump was a populist who did a few idiotic things but until Covid-19 came along, he was more than assured to be re-elected. The system hated this.

So a couple of set stuff-ups came up his way. Trump was not prepared to play the “woke” game nor was he prepared to play the Covid-19 game. He also did not want to play the “militarist Emperor” game. He was about making business deals, some shonky, some not.

The establishment hated Trump. The Democrats hated Trump. Many in the GOP hated Trump. But most of all, important in a democracy, a lot of people hated Trump. At this stage it was a question of statistics. How many people would vote for Trump versus the others?

Something had to happen, if you wanted to get rid of Trump — the Caligula with baby shoes. The bully with plenty of shortcoming on the game of pandering to the system. 

Before Trump got elected, a series of traps had been set up by the system, at the time with Obama as a figurehead. Though no-one believed that Trump could win the presidency, linking Trump to Putin was a neat way to discredit Trump, should he. No one in the USA likes Russia. Russia-phobia is ingrained like fear of spiders: we hate the commies, though Russia is a social semi-dictatorship cleverly ruled by Putin. 

Hey, we will embarrass Putin as well, why not? This is presently happening with a possible set up by the CIA, under the Navalny flag. Is is a false flag? Smells like it, but people, including some Russians, are prepared to demand “freedom” without understanding what it means. Freedom to do what? To be a serf of the US? To stop speaking Russian, because English (sorry American) is good?

Anyway, Trump campaign staffs were set up to be embroiled in lies, mostly by the FBI spying on the Trump team… Your Alexander Downer did not fail. Alex "Fredo" is a man of the system. If the system declares war on Saddam, your good Alex is going to spruik war against Saddam, and repeat the lie that Saddam has weapons of mass destruction more than 8,000 times (gustimate in 2002/3)… In 2020, the system was going to lie about Trump, in a clever set up, if needed…

Meanwhile from the other side of the world, a TRUTH-SEEKER, namely Julian Assange, published ORIGINAL emails of Hillary Clinton, the Candidate for the system (approved through the Democrat), that showed “she was crooked”. Of course, the “system” blamed Russia for this dump. Julian Assange denied that the Russians were involved. You can trust Julian here. It is likely that the emails and the DNC shenanigans files (trying to get rid of Bernie) came from someone who has since been murdered. We’ll never know — but we can be sure the Russians had nothing to do with it.

As well, with the sad stupid Mueller inquiry, trying to discover Trump’s link with Putin, to impeach him, came to Zilch apart from the imprisonment of a few characters that cheated on their taxes, or told a small porkie to the FBI, like Flynn… and revelations that a lot of the testimonies were lies and the Steele dossier was based on rumours, rather than facts. The Steele dossier was basically crap. The failure of the system did not stop the system to try another tack…

Liberated from the fumbled Mueller fake inquiry, Trump soon placed his foot in it again by demanding from the New President of Ukraine, some info on Biden, his likely rival at the soon coming Presidential elections. Many of Trump’s staff “who did not like him with rage” spilled the beans to the Democrats. Impeach! Impeach!…

Now why? Trump had a legitimate concern that Biden had been an bit of crook in Ukraine…We all know (we all should) this. By his own admission, Biden did some unsavoury things in Ukraine, especially demanding that an investigator general be sacked (otherwise Ukraine would not get $1 billion) who was investigating a corrupt company, Burisma, on which Hunter — joe’s son — had been parachuted to become one of the directors — for doing not much but racking in a lot of dosh…

Trump could not trust his “intelligence” agencies to tell him the truth about Joe’s doings in Ukraine, first because the “intelligence”agencies hated Trump’s guts — and second, the whole stint may have been organised by the CIA (via Nuland — now back in the Biden team) to extract Ukraine from the clutches of the “nasty” Russians.

So the Impeachment went ahead and failed as it should have…. Romney, a double dealing snake for GOP (and himself), became the main Judas in the proceedings. But the System failed to get Trump… The “GET TRUMP” conspiracy had to find another avenue because guess what? Despite being an idiot playing like an idiot, TRUMP HAD MORE SUPPORTERS IN THE POPULACE THAN EVER...

The system hated this! As well, any attempt to soil Trump with sexual indiscretions could only go so far without opening the pandora’s box of former Democrat presidents such as Saint JFK and Cocky Clinton, while some of these inuendo could also be used against “touching” Joe...

Now think clearly: It is well known that to eradicate something, you need to have several prongs of attack. This is warfare 102. To eradicate Trump, the system had to attack on several fronts at once. The war on Trump had to appear “spontaneous” such as Black Life Matter (revival) revolution to prove that Trump was a racist and from an element that trump was a complete luddite in: sciences. What best to destroy confidence in an idiot than a pandemic…

Jules Letambour
Idiot at large, still holed up in the Jura…(New restrictions)

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the woke game...

“She’s a f**king Nazi,” one man shouted. “She supports Trump; why are you protecting her?” Then the man with the skateboard smacked her. She kept yelling for them to get their hands off her.

In another video, you can see the intrepid reporter being harassed and attacked by a larger group. Then you see a person outside of camera-view reaching in and smashing an egg on the back of her head.

Szczepanski tweeted: “Attacked at a #BLM #Antifa #NYC rally, smashed egg in my head, hit with umbrella, spat on, knocked with a skateboard as the crowd says, don’t protect her she’s for Trump.”

Read more:


It was easy for the establishment: paint Trump as a Nazi, a Hitler that was going to take your freedom away by sending you to concentration camps, and by declaring war on the rest of the world with an augmented army. Your way to salute was in the mail... In fact, trump wanted to REDUCE the influence of the military… BUT this reduction was anathema, to teaching democracy alla Americana in the world, for the Democrats, most of the lawmakers who depend on the military's lobbying and to the Pentagon. As well this would show that the previous military expeditions were futile (which they were and still are — but we cannot let the public know).

Under clever instructions from the functionaries of the System, the owners of the "liberal" media indulged: Trump was a Hitler in the making. A nazi. A fascist. Trump did not help himself by his lack of political correctness and with his disdain of the “liberal” media… When there was a black person killed by the police, he did not polish the situation with “poor black, naughty police” response. His attitude was measured as to equalise responsibilities. But the symbol of the knee on the throat became a theme of revolution against Trump, rather than against the system that had enslaved and belittled blacks since America was formed, till now… Trump blamed white supremacists as much as the BLM movement for the troubles and riots in cities. He wanted “law and order” by bringing in troops to stop the rogues elements in the BLM movement. Agents provocateurs worked overtime... . The congress refused, but when it was the turn of the congress being assaulted, 15,000 troops came in the day after the riots, there, to protect the Lawmakers, who are no more than representatives of lobbyists for the rich (and of anti-Moscow rhetoric as well)… Some 5,000 troops are still awaiting the next wave of supremacists who are not mad enough to fight the white supremacists in the Military or those of the Police… Defund the police? What?? "You nuts"?

So what has been the relationship between Trump and the "woke" ideals? The system that controls the “liberal” media pat itself on the back for having stopped Trump in his track. He could have gone "even further”, like Hitler we’ve been told… This is bullcrap knowing that the Pentagon, the CIA and the FBI hate his guts… And without these you cannot stage a coup, unless you want to be shot like Kennedy — and this time without a parade...

So, Trump did not play the game of “woke”… Or did he?

According to some knowing people, Trump did far more for black people in three years than Obama did in eight. According to others, he did more for the LGBT community than Obama did as well. Oh yes, Trump did ban trans from the military — and this all that was remember and shouted down by the “liberal” media… Odious Trump because we love our kids to be female when they are born male and vice verso… The practicalities of the concept are complex and not all of us should become what we’re not. Some trans have been exemplary, such as Chelsea Manning. In Australia, you have your own in the military...

Trump was thus declared responsible for all the BLM/Antifa riots that destroyed stores and cars because he did not play the “woke” game and the MSM was not going to report his success on "helping the poor blacks” nor on the gay community because he SAID things that were not savoury. Yes, Trump did not hide his stupid words, but contrary to some past presidents who said nice things and did nothing, Trump was obnoxious in his iteration but somewhat more helpful in his actions… In our present world of mirrors, words matter more than actions. 

No matter what, in most of the media, Trump was going to be portrayed as the badass Nazi — and misogynist as well. full stop. Trump had to go. Trump had to go… TRUMP HAD TO GO !!!!!

The establishment, somewhat happy to stoke the fire by whatever discreet means, knew that the woke episode would sink Trump's support in some communities — but this was not going to be enough. another event had to come along to flush Trump down the toilet…

Next came the Covid-19 Pandemic… 

This was prepared by some of the scientific boffins who slept with the rich who control the System... Oh, and is there such a thing as the System? You answer that...

And yes, the Covid-19 was a magic idea, not only to get rid of Trump, but to do a bit of a "worldwide reset"... A few death woud not matter much: people die all the time from something...


COMMENT BY JULES LETAMBOUR (cartoon by Gus Leonisky). 

The opinions expressed here in the comments and above in this column are those of Jules and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Gus Leonisky, the site owners or/and hosting agencies. Mind you, as a former professor of history and geography, Jules is very well placed to understand the complexities of hidden conspiracies throughout history. 

the covid-19 game...

"The triumph of the human spirit"...


                      Boris Johnson


Note by Jules Letambour

What is the System?

Over the years, in the days of kings and queens, there was a structure of command in order to get armies on the march and make peasants toil the soil for a pittance. There was also entertainment and such to provide illusions of hierarchical importance. The System (or the structure of the control system) thus took care of all this. The King was often influenced by “the system” (his court/generals/clergy)… In our modern days, the System (in the West) is a sub-governing body comprising leaders of banks, captains of industries, “intelligence” agencies, the military and sometimes the high level leaders of Christianity when needed for spreading some style of commands… Thus, this semi-secret System makes influential recommendations THAT THE GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE HAS TO FOLLOW. The President is not immune. The System is there to provide a continuum of social cohesion, even by using social unrest, in order to manipulate the political system, regardless of the “people” wishes. This is not new.

Trump DID NOT CARE ABOUT "THE SYSTEM”. He called the system “the swamp”. From then on it was a battle between him and the System (sometimes called the Deep State).


Trump being a scientific ignoramus, trying to hit him with “global warming denialism” would not cut it with his ignoramus followers. Something had to be “invented” to REALLY upset the apple cart.

Enters Covid-19.

Note: I have no proof of what I will suggest below, thus I am a conspiracy theorist. Yet remember that the mantra has been “TRUMP HAS TO GO !”… So yes, Covid-19 was a magic idea, not only to get rid of Trump, but also to bring a bit of a "worldwide reset"... A few death would not matter much: people die all the time from something...

Note, Ike Eisenhower WAS a conspiracy theorist for warning us about the US military machine. 

Question: What is a military man without a war?
Answer: A garden gnome...

Now, Like the "fallacy of Saddam has weapons of mass destruction", one needed to “invent” a narrative in regard to a Pandemic. There were a few tests done, a few scenarios worked out by some exclusive rich clubs and some Hollywood movies made about this. So the System has been on the ball, it knows how to apply the social “tourniquet”… and profit...

For a few years since the subprime debacle, the economies of the Western world have been moribund. Yet the rich have gone richer... but there is more room to milk "THE" people.

One could think that the economic system could have been cleaned up from its greedy adventures, but fear not, there has been some very unsavoury economic fiddles, some have made the headlines, some not. The recent GameStop venture has highlighted the way the “market” behaves like a bad disease. 

How this works?

Say your house is worth $1.5 million. Someone you don’t know, say Jack Jones, borrows $1.5 million on the value of YOUR house. He buys a new house for this amount and resell it for $2 million. Profit 1/2 million in a SHORT amount of time. The value of your home is returned to you. You never saw anything, but someone called jack Jones has just made a sizeable profit on the value of your house. 

But should the value of the house bought by Jack Jones fall and should he be forced to sell at say $1.25 million because of his SHORT term "borrowing" , Jack Jones would have lost $250,000, which he would have to pay in real cash. This could be detrimental to the value of your own home, indirectly. People playing the SHORT market need some cash reserve, which they do not use to place their bets on the market. They use other people's money/values. You see nothing, but this happens all the time the sun is up. It’s not illegal.

Meanwhile, the sciences tells us that such Covid-19 vaccine is 92 per cent effective or that this other vaccine is 86 per cent reliable… Hurrah! We're going to save at least 90 per cent of humanity... What does this REALLY mean?

Some tests have been done, probably on the SHORT term, because of the “urgency”. We need to fix this Covid-19 problem NOW. As Macron says, WE'RE AT WAR! Otherwise there will be hell to pay. Tests are usually done with a PARALLEL test using placebo in conjunction with the real vaccines. Here comes the statistics and we should be the wiser. What does an efficiency of 92 per cent means? What happens to the 8 per cent for whom the “vaccine does not work”? What about the equivalent reference placebo tests? Do they all acquire the virus by showing no resistance? Are more people likely to die? Are older people at risk, because as it has been announced, not enough tests have been done on “old people” — those who by all means are the one who need to be protected according to the statistical number of deaths?

So, there are some grey areas in the scientific study and application of vaccines. And I mean some HUGE GREY areas. Yes vaccines are wonders of medical achievements, but doing such applied medicine on the hop is a bit dizzying/worrying. The main vaccines manufacturers want governmental guarantee that they won’t be sued nor be liable for “side effects” of these vaccines. Some of these vaccines play with genetic modification of RNA and DNA — and we have no idea where this could take us in the future.

Is this a conspiracy? Scientists and doctors HAVE TO PLAY the covid game, otherwise they are ostracised — on their arse as fake-news con artists... The media go along with the conspiracy because they cannot believe it is a conspiracy... Yep, bring on Saddam's...

Meanwhile large swatches of the population can contract Covid-19 and show no effect, no illness, nothing. Some people thought that this could be use for “herd immunity”… But this is a misnomer. Herd immunity means that some people will “be taken” while others won't… For some, especially the old, the slow, the damaged and frail, it is largely a death sentence to catch Covid-19, not unlike catching one of the previous bad flu, say N1H1(1951)… The story of the old English soldier who survived the war to reach 100 years of age, then get infected with Covid-19 will be a worldwide tear-jerker. He died. Look what Covid-19 can do! Ye gods! The guy is 100 years old. Something is going to get him or anyone of us, soon or later. At this grand old age, walking across the busy road with a zimmer frame isn’t going to cut it. We’re going to be hit by a bus or by Covid-19. May he rest in peace.

So, did Covid-19 come from China? The Bats? The “wet” markets which have been in use for 500 years or more? What has changed? The Bats? Humans? Is Covid a "natural" virus? Are the new variants more potent? Is there a lot of things that the sciences do not know? Is god a trouble-maker?

We are navigating a bit in the dark with limited vision from our fogged up night-goggles. Sciences are great but not perfect. Sometimes they become guided by political agendas, like religions were, and vice-versa. The profiteers can see a great way to manage what was becoming a social variegation away from the main streams, a variegation that could turn away people from their influences, say preppers, thus the profiteers (the System) launch a great “reset”… It’s social engineering approaching Big Brother mark 2.0. for our own good... Are we ready to accept it? Me and Gus (I guess) don’t care much about this because we have lived our life. For others, the great reset is a globalisation by stealth, because economic globalisation did not work because a few too many people could see the way the markets were manipulated. 

Either way, coming from China or being a fantasy, Covid-19 has shaken the status quo. We are in lockdown/confinement. How did Russia manage to come up with the first vaccine? And possibly the bestest one? Are biological labs reliable? Is there research on biological warfare, somewhere? In the USA, in China or on planet Zook? We know the answers to this question, but the main-stream media are not going to go there, because when they went there in regard to Saddam, they ended up with egg on their faces: the Anthrax came from the USA…

Could Covid-19 have come from the USA, instead of China — like the Spanish flu did not come from Spain?

So Back to our own Saddam, Trump. He was the donkey, unable to play the game of Covid-19. The statistics in the USA have been horrendous. The 50 states themselves have mostly been pathetic in their responses, but the Joe public, helped by the media under the direction of the System, blamed Trump for the debacle… He lost a few more points on his reelection value. 

BUT WAS THIS ENOUGH? Was this enough to prevent him coming back for a second term?… As an idiot working against the establishment, the establishment could not take the risk. The establishment had to know that Trump was likely to get more vote this time around than when he was first elected…

America is still a country of believers. God believers/botherers. Some people follow the sciences but there is a too large swab of ignorant people on the subjects. Evolution, global warming, DNA are but phantoms designed to kill their god. On the subject of global warming, the sciences have been active for more than 50 years, say 130 years if we account for the early calculations by Svante Arrhenius. Covid-19 has been dancing on the floorboards for barely a year... As well in regard to global warming, except for collecting huge amount of stats and crunching numbers, we the Joe public, can see the ICE IS MELTING.  We can see the bushfires are getting worse. We can see the droughts and the floods in many places where this NEVER happened... We know it is happening, but Trump did not want to play the GLOBAL WARMING GAME... He wanted to roll with the traditional oil and coal... "Burn baby burn?"... yes this is soon becoming "burn bummer bum... we're in trouble... But worse than this, the System controllers see opportunities to make more profit from this...

So what else?


This will be for the next instalment...

Meanwhile a bit of reading:

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The Swiss drugs regulator will delay its approval of the two Covid-19 vaccines developed by AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson until it receives more data on their efficacy at preventing the virus, the agency said on Wednesday.

Swissmedic, the country's regulator, said the current data for the AstraZeneca jab is "not yet sufficient for approval" and it has now called for more information on the vaccine's "safety, effectiveness and quality."

Specifically, the Swiss agency has asked for efficacy data from the ongoing phase III trial being carried out in North and South America, where the AstraZeneca vaccine is being tested on 30,000 people.

Swissmedic is currently conducting "rolling reviews" of both the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, meaning in theory that a quick decision can be made once the relevant data is available and reviewed.



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Jules Letambour.

hitler...non. napoleon...oui?...

The Toulon prosecutor's office has opened an investigation into a defamatory poster which conflates images of French President Emmanuel Macron and Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, amid criticism of ongoing Covid-19 restrictions.  

A billboard seen on the outskirts of Toulon and La Seyne-sur-Mer, displaying an image of French President Emmanuel Macron dressed in a Nazi uniform and sporting Adolf Hitler’s trademark toothbrush moustache, has caught the attention of the city’s prosecutor, according to local media reports. 

A report in France Bleu on Tuesday morning stated that the Toulon prosecutor’s office had now opened an investigation into the defamatory posters displayed in the Var department




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