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So much for the Good Tech Overlord.

One detail about Bill Gates has always stuck with me, and I was forever astounded that, over his 20-year makeover, it was never again mentioned: Upon his engagement to Melinda French, he insisted that if they were to marry, he would need one long weekend alone each year with his ex-girlfriend Ann Winblad.


Not only that — Gates asked Winblad for permission to marry, then told Time magazine all about it.

“I called Ann and asked for her approval,” Gates told Walter Isaacson in 1997. Gates characterized these annual rendezvous as sexless nerd stuff, and who wouldn’t believe him? Just look at that eyewear and the penchant for synthetic knits.

“We can play putt-putt while discussing biotechnology,” Gates said. The implication, of course, is that Melinda was bright, just not as bright as Ann. Isaacson noted that of the few framed photos in Gates’s office, one was of his wife and another of Ann.

It’s understandable America fell for the well-crafted image of Bill Gates, the cuddly nerd in a V-neck and khakis, BFFs with Warren Buffett, most interested in climate change, global health initiatives, education, and, like Oprah, loving nothing more than recommending a good book.

Bill Gates posited himself as the opposite of our tech villains: Mark Zuckerberg, unconcerned by fake news or rioting at the Capitol or the propaganda ISIS and Russia feed through Facebook; Jeff Bezos, whose Amazon recently admitted lying about overworked employees forced to pee in bottles; and Elon Musk, whose SpaceX is bullying residents of the small Texas town Musk would like to buy.

Of course we wanted to believe Bill Gates was good, despite what seems an obvious truth: Anyone with the kind of megalomania needed to create profit margins and personal fortunes greater than the GDPs of many nations, whose companies more closely resemble sovereign countries, each founder its imperial ruler for life and answerable, really, to no other government on the planet — why would any of these people have a moral compass?

The seeming lack of morality or empathy has traditionally been explained away as a politically incorrect third rail: These men might be on the spectrum, a bit autistic; we’ve been told.

It’s a defense that’s always somehow in the ether, as is the excuse that these men are such geniuses that their greed, ruthlessness and meanness is something closer to eccentricity.

And the coup de grace of this argument: Ladies, just look at them! Not a leading man in the bunch. Don’t you feel sorry for these guys? It’s us women, after all, who have made their ability to deal with us so hard, what with our superficiality and high-school dismissal of the nerds.

So how could it be Bill Gates’s fault if he came off a little creepy? Shouldn’t he get credit — and this is surely his crisis team at work — for telling at least one woman that if he didn’t like his come-on to her — he the married boss, she the subordinate, #MeToo, #Shmee-Too — just to pretend it never happened? Isn’t that the height of courtly benevolence?

Before we get into the sordid details of the real Bill Gates, it’s worth noting that as far back as 1997, when he was 41, longtime friends and former colleagues told Time who he was: A boss with a “famous temper,” loathed in the tech world.

“He’s Darwinian,” former Microsoft exec Rob Glaser told Isaacson. “He doesn’t look for win-win situations with others, but for ways to make others lose.”

Esther Dyson, who nonetheless called herself a longtime friend, issued this observation: “He can lack human empathy.”

Bill Gates: On the spectrum? Or sociopath?

As one former employee of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation recently told The Daily Beast, “It was not a secret . . . that he had dalliances. I don’t think it was a wink-wink permissive thing at all. I think [Melinda] was humiliated and did not like it.”

Translation: Bill either enjoyed or didn’t care that he was embarrassing his wife, who has always been seen as his greatest asset.

As the old saw goes, the fish rots from the head.

“The personality of Bill Gates,” one of his closest colleagues told Time, “determines the culture of Microsoft.”

In 2020, Bill Gates stepped down from Microsoft’s board — allegedly at the insistence of board members who, according to the Wall Street Journal, were investigating a multi-year extramarital affair Gates had with a Microsoft employee.

“This was an affair almost 20 years ago which ended amicably,” his spokeswoman told the Journal. Yes, because don’t all such affairs usually end peaceably? Further, she said, his “decision to transition off the board” — have to love that soft verbiage — “was in no way related to this matter.”

Right. Because there is no shortage of powerful men who, their camps have maintained, are way, way too smart to be sexually inappropriate, let alone harass or worse: Gov. Andrew Cuomo comes to mind, as does Les Moonves, Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Al Franken, Matt Lauer, former New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman, New Republic editor Leon Weiselteir, to name a few.

I think we can retire intelligence as a plausible defense.

According to a discrimination lawsuit filed against Microsoft in 2015, “the flagrant and repeated incidents of sexual misconduct toward women at Microsoft reflects the corporate culture in which women are undervalued and underpaid.”

The suit, dismissed at the end of last year, also contains allegations that the company is a place where women are “ignored, abused or degraded,” where staffers were called “p—y” and “c—t,” and that female employees lodged 238 complaints with HR, 108 about sexual harassment and 118 gender discrimination.

One employee claimed that a male colleague asked why she was “dressed like a whore.” Another complaint, about a male staffer who allegedly groped four women at a single work event, was dismissed by the company, which said he suffered from “poor interpersonal awareness,” according to the suit.

Sound familiar?

“It was a culture of [treating] women poorly with impunity,” plaintiff Katherine Moussouris told the Daily Mail, “and I think these revelations [about Gates] have shown that to the world.”


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vaccine billionaires...

The enrichment of ... nine new billionaires is due to the profits arising from the production monopoly of the pharmaceutical groups. Their cumulative fortune would make it possible to vaccinate the poorest countries, according to the NGO Oxfam.


Vaccines against Covid-19 have enabled at least nine people, including the French CEO of Moderna Stéphane Bancel, to become billionaires and their cumulative fortune would allow the poorest countries to be vaccinated, the NGO Oxfam said on May 20.

These new fortunes have emerged "thanks to the huge profits of the pharmaceutical groups which have a monopoly on the production of vaccines against the Covid", estimates Oxfam in a press release published before a G20 world summit on health on May 21 in Rome.

These figures are based on the ranking of the American magazine Forbes and are published by the People's vaccine alliance, of which Oxfam is a part, which brings together organizations and personalities demanding free vaccines against Covid-19 all over the world.


The cumulative fortune of the nine billionaires cited, which amounts to 19.3 billion dollars, "would make it possible to vaccinate 1.3 times all low-income countries", which "received only 0.2% of vaccines produced in the world, in particular because of the large deficit of available doses ”, according to Oxfam.

"Enough to vaccinate the entire Indian population", according to Oxfam The first two fortunes, which stand out from the crowd, are held by the CEO of Moderna Stéphane Bancel ($ 4.3 billion) and the CEO and co-founder of BioNTech Ugur Sahin (4 billion).

Eight other billionaires, with "large portfolios of shares" in pharmaceutical companies, have experienced a cumulative increase in their assets of 32.2 billion dollars, "enough to immunize the entire Indian population," the statement added.

"These vaccines were financed by public funds and should be above all a global public good," said Sandra Lhote-Fernandes, of Oxfam France, calling in the press release to "put an urgent end to these monopolies". The lifting of patents still under debate The European Commission assured on May 19 that the EU would be "constructive" at the WTO to assess a lifting of patents on anti-Covid vaccines, wanted by Washington, but that it would propose to first, measures to rapidly increase production.


Learn more about RT France:


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vaccine prostitution...


Bill Gates Almost Single-Handedly Derailed the Plan That Could Have Led to a 'People's Vaccine' 

Hard to believe now, but in the first few months of the pandemic it looked like the world was going to act together to develop a "people's vaccine."

Given the scope and urgency of the looming crisis in February 2020, hundreds of global health experts and researchers converged for two intense days at the Geneva headquarters of the World Health Organization (WHO) where they drew up extensive plans for pooling global scientific knowledge in order to expedite the quest for a vaccine.

Their plan amounted to a bold rejection of the usual pharmaceutical model where drug companies carry out research behind proprietary walls, jealously guarding their "intellectual property" as they race to get a patent, which will give them a monopoly on their new product.

Instead, the urgent plan drawn up at WHO headquarters by some of the world's top infectious disease experts was based on a concept rarely seen in the ultra-lucrative world of pharmaceutical drugs—co-operation in the interests of creating a public good.

But, in the grim winter and early spring of 2020, governments around the world were sufficiently scared of the deadly new virus that they seemed willing to embrace such a radical scheme—even over the objections of Big Pharma.

"The early days featured tantalizing glimpses of an open-science, co-operative pandemic response," notes Alexander Zaitchik, author of the forthcoming book "Owning the Sun: A People's History of Monopoly Medicine, from Aspirin to COVID-19."

But the inspiring plan devised by the scientists—which promised to create a vaccine essentially belonging to the world's people, not to corporate shareholders—was crushed fairly decisively when Bill Gates ventured into the fray.

The multibillionaire, often described as the "global health czar," has achieved an exulted, almost revered status for giving away tens of billions of his fortune in a seemingly selfless effort to help the world.

Unlike other billionaire philanthropists, who lavish money on their alma maters or prestigious cultural institutions, Gates has focused on helping the world's poor.

Long before the pandemic struck, Gates was channelling billions from his foundation to support vaccine programs in the developing world.

And yet, as Zaitchik documents, Gates almost single-handedly derailed the plan that could have led to a "people's vaccine."

That's because, for all his philanthropy, Gates is deeply committed to protecting the rights of patent holders. He made his own mega-fortune through patents on his computer innovations and has long supported the pharmaceutical industry's claim that patents are necessary to encourage investment.

Big Pharma has been only too happy to let the selfless billionaire be the frontman for their cause, seemingly providing evidence of its moral validity.

So, even before the scientific community had a chance to launch its co-operative public initiative in May 2020, Gates had put forward his own COVID initiative based on protecting drug patents and encouraging vaccine philanthropy.

Of course, the Gates-Big Pharma model has been a disaster, with pharmaceutical companies making astronomical profits as they dole out scarce supplies of their patented COVID vaccines to the highest bidders, leaving poor countries with little chance of vaccinating their people before 2024.

This abject failure prompted an alliance of developing nations, led by South Africa and India, to demand that patents be waived for COVID vaccines and drugs until the end of the pandemic.

For months, rich countries rejected the patent-waiver demand. But a surprise recent endorsement by the Biden administration has changed the dynamics somewhat, pushing even the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to support the poor countries' initiative, although Gates himself has not changed his tune.

Among other things, the vaccine tragedy highlights the danger posed by the extreme concentration of wealth and power that Bill Gates represents.

It turns out that his mega-philanthropy comes with a hitch: it enables Gates to develop extraordinary influence over crucial matters, such as whether or not the world's poor will have a chance to survive the pandemic.

Dr. Jonas Salk, developer of the polio vaccine, famously dismissed a question about ownership of his discovery with the question: "Could you patent the sun?"

To which Bill Gates would presumably reply: "Absolutely. How else can we encourage investment?"


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copyrighting being there...

“It’s hard to imagine a story with a more dramatic rise or disastrous fall than the story of the Maxwell family,” said a creative director from Expectation Factual, the British TV production company making an upcoming documentary series about the family of Jeffrey Epstein’s former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell. 

Manhattan’s elite kept schtum earlier this month when a team of BBC filmmakers working on “The Fall Of The House Of Maxwell” documentary rolled into town to discuss Jeffery Epstein’s former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell and her fraudster dad, according to Page Six sources.

Ghislaine is currently in jail awaiting trial for an eight-count indictment over her ill-fated association with the dead financier. The daughter of late press baron Robert Maxwell is being accused of helping her former boyfriend to sexually abuse young girls and sex traffic them to other rich and powerful figures, including British royal Prince Andrew, who denies his involvement.

But many New York socialites, who were once all too eager to rub shoulders with Epstein and his British girlfriend, are now desperately trying to bury any reminders of their connection to the disgraced couple, one insider told the BBC.

“All members of higher society in New York refused to talk to the BBC,” the person told Page Six. “Some people are buying the copyrights to photos both in London and New York to remove the pictures from the market that shows them with Ghislaine and/or Epstein.”

The producers of the three-part doc, which was first commissioned by BBC Two last year and is being made by the UK’s Expectation Factual, still reportedly managed to get interviews with an attorney for one of Epstein’s accuser David Boies and some former business associates of Robert Maxwell, including his ex-PR representative, but not with the financier’s alleged victims.


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In my old days, "we would destroy the negatives"... and burn the prints...



speaking from the grave...


BY Philip M. Giraldi


Jeffrey Epstein procurer Ghislaine Maxwell is finally in court going through the juror selection process and opening arguments after a 17 month stay at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. Given Epstein’s somewhat suspicious departure from this earth in what may have been a murder rather than a suicide, Maxwell has been jailed under a somewhat more intrusive regime, with constant surveillance and only limited ability to do anything but sit on her concrete bunk and contemplate her future. She has complained frequently about her isolation, abuse by jailers and the terrible food. She was undoubtedly correct about the food. Her offer of as much as $28 million in bail money in return for her freedom while awaiting trial was turned down by the judge who observed that Maxwell had more than fifteen separate bank or investment accounts as well as multiple passports. She suggested that Ghislaine might have much more money and other assets squirreled away outside the United States, making her a flight risk, presumably to flee to Israel which has no extradition agreement with the US.

There is significant back story to consider when examining the Ghislaine Maxwell/Jeffrey Epstein saga. The suspicion that Epstein was working for Israel’s external intelligence agency Mossad or for its military intelligence counterpart is based on considerable evidence and that he was being “protected” has also seemingly been confirmed through both Israeli and American sources. Indeed, there already exists some evidence that Epstein was granted unusual leniency when he was convicted in Florida of sex crimes in 2008 involving 19 underage girls and received a sentence that was little more than a slap on the wrist. After the fact, the US Attorney for Miami Alexander Acosta, who was involved in the case, reported that the arrest and sentencing were above his pay grade, that he had been told that Epstein “’belonged to intelligence’, and to leave it alone” a comment that apparently was never been pursued by investigators.

Also, a recent book Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales written by Ari Ben-Menashe the former Israeli intelligence officer who actually claims to have run the Epstein operation, described inter alia how Epstein was blackmailing prominent politicians* on behalf of Israeli intelligence. Epstein had been working directly for the Israeli government since the 1980’s and his operation, which was funded by Israel and also by prominent American Jews, was a classic “honey-trap” which used underage girls as bait to attract well-known politicians from around the world, a list that included Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton. Clinton reportedly flew at least 26 times on Epstein’s private 727 the “Lolita Express” to a mansion estate in Florida as well as to a private island owned by Epstein in the Caribbean. The island was referred to by locals as the “Pedophile Island.” The politicians would be photographed and video recorded when they were in bed with the girls. Afterwards, they would be approached and asked to do favors for Israel.

Ghislaine Maxwell is in fact the daughter of top Israeli spy Robert Maxwell, who received a state funeral in Israel after his mysterious death in 1991 which was attended by the prime minister as well as by all the former and serving heads of that country’s intelligence services. Ghislaine is presumed to have been an active participant in the Epstein operation acting as a procurer of young girls and on at least one occasion has hinted that she knows where the sex films made by Epstein are hidden. She also has claimed that the tapes featured both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

It doesn’t take much to pull what is already known together and ask the question “Who among the celebrities and top-level politicians that Epstein cultivated were actually Israeli spies?” And, of course, there is a subplot. Assuming that Epstein was in fact involved in recruiting and/or running high level American agents in an “influence operation” that may have involved blackmail it is plausible to come to the conclusion that he was killed in prison and that the suicide story was just a convenient cover-up. The Epstein case remains technically “open” and under investigation though it doesn’t seem that anything is actually happening, the sure sign that someone powerful in the Establishment is making certain that nothing incriminating surfaces. That is sometimes referred to as a government cover-up.

So, given all the drama and possibilities, one might plausibly ask why the media coverage of Maxwell, for all its allure of deviant sex combined with possible espionage, so much less in the media spotlight than were the recent Rittenhouse and Arbery trials? And even less than the ongoing trial of Elizabeth Holmes. Well, the answer is actually quite simple, even ignoring the liberal media’s desire to inflame racial passions whenever possible. We are in an era of government control of information and are witnessing selective management of what Maxwell is being charged with to eliminate any possible damage to senior US politicians or to Israel.

Television courtroom dramas notwithstanding, the fact is that people are only tried in court once they have been charged in advance with specific crimes. And the crimes they are charged with depend on what emerges from the police and other law enforcement investigation. The result then goes to a frequently politically biased district attorney who, if he agrees there is a case, then passes the case on to an elected or politically appointed judge for trial. That means in practice that trials by jury go through a winnowing process before they reach the courtroom and what comes out at the end is often only what the criminal justice system regards as “winnable” or desirable in terms of prevailing political viewpoints.

Or to put it another way apropos of Maxwell and Epstein, in spite of considerable evidence suggesting espionage, there is absolutely no suggestion that either the New York City police or the Federal Bureau of Investigation ever seriously interrogated either party on their relationships with IsraeI and with Israeli intelligence. Nor is there any indication that “celebrities” who might have been targeted like Bill Clinton were ever even questioned. That is no coincidence, as Israel almost always avoids any scrutiny. Indeed, Israel, in spite of its demonstrated and well-documented history of massive spying in the United States is unlikely ever to be confronted in a court of law because there is a bipartisan consensus that such an embarrassment to the world’s greatest friendship between Jerusalem and Washington should never be subjected to any serious examination. That is why Maxwell has only been charged with helping the convicted sexual predator Epstein traffic and sexually abuse four women, three of whom were underage, as well as lying in a civil suit. She has denied the charges and is heavily lawyered-up to make her defense which will likely involve debunking the nature and closeness of her relationship with Epstein. A suitable plea bargain after a few weeks of court room jousting is a likely outcome.

Maxwell’s eight count indictment was issued on March 29th. If her defense fails to convince and she is convicted on all the charges, which relate to sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy, Maxwell could receive as much as an 80-year prison sentence. Epstein likewise was only arrested and charged with sex trafficking and abuse of minors when he died while awaiting trial, not with being involved with a foreign country in engaging in espionage directed against the United States as well as other nations. There are, by the way, laws against such activity, including the Espionage Act of 1918 and the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) of 1938, the latter of which has recently been enforced against Russian media outlets. If anyone expects the espionage angle to surface even implicitly during the Maxwell trial, they will be terribly disappointed because Alison Nathan, the Obama appointed judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York and, appropriately enough, a Lesbian, will not allow it, the prosecutor will not seek it, and the defense attorneys will not use it in their arguments.

So do not expect anything dramatic to happen in the New York courtroom. One has to suspect that a tale of Mossad running a major spy ring in the US using a pedophile and young girls might just be too much for some folks in power to tolerate and they have made sure that that aspect of the story will never see the light of day. That is the real story that is being conveniently covered-up. Israel yet again spies and Washington denies.




Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation (Federal ID Number #52-1739023) that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is [email protected]


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of coincidences...

"May be I should not mention this, husssshhhh, but I once met a nice family guy, a hit-man. etc"



coincidence #404...

New York City’s chief medical examiner Dr. Barbara Sampson, who oversaw the autopsy of sex offender Jeffrey Epstein after his reported suicide, has resigned for a job in the private sector after nine years in office.

Sampson announced her impending resignation in an interview with ABC News on Monday, as opening arguments began in the trial of Epstein’s associate Ghislaine Maxwell. After 23 years with the city’s medical examiner office, she is taking a job with the Mount Sinai Health System.

“I was clearly a role model for so many women who are interested in careers in medicine, in science, and in government. I found that now looking back extremely rewarding,” she told the outlet.

The first woman to serve as New York City’s ME, Sampson oversaw multiple high-profile autopsies. In August 2014, her office ruled that Eric Garner – a black man who died during an attempted arrest in Staten Island – died of homicide caused by “compression of neck (choke hold), compression of chest, and prone positioning during physical restraint by police.” 

When the police union pointed out that the hyoid bone in Garner’s throat hadn’t been fractured, Sampson responded it was “false” that this would have necessarily happened due to a chokehold. 

The officer involved was eventually fired, but was not criminally charged. Garner’s family received a $5.9 million settlement from the city.

Five years later, in 2019, Sampson would rule Epstein’s death in the Manhattan jail to be suicide. The disgraced financier had been awaiting trial on more sex trafficking charges. He allegedly used a sheet in his cell to hang himself. A Justice Department investigation found that the guards did not do any of their rounds that night, while video cameras at the facility malfunctioned.

The autopsy revealed Epstein’s hyoid bone had been broken, which is possible in cases of suicide by hanging, but also happens in cases of strangulation. 


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of coincidences...

"May be I should not mention this, husssshhhh, but I once met a nice family guy, a hit-man. etc"



(thousands plus the "devil number" numbers of reads — funny "coincidence" noted by Gus)





Melinda French Gates, the billionaire philanthropist who married Bill Gates in 1994, opened up about what led to her shocking divorce last year in a candid interview with CBS Mornings Gayle King. Melinda says her ex-husband’s friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein played a role in their divorce. 

It wasn’t one thing but “many things” that led to their divorce, Melinda said in the interview when King asked her about Bill Gate's friendship with Epstein.


“I did not like that he had meetings with Jeffrey Epstein, no. I made that clear to him,” Melinda said. “I also met Jeffrey Epstein exactly one time, because I wanted to see who this man was, and I regretted it from the second I stepped in the door. He was abhorrent. He was evil personified.”


“He was awful,” she added. “I had nightmares about it afterward.”

When King asked Melinda if Bill, the co-founder of Microsoft, continued to share correspondence with Epstein, she seemed resolved to not make an excuse for her ex-husband. “Any of the questions remaining about their relationship, those are for Bill to answer.”

Bill Gates, 66, released a statement to CBS saying, “Meeting with Epstein was a mistake that I regret deeply. It was a substantial error in judgment.”

Jeffrey Epstein was a convicted pedophile who died in jail via suicide at the age of 66, while waiting on additional child sex-trafficking charges that would’ve placed him in jail without bail for 45 years.

The disgraced multimillionaire financier was connected to a string of high profile individuals, some of which the victims said they were forced to perform sex acts with, including former Maine Senator George Mitchell, former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, money manager Glenn Dubin, and MIT professor Marvin Minksy.

Other celebrities whose names are connected to Epstein include: former US President Bill Clinton, former US President Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, and actor Kevin Spacey, all of whom Epstein’s former pilot testified flew on Epstein’s private plane.

Beginning in 2011, Bill Gates met with Epstein on a number of different occasions, including at Epstein’s townhouse where it was reported that Gates stayed “late into the night”. Epstein and Gates had also discussed a possible charitable fund involving the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a key asset in Melinda Gate’s life and career.

“His lifestyle is very different and kind of intriguing although it would not work for me,” Bill Gates emailed colleagues in 2011, after he first met Epstein.

In the interview, Melinda Gates addressed her ex-husband's affair with a Microsoft colleague in 2000. The affair became public knowledge in 2019 and led to an internal corporate investigation. Melinda Gates believed they had gotten past the affair prior to their divorce.


“I certainly believe in forgiveness, so I thought we had worked through some of that,” she said. “There just came a point in time where there was enough there where I realized it just wasn’t healthy, and I couldn’t trust what we had.”


In May 2021 the duo announced that they would split and finalized their divorce the following August. The news interviewer asked if Gates felt as if the divorce was her fault. She said she had been committed to her marriage from the day she and Bill became engaged, to the day of their divorce.

“I don’t question myself now. Not at all. I gave every single piece of myself to this marriage. I was committed to this marriage from the day we got engaged and until the day I got out of it,” she explained.

According to Melinda Gates, she and her ex are not “friends” but are “friendly”. She says she does not wish her ex-husband any ill will, and that the two will continue to work together on their Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation charity.


“If you’re lucky enough to be a billionaire, believe me you can give away half of it and not change your life. And you should.”


Melinda’s current net worth is reported to be at least $11 billion. Her ex, the Microsoft co-founder, reportedly has a net worth of $131.4 billion, currently making him the fourth-richest man in the world. Of their divorce he stated in 2021 that it was the “most unusual and difficult year of my life.”

Melinda says despite experiencing “lots of tears for many days”, she’s excited about 2022, and is open to dating and falling in love again. When asked if she had started dating, she told King she is “dipping her toe in that water”.


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