Wednesday 22nd of September 2021

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Australian police have said that actors Natalie Portman and Sacha Baron Cohen did not breach lockdown rules, after photos emerged of them taking a boat ride on Sydney harbour. 

New South Wales Police had earlier told the BBC that they were conducting inquiries after members of the public had raised concerns.

Police now say no further action will be taken against the two. 

It comes as harsher Covid restrictions were announced for Sydney on Friday. 

"Officers attached to Northern Beaches Police Area Command received information about a group on a boat on Monday 5 July 2021, potentially breaching Public Health Orders (PHOs)," NSW police said in a statement. 

"Police have reviewed the information and confirm the activity, and the number of people in the group, complied with the PHOs in force at that time. There will be no further police action taken."


According to Sydney's stay-at-home order, people should only leave their homes for essential reasons. 

Australia's largest city has been in lockdown since 26 June to combat a 400-case outbreak of the Delta variant.

But the case rate has continued to climb, officials say, partly because of people breaking the rules.

Paparazzi shots published by The Daily Mail showed Baron Cohen, Portman and her husband, choreographer Benjamin Millepied, on a boat ride on Sydney Harbour.


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You might wonder if it’s purely coincidental that Sydney’s first radius-limited lockdown delivers an area four times greater than what Melburnians had to play in.

You wouldn’t want to think anyone was trying to make a political point that should have died with Delta.

But you might also wonder how serious the New South Wales government is about the lockdown when it tells Sydney citizens they must be brave in limiting their exercise roaming to 314 square kilometres.


That’s what a 10km radius of your house means. It’s big.

A cynical soul might wonder if within the NSW Cabinet’s reported disagreements about the lockdown, someone might have said something like: “Well, if we’re going to have a lockdown and Melbourne had a five kilometre radius, we’ll have double – 10km!”

Maybe they had forgotten or never knew the way geometry works, that doubling the five kilometre radius of a circle quadruples the area. π x r2 and all that.

So Sydneysiders have four times the 78.5 square kilometres Melburnians had for lockdown wandering.

Thanks to a tip on the serendipitously named Pedestrian site, meet KM From Home, allegedly a popular tool during Melbourne’s lockdown for drawing exercise borders.





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