Tuesday 9th of August 2022

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The federal government is promising that workers in the resources and heavy manufacturing sectors have a bright future ahead, as senior figures gather to consider how Australia will commit to net zero emissions by 2050.

Key points:
  • The plan will be considered by the Liberal and National party rooms separately, then at a joint meeting next week
  • Energy Minister Angus Taylor says adopting the target won't hurt industries like mining
  • Some senior Nationals are demanding more detail about how net zero will impact regional communities 

A draft plan to meet the target, and possibly an interim 2030 target as well, is being put to Cabinet today.

The plan has to then go through the Liberal and Nationals party rooms separately, and a joint meeting of the party rooms next week, before it is formally adopted.

After spending years campaigning against setting a net zero target, government ministers are now preparing to sell a different message.

Energy Minister Angus Taylor told Nine Radio this morning a new target would not spell the end of emissions-intensive industries.

"We will always stand up for our traditional industries in agriculture, resources, heavy manufacturing, our regions," he said.

"Those industries have been my life, and they're absolutely central to what we believe in as a government, so I can tell you we won't be sacrificing those.


Read more: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-10-13/coalition-future-coal-gas-net-zero-2050/100535038


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pork barrel of climate promises...

The Morrison government has been warned any “car park rorts approach” to regional funding as part of a deal for net zero emissions by 2050 will fail.

The federal cabinet is meeting on Wednesday to sign off on a plan to reach net zero by mid-century, and a potentially more ambitious 2030 emissions cut.

The Nationals have wrangled for concessions on regional jobs and power prices, with some in the junior Coalition partner demanding carve outs for the agriculture and mining sectors.


But Australian National University economist and former Reserve Bank of Australia board member Warwick McKibbin has warned the Coalition’s approach must amount to more than pork barrelling in regional electorates.

“You can’t use the car park rorts approach the government’s been using. You’ve got to use a transparent system that’s bipartisan,” he said on Wednesday.

“This is a fundamental transformation of Australia on a scale that we haven’t seen at least since the Second World War and probably almost never.

“If it’s not bipartisan, if this is just a short-term electoral cycle approach it will fail. And it’ll be pork barrelling.”

Professor McKibbin thinks a price on carbon is unavoidable despite its past political toxicity, and the government’s “technology not taxes” mantra will lead to higher costs.

“Even if they don’t have a carbon tax or any other carbon pricing mechanism, by subsidising different technologies and by imposing restrictions on different sectors to get net zero, there is a carbon price implicit in that,” he said.

“And it is higher than the carbon price that you would have in a market-based mechanism because you’ve got a smaller group of economic actors involved in the reduction.”

Professor McKibbin supports a fund to help communities transition away from fossil fuels based on income-contingent loans.


But he warns it should not be a JobKeeper-like scheme.

Green hydrogen investment in NSW, for example, could leave communities better off than they are currently and deem additional transition funding unnecessary.

“We have to learn from the failures, the mistakes that were made in the pandemic and just giving companies big chunks of money is not what’s required here,” Professor McKibbin said.

“It has to be designed in a way which is more of an income-smoothing program than it is a grants program.”



Read more: https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/politics/australian-politics/2021/10/13/climate-pork-barrel-coalition/



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jumping below the bar...

Never mind the underlying principle of doing the right thing, it’s clear that the latest likely converts to net-zero carbon emission targets are motivated solely by what it might mean for profits for their mega-businesses, or votes for their political parties (“Hypocrisy, cynicism, realism lie behind Murdoch’s CO2 switch” and “Joyce prepares to get behind net zero”, October 12). We shouldn’t be surprised. In true Orwellian double-speak, they’ll doubtless claim they’d been in favour of it all along.

 Adrian Connelly, Springwood


Like a pair of synchronised divers, the Murdoch press turns from sneering climate denial to woke renewables virtue signalling in their headlines, just as Scott Morrison flips from lumps of coal in Parliament to the national consensus builder on climate action. News Corp is the de facto state media for the conservative Liberal Party and we continue to ignore this legislatively at our peril. 

Peter Spencer, Glebe


The Murdoch press launches its spectacular backflip on climate change and Barnaby Joyce says he will accept a net zero target. Australian “democracy” in a nutshell. 

Ruth Barcan, Berowra Heights


The capitulation of the Murdoch media, the Business Council of Australia, the PM and now the leader of the Nationals on climate is only partially gratifying to those who have been supporting climate action for what seems an eternity. To have pandered so brazenly to sectional interests in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence is an indictment on all involved. The ensuing damage to the planet and the Australian economy is incalculable. Surely now their entitlement to our trust is damaged beyond repair. 

John English, Turramurra


Do any of them genuinely regret the decade of delay and damage they have caused to addressing global warming or is an impending election the spur for a coating of greenwash? 

Michael Berg, Randwick



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