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the US congress was undivided on many issues until trump placed his big shoes in the shit….

This is the final Part 8 of a series titled ‘Propaganda and the Media’, the first 7 parts of which were published earlier, and available here:[1]

 The entire series will now be combined into an eBook in .pdf format, available on (in the books section).

This is primarily an article about lies, about the people who tell them, and about their methods of telling them. This essay, long as it is, is only a brief introduction to only a minor aspect of this subject.




Canada and other Western countries have what we call ‘anti-hate laws’, legislation intended to prevent the dissemination of hateful and racist accusations against another people, especially if they are likely to inspire negative or violent actions. Unfortunately, these laws, regulations, and newspaper editing appear to be applied in a less than equitable fashion, intended only to silence criticism of, and opposition to, Israel and the activities of the Jews, and never meant to apply to any other nation of people.

I don’t make that accusation carelessly. As a case in point, at about the time these laws were enacted, there was a book published titled “The Hajj”, which received some popular acclaim. I no longer recall much of the content, but one passage remains in my mind – a description of an Arab woman who, while admittedly attractive, was of such inferior and primitive stock that her infant was happy to lie in its bassinette, eating its own excrement. I recall thinking at the time that if that passage had been written about a Jew, there would have been hell to pay. But in the event, nobody raised a fuss and nothing happened, at least nothing that came to my attention. And from that point onward, I have never seen anything to change my original conviction that these laws were introduced by fierce Jewish lobbying pressure only to ensure that Jews – and only Jews – would not be subject to public criticism.

I believe I could stand on the steps of Canada’s Parliament Buildings or the US House of Congress, and yell out that Arabs are all insane terrorists, primitive nomads, sub-human animals who should be exterminated, and nothing much would happen. In fact, the racial biases in much of the West are such that I might receive for a medal. But once again, I doubt very much that any anti-hate laws would come out of the woodwork to defend the Arabs from my hateful tirades. We can conclude only that anti-hate legislation is intended to protect only Jews from criticism, while leaving the Jews free to trash any people with absolute impunity. And they do, relentlessly, every day. The Jews wanted the laws to protect them from criticism, but those laws don’t protect anyone from the Jews.

Of all the people in the world who should understand what it is like to be a nation without a home, to be set upon, to be driven from their homes, often with violence, to lose everything including their lives, it should be the Jews. But any suffering the Jews experienced could not be worse than the travesties they inflict every day upon the Palestinian people. The incredible injustices inflicted on the Palestinians are legion, and well-documented – including by the UN, Human Rights Watch and many other organisations. How can any thinking people – how can the Jews – defend such consistent and brutal, even savage, actions, against another people, while proclaiming their holiness and innocence to the world, while at the same time expecting the world to remember Jewish (and only Jewish) suffering? How can a people like the Jews, who want (and are pressing hard for) many countries to build ‘holocaust museums’ to commemorate their suffering, have in turn inflicted much greater injustices and suffering on other innocent peoples, and then disavow all of it and in fact mock it?

And now the entire world is repeating precisely the same mistakes it made about the Jews before and during the two World Wars – watching the denigration of entire nations of people, China especially, but others as well – recognising the illegality and dishonesty of it, the savage brutality, the injustice, the degradation, the humiliation, the poverty and hopelessness in some victim countries. And watching, and watching. Silently. Too cowardly to speak out. One of the more unfortunate aspects of this is that the Jews are strongly aided by Gentiles carrying out their agenda, Christian Zionists who foolishly don’t appreciate that they are also disposable, compradors who greatly assist in this enormous tragedy taking place but who will be discarded as Goyim when the job is done.

I would have to say that while I am aware of the past tragedies, I was not a part of them. While I can feel much compassion for the suffering and the loss of life, I myself have committed no wrongs – not against the Jews nor anyone else. And I deeply resent attempts to make me feel guilty for things that happened before I was born and over which I had no control. I resent anyone attempting to control my thinking, to make me timid and hesitant in my own opinions, to make me fear reprisal for speaking openly of my honest thoughts and feelings. Those are characteristics of a fascist police state, not of a free world. As I wrote earlier, I have no dislike for Jews. But I don’t expect my government to cower in fear of a powerful ethnic lobby and throw me in prison for my genuine personal thoughts or opinions. And perhaps even more to the point, I don’t expect my government to be cowardly and hypocritical on such an important issue, to the extent of telling me I am free to dislike Native Aboriginals, or Arabs, or the Chinese or Russians, but that the Jews are off limits – not because they’re God’s Chosen People but because they possess financial, media and extortion power.



The Basics of Control

There are only two nations in the world whose existence seems to be founded primarily on historical myths, and only two peoples where a false historical mythology seems to permeate every nook and cranny of the national psyche. These two are the US and the American people, and Israel and the Jews. For the Jews, this condition pertains not only to all historical events, but somehow to the fabric of daily life itself, where almost all reference to Jews, their activities, their nature, their social position, and even their intentions, comprise something resembling a Disney fairytale. In many instances, the experience is surreal.

Jews control, usually by ownership, sometimes by other means, virtually the entire mass and social media of much of the world, certainly in what we define as ‘The West’ but also deeply into the other continents. In many Jewish publications the Jews boast of their ownership and control of the media and Hollywood yet, if a Gentile dares to state the same facts, the invariable response is loud denial and vicious personal attacks that are often socially and financially fatal.

Most of Jewish history is buried, and most of that is buried very deeply, this circumstance abetted enormously by the Jews’ virtual control of all means of communication: the mass media, social media, Internet tools like Google and Wikipedia, the book publishers and much more. I have written often that the only value in free speech lies in having control of the microphone, but in our real world only the Jews have this to any appreciable extent and the remaining channels are rapidly being closed.

The Jews’ muzzling power is very much in evidence today. In fact, the mere mention, the bringing to public attention, of completely innocent facts relating to the Jews, is sufficient to generate bitter and quite dirty accusations of anti-Semitism, of being a Nazi or a racist. It is very unpleasant. I once observed in an online forum that Jews were over-represented in the professions – medicine, dentistry, law, accounting – far above their percentage of the population at large. This received no comment. But when I added that Jews were also over-represented in media, publishing and entertainment fields, as well as in the US government – as they are – my observations immediately generated multiple personal attacks of anti-Semitism, of being a “Jew-hater” and more.

The awkwardness and disadvantage of this is that the Jews have a tightly-organised and well-thought-out agenda determined by their Jewish interests, aims and objectives, an agenda not shared by the other 99% of the world’s people. This might not matter if we were dealing with truth, but it seems that we mostly are faced with – and must deal with – fiction, fallacy, misconception, and outright lies. Nothing is as it seems.

On one of my earlier articles on Information Blockades, a reader using the name of Mark Green made the following comments:[2]

 “We must counter their ethnocentric, ubiquitous, and heavily biased propaganda with additional photo-imagery of our own, which details the ongoing and escalating levels of needless brutality being dished out by the Zionist whores in Washington and their zombie-like foot soldiers wherever there is an active TV set. The nauseating and revolting evidence of Zio-American criminality must be presented in blood-drenched, living color. This is war. And it’s coming our way.” He commented again: “Jewish power is absolutely global, brilliantly organized, and unsurpassed.”

All through my university and later years I can recall being strongly encouraged (by the media and various portions of ‘the establishment’), to read various books, notably among them William Shirer’s ‘The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich’, and being also powerfully discouraged against reading some others. Being young and naïve, I typically obeyed. It required a long awakening process to realise that most of the ‘recommended’ books, like Shirer’s, were works of Jewish propaganda and not worth the reading.



Henry Ford – The International Jew

Prominent among the ‘prohibited’ section was Henry Ford’s series on The International Jew, being universally described as intellectual poison and so I avoided Henry Ford like the plague, not wanting to pollute my mind with “wild, anti-Semitic rants”. But later, when my research required the reading, I was surprised to find that Henry Ford’s writing was no such thing. Ford’s articles were rational and dispassionate, with any claims supported by much hard evidence. And, rather than being anti-Semitic, Ford often praised Jews for their talents and even went so far as to say that if Jews are better than us at some things, who are we to demand that they account for themselves. But his essays did also uncover and reveal some failings which affected all of society, tendencies of which we needed to be aware for self-defense. Of these, the Jews naturally preferred ignorance and hence the intense negative campaign against Ford.

Ford’s articles were published in the Dearborn Independent, a kind of in-house organ that carried no advertising and was distributed only through Ford’s auto dealerships. “Even in the early exuberant period the bulk of the paper’s content was not devoted to Jews. The majority of articles covered a wide range of human-interest topics unrelated to race, which still make interesting reading today.” The paper was wildly popular, consistently having the second-highest readership of all newspapers in America. The series of articles on the Jews was later published as a book consisting of about 80 brief essays, which sold over a half million copies in the United States alone, and was translated into sixteen languages including German. His series of articles is as useful today, and as pertinent, as when written in the early 1900s and I encourage you to read them. You can download the .pdf file here.[3]

There have been repeated Jewish claims that Henry Ford recanted the content of all his articles and apologised to the Jews, but there is no evidence Ford ever saw the (unsigned) letter he purportedly wrote, and both letter and later signature are widely acknowledged to have been forged. The story is a bit messy, but even Haaretz agrees the letter was “signed in Ford’s name” while he was in the hospital,[4]

 after Ford was run off the road in a clear attempt to kill him. A curious part of the recanting and apology relates to evidence that someone bought Ford’s editor, who was then fired by Ford for ‘treason’.

The story being spun by Jews today is that Ford wrote to Louis Marshall, a very prominent American Jew, asking Marshall to write an appropriate letter of apology on Ford’s behalf – and to sign it for him – but no evidence has ever surfaced to document such an unusual claim which is almost certainly false. There is no reason to believe, and it is nonsense to suggest, that Ford would have felt incapable of writing his own apology if he cared to do that. Moreover, the much-publicised defamation lawsuit against Ford was by an individual who felt slighted by references in an article, but which is now presented as a lawsuit launched (and won) by “The Jews” against Ford’s entire series of articles; it was no such thing, and almost unrelated. Also, today’s Jewish propaganda machine spins the tale that, after settling the lawsuit, Ford ceased publication of his work and the Dearborn Independent was forced to close. This, and the supposed apology were in 1927, but Ford’s articles and the book containing them were in constant publication until his death in 1947.[5]

The JTA publishes a supposed letter of forgiveness from Marshall, an astonishing example of hypocrisy writ large:[6]

 “For twenty centuries we Jews have been accustomed to forgive insults and injuries, persecution and intolerance, blah, blah, blah”, but in fact the Jews hounded Ford mercilessly until his death. And one would be hard-pressed today to find even a single example where the Jews displayed forgiveness for even the smallest slight. This essay provides many examples of vengeance and retribution; I know of no forgivenesses.

Jewish so-called “scholars” today have published reams of rubbish about this topic, all of it consisting of vicious slander and undocumented claims, and none worth reading. The National Vanguard published a brief reasonable article on this, along with a complete listing of the articles.[7]

 It’s worth reading and referencing because it seems to be one of only a very few with any respect for truth. All the rest are just frantic measures of pre-emptive damage control from what seems to be a strong resurgence of interest in Ford’s articles.

However, the main point is that we should not permit ourselves to be driven away by these desperate propagandistic attacks on an important historical work. Don’t listen to Jewish opinions of Henry Ford. Take the time to read the articles and decide for yourself the accuracy and importance of the contents. Hasbara is not your mother. You don’t need baby-sitting on this.



Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

Another similar ‘prohibited’ item was the infamous Protocols which, as we all know, was “a Russian forgery” (it’s always ‘Russian’; doesn’t anyone else ever forge anything?), and which is “a fabricated antisemitic text purporting to describe a Jewish plan for global domination”. It has been described as “probably the most influential work of antisemitism ever written”. Once again, not wanting to pollute my mind with rubbish, I avoided this text for decades. But when my research demanded knowledge of this document, I was surprised at what I found.


As near as I have been able to determine, this is the actual story of the Protocols: First, the document was not Russian, but French. A young man brought the Protocols document to a small bookstore in Paris, provided an overview of the contents, and offered it to the female proprietor. We know that she purchased the document, and that the young man’s body was found in a nearby lane the next morning. Apparently nothing further occurred, since there were no traces of what the young man had done with the document. After that, it seems the document remained in her possession for some time, perhaps several years (no firm evidence). Then, a Russian named Sergei Nilus, a religious writer, was browsing in the bookstore whereupon the woman acquainted Nilus with the document and offered it for sale. Nilus agreed to purchase it if the woman could provide him with a professional translation into Russian, which was done. Nilus took the document to Russia and had it published. This was in 1905. The ‘Protocols’ was originally included as the last chapter of Nilus’ then-new book ‘The Great within the Small and Antichrist, an Imminent Political Possibility, Notes of an Orthodox Believer,’ about the coming of the Antichrist. It was also published separately later.

Wikipedia of course does its best to trash the document as a forgery, but actually indirectly corroborates and essentially confirms the French origin: “It is likely that the document was actually written at this time in Russia, despite Nilus’ attempt to cover this up by inserting French-sounding words into his edition.” In fact, those ‘French-sounding words’ were almost certainly a residue from the original French text. That is typical for Wikipedia; If facts cannot be denied, they can always be twisted to suit the desired narrative.

Immediately upon its discovery, the Jewish Bolsheviks appear to have gone ballistic. The mere possession of the document was a capital offense. Reports were that anyone found with a copy would be executed on sight (a condition Wikipedia forgot to mention), and all copies were ordered collected and destroyed. It seems that few remained, although copies seem to have escaped to other countries in Europe. It was reprinted in Germany in 1922, and some copies made it to North America where they were translated into English. I have in my possession a copy of a report by the US military intelligence service who reviewed the document in light of world events at the time, and pronounced it genuine. Henry Ford did something similar. He didn’t precisely declare the Protocols document as genuine, but he did write this: “Is there likelihood of the program of the Protocols being carried through to success? The program is successful already. In many of its most important phases it is already a reality.” He said again, “These things are happening now.”

“We shall of course, absolutely control the press, so that not a single announcement will ever reach the public without our control. We have already practically reached this goal, since the news from the entire world flows through a few news agencies, where they are processed and only then sent on to the individual editorial boards, agencies, etc.” [Protocol 12]

The document is worth reading and you can find a copy of it here.[8]

 But I strongly urge you to also access the FBI copy[9]

 and peruse the initial section because it contains much commentary, including listing of other versions of the Jewish Protocols, including a primitive truncated version from 1489, versions from 1860 and 1869, and one from 1919 in Hebrew that was apparently found in the pocket of a dead Jewish soldier. It also contains correspondence with J. Edgar Hoover and documents the provision of the Protocols to the FBI and, in one portion, mentions the involved names of King Edward of England[10]

, Sir William Sassoon, Robert Lansing, Sir William Wiseman, Kuhn & Loeb, Felix Frankfurter, Arthur Goldsmith, Ernest Cuneo[11]


, and Jerome Frank. Wallis Simpson, the woman for whom George abdicated his throne, was a Jewess (real name Solomon). With the exception of King Edward, the others are all Jews.

Again, the main point is that we should not permit ourselves to be driven away by these desperate propagandistic attacks on an important historical work. Don’t listen to Jewish opinions of the Protocols. Take the time to read the document and decide for yourself the accuracy and importance of the contents. This is important because there are many such situations where we can be badly misled.

If we pay attention, we can often discern that considerable pressure is put on us to read or avoid certain books or authors. The methods and channels change but the intent is the same. In days gone by when people did more book reading than now, we had no shortage of so-called “book clubs” whose promotional leaflets appeared regularly in our mailboxes for years, each attempting to popularise this month’s ‘must-read’ volumes, the great majority by Jewish authors and publishers flogging something in keeping with Hasbara’s narrative. Those book clubs had a powerful influence on what we chose to read; few at the time suspected there might be an ulterior motive for the reading selections, or that these might have been following a master plan according to Jewish interests. The channels have changed, but the strategy and tactics are the same: “Read what we tell you to read, and don’t read what we tell you to not read.”

I have written elsewhere: “Whenever you see an author subjected to “hit pieces” or a publication being trashed in the media, you know there is something they don’t want you to know. The best is to go there immediately and find out what that is. Almost invariably, whenever people or nations are being demonised, you know that’s propaganda; you are being indoctrinated to avoid information they don’t want you to have.”[13]



What is Hasbara?

“Hasbara is a multi-billion dollar, tightly-coordinated Jewish campaign carried out by several Israeli government ministries and engaged in internationally by hundreds of Jewish organisations whose sole purpose is to silence criticism of anything Jewish and to promote a positive image of Israel abroad.” Fundamentally, it is a vast propaganda machine in the more insidious sense of the meaning of this word, attempting a more or less full control of information available to the world’s publics, utilising both powerful promotion of, and severe restriction on, the components of that information. We are quite aware of some parts of this today, given the promotion of the ‘standard narratives’ by the (Jewish-owned) mass media, and abetted by the determined suppression of so-called ‘misinformation’, culminating in the open censorship exercised today by Google, Wikipedia, the social media, and the deceptive fact-checking industry. Biden’s “Ministry of Truth”, the DHS Disinformation Governance Board[14]

 promoted to fight the spread of so-called disinformation, is another propaganda tool (and information control tool) that is in the open.

On this note, it is almost amusing to read in the media that some event not on the Jewish agenda, or one not serving Jewish interests of demonising one nation or another, “Sparked a Global Outcry”. That may be true, but it’s not difficult to light such a spark when you own all the newspapers.

But there are many components of Hasbara’s vast effort that operate in the dark and of which we are unlikely to have any knowledge. As an introduction, Noam Sheizaf wrote a rather good article on Hasbara:[15]

 “A short discussion of the Israeli term used to describe the ongoing, ever-growing, national propaganda effort.” I recommend it.

In it, he tells us “Hasbara is a form of propaganda aimed at an international audience, primarily, but not exclusively, in Western countries. It is meant to influence the conversation in a way that positively portrays Israeli political moves and policies . . .” Hasbara efforts are far wider and their goals much more ambitious than any similar activities ever undertaken by any government anywhere. “Hasbara targets political elites, opinion makers and the public simultaneously; it includes traditional advocacy efforts as well as more general appeals made through mass media, and it is carried out by government agencies, NGOs, lobbying groups, private citizens, students, journalists and bloggers.”

“These organizations produce resources – booklets, slideshows, flyers, maps, polls and more – and spin news events in ways which are favorable to the Israeli government [and to the Jews generally]. A lot of thought is put into influencing opinion-makers: journalists and bloggers are flown on a regular basis to tours in Israel, accompanied by government officials, while Israeli representatives – former diplomats, journalists, soldiers and officers – are brought to give lectures at campuses, think-tanks, conferences and other public events around the world.”

Until a few years ago, the main government agency carrying out Hasbara work was the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through its Media and Hasbara department. However, there is now an official Hasbara Ministry, i.e., an international Jewish propaganda ministry, which includes a ‘situation room that operates in five languages’. Sheizaf claims this Hasbara Ministry has a new-media team that can reach, according to the office’s web page, 100,000 Jewish volunteers on social media networks, as well as many Jewish bloggers.

One author, a Spaniard, wrote that “Hasbara employs the usual techniques of all propaganda efforts: half-truths, decontextualized quotes, false claims made in the cynical hope that the readers won’t bother to check them out, invalid analogies, and so on and so forth. One of its procedures is to tell a lie enough times that people will begin to believe it’s true.” Another wrote that he was angered by Hasbara’s “default method of Hasbara calling all critics of Israel antisemites”.[16]

 Either that, or a “self-hating Jew”. And this does indeed appear to be the subtext of all of it.

In an article in the Nation[17], Max Blumenthal wrote that the Hasbara Ministry contains both a paid media team and a volunteer force of “thousands of bloggers, tweeters and Facebook commenters who are fed the latest talking points and then flood social media with Hasbara in five languages. The exploits of the propaganda soldiers conscripted into Israel’s online army have helped give rise to the phenomenon of the “hasbara troll”, an often faceless, shrill and relentless nuisance deployed on Twitter and Facebook to harass public figures who express skepticism about official Israeli policy or sympathy for the Palestinians.” I strongly recommend you read Blumenthal’s article. It will open your eyes to more than Hasbara.

So determined is the propaganda machine that Israel recently passed a law that explicitly punishes speech considered harmful to the Jewish state, allowing any Israeli to sue the perpetrator in civil court for damages – no evidence required. I mention this because all Western countries will soon have a similar law, if not worse. Jews in Germany recently proposed a law that any criticism of Israel (read: any expression of so-called “anti-Semitism”) will result in loss of German citizenship, another prospect soon to appear in all Western countries. This won’t happen in five years, and perhaps not in twenty, but it will happen because the flag has already been raised. This won’t matter to you, but your children and grand-children will live in a very different world if you don’t act now.

This offensive is much more extensive and determined than most might imagine. In 2010, a cable was sent from Israel’s Foreign Affairs Ministry to Jewish embassies in 10 European countries with instructions from Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s extreme right-wing Foreign Minister, ordering each embassy to identify 1,000 people to act as advocates for Israel and Jewish matters generally. They would be expected to “receive messages” from the Israeli government and from various Jewish agencies, and to “actively promote” these ‘messages’.[18]

These “friends of Israel” were to be drawn from both Jewish and Christian activists, academics, journalists and students, would be briefed regularly by Israeli officials, then encouraged to speak up for Israel at public meetings or write letters or articles for the press. Considerable funding was added to hire professional PR firms and lobbyists to assist with two things: (a) the “overall brand” of Israel and (b) addressing international issues which the Jews want to use to draw away unfavorable attention from Israel and Jewish control of the West, issues such as the dangers of Iran or China’s supposed ‘human rights’ matters.

As a relevant aside, Alan Dershowitz gave a speech to AIPAC a few years ago in which he urged all Jews to maintain a strong public focus on imaginary travesties in Tibet – specifically to draw the world’s attention away from the travesties committed by the Jews in Palestine. It was this call that Harrison Ford (a Jew) answered when he made his presentation to the US Congress pushing for Tibet’s independence.[19]


 It was a family affair; the video was written by Ford’s wife.

Much of this is truly insidious and over the top. Two or three years ago, one of the most influential Jewish lobby groups in the US, disappeared. The Israel Project, known as TIP[21]

, created specifically for covert activities to influence US politics and media on behalf of Israel, was exposed by an undercover Al Jazeera documentary titled “The Lobby – USA“. The exposé was sufficiently damning that TIP immediately fired all its staff and closed down its several offices.[22]

 The evidence was gathered by an al Jazeera staff member who worked with TIP for about 6 months as an intern, and who apparently did so well they offered him a permanent position.

I don’t want to overload you with information but, before presenting you with details and more examples, please briefly scan the following 2 pages of a printed Jewish document from 1962. It will give you a grasp of the ambitious reach of this program of ‘total sanitised information control’ which was already strongly in existence more than 60 years ago and which amplifies the above-quoted Protocol 12 from 1905. Note the reference to ‘speakers’; it will resurface later.


All of this is in addition to, and well beyond, what is generally known as “The Jewish Lobby”, for which you can read a brief refresher here.[23]



This is a massive global influence campaign launched in 2017 and funded by the Israeli government that has 73 offices in seven countries and an online army of more than 15,000 who make posts in 17 languages. Act.IL says its goal is to “influence foreign publics” and battle BDS (the boycott, divestment and sanction movement) – with constant massive troll missions.[24]

 Act.IL claims to be a “grassroots student initiative”, but has been described by one expert as “advanced digital political astroturfing” – in other words, a fake grassroots campaign. They produce much of what they call “white label” propaganda – unbranded material to launder through other groups: “We produce content that they then publish with their own name on it.”

The group operates under a “no logo” strategy; in other words, anonymity. Employees and volunteers are told not to disclose their links to the organisation while disseminating Jewish disinformation. The ministry’s director general has made it clear that their work “stays under the radar“, and has attempted to change Israeli law to render it classified in the same way as Israeli intelligence agencies. Yet it openly boasts of “manipulating international public opinion towards the state of Israel via social media platforms.”

This one is more sinister and insidious than many other Jewish propaganda efforts. The program known as Act.IL uses a specially-designed artificial intelligence software application that can not only monitor online content displeasing to the Jews, but is sufficiently intelligent that it creates offensive “missions” resulting from its online discoveries. The software was a joint venture between Israel’s IDC University, the Israeli American Council, which works to “organize and activate” the half million Israeli-Americans who live in the U.S.; and another American group called the Maccabee Task Force, created to combat “anti-Semitic movements”. Maccabee says it is “laser-focused on one core mission – to ensure that those who seek to delegitimise Israel and demonize the Jewish people are confronted, combatted and defeated.”[25]

The software was designed by, and is heavily supported by, Israeli army intelligence, and its CEO is a Mossad veteran. It is funded in the US primarily by Sheldon Adelson and the Paul R. Singer Foundation.

Israel’s Jerusalem Post boasts that the Act.IL app “creates a virtual situation room of pro-Israel experts”[26]

. But Act.IL is more than just an app. It is a “mission campaign” that taps into the collective knowledge of IDC students who together speak 35 languages, come from 86 countries and have connections to the pro-Israel community all over the world. “When you work together, with the same goals and values, you can be incredibly powerful in the social media landscape.” When students detect instances where Israel “is being assailed online”, they program the app to find “missions” that can be carried out with a push of a button.

In terms of missions, here is one example: some Jews in Australia took exception to a particular business (a restaurant, I believe). As retaliation, the Act.IL app created a “mission” that instructed users to attack and criticize the firm in Facebook. They did so, and reduced the firm’s public rating from a 4.6 out of 5 to 1.4, effectively ruining the business. “We can send a clear, direct message this way. Blatant anti-Israel sentiment is not acceptable.” A Jewish report leaked by al Jazeera claims Act.IL’s app completes 1,580 similar “missions” every week. The Jewish publication Forward calls Act.IL a new entry into the “online propaganda war” that “has thousands of mostly U.S.-based volunteers who can be directed from Israel into a social media swarm.” According to the Forward, “Its work so far offers a startling glimpse of how it could shape the online conversations about Israel without ever showing its hand.”[27]

 No kidding.

In another case, the app produced a “mission” to deal with a Boston church that was screening a documentary critical of Israel. The app instructed the students to compare the film to “white supremacist riots” while depicting the narrator as “a well-known anti-Semite”, and to bombard all parties with these and other accusations – all done anonymously of course by “interested community citizens”, none of whom are identified as Jews.

One mission tactic is a well-documented online propaganda strategy called “flooding.” According to David Pozen, a Jewish professor at Columbia University’s law school, flooding constitutes blasting a large amount of content into a particular web space. “You just distract attention away from messages that you don’t want to get focused on, and take advantage of the scarcity of listener attention to dilute the force of messages”, Pozen said.

If it isn’t clear, this endeavor is not limited to merely making online posts favorable to Israel or the Jews, nor to removing unwanted content. It operates in a sense in the physical world by literally attacking those persons or institutions who are seen as troublesome to the Jewish narrative, and done in a way to harm businesses and reputations, cause loss of employment and more. And all done secretly so the victims will never be aware of the true causes of their misfortune. There are more such programs, as we will see.

For this project, given the assistance of the app to define “missions” complete with execution instructions, the Jews have recruited thousands of Jewish high-school students who are the leading edge of this new propaganda campaign. These students, with their Israeli intelligence mentors, learn how to complete social media “missions” which are in fact assigned to them from the headquarters of Act.IL in Herzliya, Israel. They hold regular advocacy-training sessions all over the US – in Boston, NYC, Princeton, NJ, Charlottetown, Virginia, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and other cities, often using Jewish schools and Community Centers as the training sites. Israeli military intelligence is now widely operating in many countries where it is “actively scouring Jewish communities abroad for young computer prodigies” to recruit for Act.IL “missions”. According to an Israeli official: “Our first order of business is to search Jewish communities abroad for teens who could qualify. Our representatives will then travel to the communities and begin the screening process there.”

Israel’s Ynet news[28]

 reports that the Ministry’s director “sees it as a war for all intents and purposes. The de-legitimisation against the State of Israel can be curbed and contained”, but “In order to win, however, we must use tricks and craftiness“. The director, General Sima Vaknin-Gil, told a forum of Israeli tech developers at a forum: “I want to create a community of fighters.” The objective is to “curb the activities of anti-Israel activists,” and “flood the Internet with pro-Israel content“. Another part of this program involves a $10 million program to similarly influence (through “missions”) labor unions and professional associations abroad to root out BDS and ‘anti-Semitism’.

The Forward reports: “ says that its app has 12,000 sign-ups so far, and 6,000 regular users. The users are located all over the world, though the majority of them appear to be in the United States. Users get ‘points’ for completed missions; top-ranked users complete five or six missions a day. Top users win prizes: a congratulatory letter from a government minister, or a doll of David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s founding prime minister.”[29]



Israel’s UNIT 8200

Even more concerning is yet another Jewish entity that plays a role in covert Internet activity, is the Israeli military’s legendary high-tech spy branch, Unit 8200.[30]

 The Jewish Press tells us this unit is composed of thousands of “cyber warriors” primarily 18 to 21 years of age, and reports that Unit 8200 “has developed a great reputation for effectiveness in intelligence gathering, including operating a massive global spy network”. If that isn’t clear, Israeli military intelligence has now created a “massive global spy network” consisting primarily of Jewish teen-agers.

In terms of Internet content control, the same publication informs us of meetings between Unit 8200 members and Internet firms like Google, YouTube, Facebookand others, “to increase their cooperation with the Foreign Ministry in fighting incitement”. “At the end of the meeting,” Israeli media reported, “it was agreed that Google would strengthen bilateral relations with the Foreign Ministry and build a collaborative work apparatus.” Another Israeli news report about the meeting states: “… it was agreed that the companies would strengthen ties with the Foreign Ministry and build a regular mechanism of control to prevent the distribution of those incendiary materials on the network.[31]

 Of course, Google quickly denied the Foreign Ministry’s report, but then Fortune magazine ran an article titled “Why Facebook and Google Are Complying With Israel to Delete Certain Content”, claiming that the US social media comply with 95% of all Jewish requests to remove content.[32]



Canary – The Blacklist in the Coal Mine

An extraordinarily dirty Jewish enterprise is an intensely covert conspiracy known as Canary, named for the ‘Canary in the Coal Mine’ legend, but in this case applied to ‘early warnings of anti-Semitism’. This one is also conducted primarily by students under the tutorship of the Israeli military and various Jewish advocacy groups.

Their strategy involves an apparently widespread campaign by Jewish university students in the US (and quite possibly other countries) to identify all students and faculty who fail to profess love for Israel and the Jews generally, and to post publicly their photos, names, and personal information on the Canary website, identifying them as degenerate anti-Semites. The stated purpose is “to ensure that none of these people obtain employment after graduation“. It is also to ensure that professors lose their tenure and employment, that websites and individuals are de-platformed, that authors lose their audience and that books are never published. The Canary Project has created an atmosphere of incitement and intimidation, so much so that the FBI is apparently investigating violent threats made against BDS activists. These “students” are truly Gangsters-in-Training.[33]




 Max Blumenthal and Julia Carmel wrote an excellent article on Canary.[37]

 I urge you to read it.

The Canary Mission features profiles of dozens of activists, students, college professors and journalists which the site’s authors accuse of anti-Semitism and even having ties to terrorism. Despite calling for more transparency from the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, Canary Mission refuses to identify its sponsors or organizers.

My understanding is that these people send emails to local area companies, with the photos and names. This is essentially saying to an HR manager, “The people whose photos and descriptions attached here are anti-Semitic, holocaust-denying Nazi Jew-haters who support terrorism. Do you really want them in your company?”

It is especially insidious because no defense is possible. If a graduating job applicant is accused of murder, an HR manager might say to one of these unfortunates, “We suspect that you killed this particular person on or about this date.” Now, we have something real to discuss, and which can be proven or disproven. But if confronted with an accusation that “We understand you have had negative thoughts and feelings about Jews and that you may have expressed those thoughts”, how do you respond? You cannot prove you didn’t think or feel or say a particular thing, and a simple denial will be ignored. You are dead in the water. Even worse, by the incendiary nature of the accusations, it is unlikely that victims will be presented with the charge and given an opportunity to defend themselves. Thus, they will never know why they remain unemployed.

And how can such an enterprise be defeated? Most often, exposing deceitful and unprincipled activity to the light is sufficient to remove its power, but this one may be different. To contact area employers with information that a group of Jews is conducting a reprehensible anti-employment campaign against innocent people, may result only in further charges of anti-Semitism and even lawsuits. I see no way to defend against this because the current climate is that Jews are permitted to attack and destroy anyone’s reputation solely on the basis of real or fabricated charges of anti-Semitism, details and context unnecessary, but for Gentiles to criticise Jews publicly for any cause, especially something so unclean and unethical as this, may involve enormous personal risks.

The Jewish publication Forward approves whole-heartedly of this reprehensible project,[38]

 stating, “Shadowy Blacklist Of Student Activists Wins Endorsement Of Mainstream Pro-Israel Group; For more than two years, a shadowy website called Canary Mission has posted political dossiers on students active in pro-Palestinian groups, saying it hopes to keep them from finding work after college. The Israel on Campus Coalition cited Canary Mission as an effective model for deterring support for the BDS movement, hailing the website for causing students to drop their support for pro-Palestinian groups out of fear of “repercussions”. “Through online platforms such as Canary Mission, a database devoted to exposing hatred of Jews and Israel, the pro-Israel community has established a strong deterrent against anti-Semitism and BDS activism.”

Except that it isn’t hatred of anything that is being exposed, but the names of those unwilling to become obsequious Jewish sycophants.

The purpose behind the massive slanderous database is clear. The introductory video on the Canary Mission website concludes by filling the screen in capital letters: ENSURE THAT TODAY’S RADICALS ARE NOT TOMORROW’S EMPLOYEES. Thus, any student unwilling to fall to his knees before the Jews, is now promoted as a “radical who supports terrorism”.

The Canary website states, “Canary Mission documents people and groups that promote hatred of the USA, Israel and Jews. We investigate hatred across the North American political spectrum, including the far-right, far-left and anti-Israel activists. Every individual and organization has been carefully researched and sourced. You can help expose hatred by alerting us to anti-Semitic activity on your college campus and beyond.” The Canary website has separate categories for professors, students, professionals, organisations, and medical personnel.[39]

“The canary in the coal mine has long been a metaphor for the persecution of a minority that subsequently spreads to the general populace. Today college campuses are filled with anti-Semitic and anti-American radicals waving Palestinian flags and placards and screaming “Apartheid” and “Murderer”. A few years later these individuals are applying for jobs within your company. There’s no record of their membership of radical organizations. No one remembers their yelling profanities on campus or attending Jew-hating conferences and anti-American rallies. All evidence has been eradicated, and soon they will be part of your team. We are Canary Mission, an organization dedicated to documenting these acts of hate, exposing them, and holding these individuals accountable.”

Rebecca Pierce is one student of many who have been bombarded with abuse since appearing on Canary Mission’s website. Pierce was featured as Canary Mission’s “Radical of the Day”, and immediately began receiving racist attacks and threats of rape and personal violence, equating her to a Nazi concentration camp guard. When Pierce protested her inclusion on the Canary Mission blacklist, complaining of racist abuse and violent threats, Canary Mission replied: “[W]e got your request to be off the CM list. If you’re able to demonstrate good behavior for a few years it will be considered.”

Who the hell do these people think they are, to assume the right to destroy the careers of young people who refuse to cringe and serve the Jews? This is vicious criminal gangsterism that needs to be exposed, and it is the individual Jews behind it who need to be named and “held accountable”.

Campus Watch

A Jew named Daniel Pipes is the founder of a similar online venture called Campus Watch, which is comprised of dossiers on professors he considers “anti-Israel” – another blacklist with a strong resemblance to Canary Mission that targeted some of the same individuals, and which also encouraged pro-Israel students to surveil their professors.[40]

 Many of those who appear on Pipes’ Campus Watch blacklist report being bombarded with violent threats and hostile email campaigns from mostly unnamed sources. Unlike Campus Watch, which Pipes freely acknowledges as his own, Canary Mission’s administrators have gone to extreme lengths to keep the site’s funders and orchestrators a top secret. And it appears to be with good reason: “Not only does Canary Mission seek to deny future employment opportunities to students who participate in Palestine solidarity activities, it also seems intent on cultivating an atmosphere of intimidation in which activists, academics and journalists are fair game for threats that include rape and violence and vicious racist insults.”



CAMERA – Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America

The website contains hundreds of articles bitching about what appear to be trivial issues which are not firmly positive about the Jews. They even have a committee to force firms like Getty Images, AP and AFP to amend captions on their photos, if these are unpleasant to Israel or the Jews. They launch huge protest campaigns if the Palestinians or any opposing group use a UN or other logo “to give a false veneer of credibility to apologists for terrorism and Holocaust denial”. As an indication of the intensity of their paranoia for control of trivial information and media coverage, one of their articles was headlined, “MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell errs twice in one sentence on Israel”. Many examples of Reuters or AFP revising news headlines after Jewish pressure.[41]

They must have thousands of people focusing on the tiniest things, and even the smallest criticism is equated to “unethical journalism”. If you look through the CAMERA website, these people are pathological. And – worthy of thought – compare all the negative articles about Jews and Israel you have seen in the past 5 decades with the hateful articles written by these same Jews about China in only the past year or two. The tiniest criticism of Jews is an act of war, but Jews are free to slander China and the Chinese and cause enormous hatred resulting in physical assaults increasing by 500 or 600%. But bringing this to the attention of the public constitutes “anti-Semitism”.

During the past few years, the Jews have maintained an intense and vile campaign of hatred against China, to the extent that physical attacks on Chinese (NOT “Asians”, as the media claim) have risen alarmingly, and public perception of China in the West has plummeted. That is not an accident; it was the plan, and the reason polls are taken and published is to measure the success of these hate campaigns and to boast about them. This isn’t the first time; the Khazar Jews, led by Rothschild and his Tavistock Institute, made their first attempts in England (against Germany) prior to World War One, with the stated cause of “instilling personal hatred against the German people and Germany”, and boasted that the original 6% of the British population that ‘hated Germany’ increased to over 50% by the end of the campaign.[42]

That means they have more than 100 years of practice.






"The Age of Deceit"


biolabs in ukraine and the greater picture of the USA conquering the HEARTLAND...….


GusNote: the Jews have more than 2,500 years of bullshit and the Catholic Church has at least 1,650 years of practice in deceit.