Saturday 3rd of June 2023

on a dog of a day…..

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says his dog rubs shoulders with the best

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Buddy is a very special political animal. He does share the highest office in the land – and he is helping with a very good cause.

While he may have one of the hardest jobs in the country, Prime Minister Scott Morrison says his best friend is alway there to greet him at the end of his day.

“It is often said that dogs are a man’s best friend,” says the Liberal leader.

“Well, Buddy is a Prime Minister’s best friend.”

The beloved black schnoodle – a mix of schnauzer and poodle – appears in The Advertiser Foundation’s special edition calendar, 2022 Power Pets.

The calendar, which will raise money for Ronald McDonald House SA, also features Police Commissioner Grant Stevens, State Premier Steven Marshall, Mayo MP Rebekha Sharkie and Labor leader Peter Malinauskas.

Mr Morrison says his furry four-legged friend is a fiercely loyal companion no matter who’s company he may find himself in.

“He’s loyal, energetic and always up for a pat and a hug,” Mr Morrison said.

“Whether that’s from me, Jen and the girls, or even the heads of state he meets sometimes, our friends and extended family or the cricketers who come over each New Year’s before the Sydney Test, he’s not fussy.”




GusNote: The Advertiser Newspaper, here doing a charity job for ScoMo in December 2021, is owned by ----- NewsCorp.... We believe that Buddy is looking for a new PM....



questioning the intelligence of potatoman…..

Western Australian Labor Premier Mark McGowan has questioned the intelligence of former defence minister Peter Dutton and launched an attack on the Liberals, Clive Palmer and the national press gallery after his party’s strong election result on Saturday.

McGowan said he hoped the Albanese government would get Australia’s relationship with China on a surer footing given how heavily WA relies on the superpower for trade.


Throughout the campaign, Dutton, who is in line to be the next leader of the Liberal party, warned Australia needed to prepare for war in the face of a more aggressive China.

On Monday McGowan suggested it was “absolutely crazy” to talk about conflict with a country of 1.4 billion people with nuclear weapons and accused Dutton of weaponising the China relationship for his own political gain.


He labelled Dutton an extremist and insulted his intelligence.

“He’s an extremist and I don’t think he fits with modern Australia at all, and he doesn’t seem to listen, he’s extremely conservative,” he claimed.

“I actually don’t think he’s that smart, I’ve seen him present on things I don’t really pick up there’s much there as opposed to Scott Morrison who is a clever guy.

“I don’t pick up that Peter Dutton is fit to be Prime Minister.”

When campaigning in WA earlier this month Dutton said the rhetoric around China was simply his government being honest with Australians and McGowan’s personal attacks said more about McGowan than him.







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tricky scomo…...

One of Scott Morrison's final acts as Prime Minister was to instruct the Australian Border Force (ABF) to publicise an interception of a suspected asylum seeker boat on election day.

Key points:
  • The highly controversial move during the election caretaker period followed a direct request from the Prime Minister's office
  • This decision is now subject to an inquiry by Home Affairs Department Secretary Mike Pezzullo
  • While the ABC approached former prime minister Scott Morrison about the matter, he declined to comment

As voters were going to the polls on Saturday, the Operation Sovereign Borders Commander issued a rare statement announcing a "vessel has been intercepted in a likely attempt to illegally enter Australia from Sri Lanka".

The ABC can reveal that the highly controversial move during the election caretaker period followed a direct request from the Prime Minister's Office to publicly release details of the sensitive ABF operation before it had been completed.

During his final press conference — held in the early afternoon of election day — the then prime minister was asked about reports emerging that morning about a boat arrival.

About the same time as the prime minister spoke, the statement from Rear Admiral Justin Jones, the Operation Sovereign Borders Commander, appeared on the ABF's website, warning that the Australian government's policy on illegal boat arrivals "remains unchanged".







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