Tuesday 9th of August 2022

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China has ended a block on communicating officially with Australia after Premier Li Keqiang – second to President Xi Jinping – congratulated Prime Minister Anthony Albanese hours after he took office, state media reported.

The olive branch came as Mr Albanese was flying to his first major foreign policy engagement, a regional security summit formed to be a counterweight to China’s influence in the region.

State news agency Xinhua quoted Premier Li as saying he hoped that this year’s 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties would be an occasion to review relations between the two countries.

“In the 1970s, the Australian Labor Party made the correct choice in establishing diplomatic ties with China, making important contributions to the development of bilateral relations,” Xinhua reported, in comments attributed to the Premier.

China and Australia have not had official dialogue between top political representatives or economic officials since 2020.





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Pissing chips?.... The definition of this expression is to really mess something up for yourself (rather than for someone else) with an unnecessary and/or stupid act.... 

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Acting PM calls Liberals text alert about illegal boat interception 'a disgrace'

Acting Prime Minister Richard Marles says text messages sent to voters on the day of the election about the interception of an asylum seeker boat were a disgrace. 

Millions of people living in marginal seats received messages hours before polls closed, alerting them to the interception of the Sri Lankan boat and urging them to vote for the Liberal Party

Nine Newspapers are reporting the Albanese government will investigate the detection of the boat, and the timing of the public disclosure. 

Richard Marles, who is acting as prime minister while Anthony Albanese is in Japan, has told Sky News the messages were "rank opportunism". 

"Those text messages were a disgrace, an absolute disgrace, and its says everything about how the former Liberal government was about the politics in advance for themselves and were not about the national interest," Mr Marles said. 


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