Wednesday 29th of November 2023

US stupidity has no limit…...

Russia has accused the US of baiting it into using its UN veto power in a bid to limit Moscow’s influence on the Security Council. Russia blocked a US-sponsored resolution on Friday that would have condemned its acceptance into the Russian Federation of four former Ukrainian territories.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed accession treaties on Friday, starting the process of bringing the two Donbass republics and the Zaporozhye and Kherson Regions into the Russian Federation following successful referendums. Within hours of the treaties being signed, the US introduced a resolution to the United Nations Security Council condemning the “illegal so-called referenda in Ukraine” and demanding Moscow immediately withdraw its forces from Ukraine.

The meeting had originally been convened to discuss the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines, which Russian envoy Vassily Nebenzia told the council benefited the US. Russia wants a comprehensive investigation into the incident, he added.

The resolution, co-sponsored by Ukraine, got the support of 10 UNSC members, while four – China, Brazil, India and Gabon – abstained. Russia, which has veto power, blocked its adoption.

"Do you seriously expect Russia to consider and support such a draft?” Nebenzia said, in a statement directed at the US. “And if not, then it turns out that you are intentionally pushing us to use the right of the veto in order to then wax lyrical about the fact that Russia abuses this right.”

The UNSC’s five permanent members – the US, UK, France, China, and Russia – all have the power to unilaterally veto resolutions. Russia has used this power to block Western condemnation of its actions in Ukraine since February, while the US has used it more times than any other member since 1970, most often blocking resolutions critical of Israel.

In an address to the UN General Assembly last week, US President Joe Biden declared that the UNSC should be expanded with new permanent and rotating members, drawn from “nations we have long supported.” Biden also called on the council’s permanent members to “refrain from the use of the veto except in rare, extraordinary situations.” 


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no more US empire despotism…..

Moscow will defend the choice of the people and oppose the neocolonialist hegemony of the West, the Russian president said

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a historic speech on Friday at a ceremony in Moscow at which he signed treaties paving the way for the inclusion of four former Ukrainian regions into the Russian Federation.

Among other things, the president commented on the future of the four regions within Russia, potential talks with Kiev, and the continued neocolonialist policy of the US and its allies, which he says is at the root of many modern crises.

Below are some of the key points Putin made in his address.


Russia will never betray those who trust it

The people of Donbass and those living in the regions of Kherson and Zaporozhye "undoubtly"had a right to self-determination guaranteed by the UN Charter, Putin said, adding that they “had their say.” Russia will never betray their choice, the president stated, adding that “we will defend our land with all the forces and resources we have.” 

Putin also vowed to restore all of the infrastructure in the four regions that has been damaged in the conflict between Moscow and Kiev. “Together we will make sure that citizens in the new regions can feel the support of all the people of Russia, of the entire nation, all ... regions of our vast Motherland.,” he said.


Russia is open to talks with Kiev

Putin has called on the Ukrainian government to “immediately” cease all hostilities and return to the negotiating table. “We are ready for this,” he said.

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However, Moscow will not discuss “the choice of the people in Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhye and Kherson,” Putin maintained, adding that this choice has already been made clear. He also urged Kiev to treat this choice with respect, calling it “the only way to peace.”


West seeks to impose tax on humanity

The Russian leader accused Western leaders attempts to "plunder the world” through the “the domination of the dollar and technology.” The West will do anything to keep its “neo-colonial system,” he added, denouncing it as an attempt to collect a “an actual tribute from humanity.”

The Western aspirations for continued hegemony are the reason for a global “de-sovereignization” campaign, Putin stated, adding that this involves Western nations turning all other countries around the world into their “vassals” through either coercion or bribery.

“This explains their aggression towards independent states, traditional values and authentic cultures,”
 the Russian president said, adding that the West seeks to disrupt international and integrational processes it is unable to control.


Western ‘rules-based’ order is a lie

The “rules-based order” supposedly defended by the Western nations is “utter deceit,” Putin said. Western leaders act on the basis of “double standards, or even triple standards” and change these rules when it suits their interests, he added.

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It was the West that first violated the principle of border inviolability and then usurped the right to decide which peoples deserve the right to self-determination and which do not, the Russian leader maintained.

He also accused the US of eroding global security by unilaterally withdrawing from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (ABM) back in 2002 and the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty in 2019. The Western promises not to expand NATO further to the east turned out to be “dirty deception” as well, he added.


Neo-liberalism is the new totalitarianism

The Western nations divide the world into their “vassals” and those they call a “rogue country”or “authoritarian regime,” Putin said, adding that their denial of other nations’ sovereignty has turned into a new form of “despotism and apartheid.”

The West is still convinced that its “neoliberal culture is an indisputable model for the entire world to follow," Putin said, calling such views nothing but “racism.” The Russian leader also denounced ‘Russophobia’ as an example of such a racist attitude.

“Western countries have been saying for centuries that they bring freedom and democracy to other nations. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead of bringing democracy they suppressed and exploited, and instead of giving freedom they enslaved and oppressed,”
 Putin said.


Global transformations are coming

The world has entered a new era of a “revolutionary transformation,” Putin believes. New centers of power and development that represent the majority of the international community are forming. They are not only ready to openly speak about their interests but to defend them as well, he said.

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“The collapse of Western hegemony is irreversible,” the Russian president said. Russia is now fighting for a “just and free” way forward that will leave “dictate and despotism in the past,” he added.








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unintelligence at the white house…..


 BY Valery Kulikov


With its actions in recent months, the United States is blatantly pushing the international situation towards a clash of major nuclear powers. This is true of Washington’s blatantly provocative moves against both Russia and China.

US officials continue to inflame the situation, intimidating their own and the world public with “imaginary nuclear threats” from Russia by spreading fake information. For example, during a speech at the UN General Assembly, US President Biden cited non-existent quotes from Putin. Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called it at least “indecent” that US President Joe Biden falsely quoted Russian leader Vladimir Putin when he “attributed” to the Russian President saying that “our country threatens the world with nuclear weapons”. According to her, someone took advantage of the White House head’s inability to reflect on difficult subjects.

The anti-Russian actions of Joe Biden and members of his administration are now harshly criticized by numerous politicians and media both within and outside the US. The US President was harshly criticized in particular by Fox News political observer Tucker Carlson, who said that Biden was guilty of wanting to destroy Russia for the sake of American hegemony in the world.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly reminded the Russian and international public in his recent speeches that Washington is pushing Kiev to move hostilities to Russian territory and has recently even resorted to nuclear blackmail. “Washington, London and Brussels are directly pushing Kiev to transfer hostilities to our territory, and they are already openly saying that Russia must be defeated by all means on the battlefield, followed by the deprivation of economic, political, cultural and any kind of sovereignty, and the complete pillaging of our country,” the Russian leader said in a televised address on September 21. “We are talking not only about Western-encouraged shelling of the Zaporozhye NPP, which threatens a nuclear disaster, but also about statements by some high-ranking representatives of some NATO states about the possibility and admissibility of using weapons of mass destruction, nuclear weapons, against Russia,” Putin explained.

As highlighted in an article by Russia’s Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov published in The National Interest magazine, Washington’s actions are pushing the situation towards a clash of major nuclear powers. Western countries appear to be testing Russia’s mettle. “Today it is obvious that the United States is directly involved in the military actions of the Kiev regime. Washington is openly building up the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine and provides it with intelligence. They jointly plan military operations against the Russian Armed Forces. Ukrainians are being trained to use NATO military hardware in a fight,” the article notes.

Following US media reports in late September that the US was allegedly developing plans to hit the Russian military and political leadership and the Kremlin, the Russian Embassy in Washington commented on the hoaxes, stressing that this was someones’ delusion. The Russian Embassy expressed the hope that such delusional reasoning does not reflect the official position of the US military establishment, as Washington must be well aware of the escalating nature of such reckless rhetoric.

The fact that the US is actively working for an armed clash with Russia is evidenced not only by numerous policies, but also by documents.

The Swedish newspaper Nya Dagbladet, for example, published what it admitted was a “shocking document” about how the US was planning an armed conflict with Russia and an energy crisis in Europe in January. The source of this information was a “leak” from the RAND Corporation, the leading US think-tank responsible for making recommendations to the White House. The report, which was obtained by a Swedish publication, states in particular that one of the reasons for an armed clash between the West and Russia would be its push for military intervention in Ukraine in response to the aggressive foreign policy pursued by the Kiev regime under instructions from Washington. According to the pervasive key objective of this cynical strategy, as described in the document, one of the most important US objectives has been to destroy cooperation not only between Germany and Russia, but also between Berlin and Paris, dragging both of these Western European countries into the conflict in Ukraine.

As the European media is already reporting, although there are still hopes and opportunities to stop the Western-initiated conflict with Russia, they are being increasingly dashed by unprecedented propaganda, the spread of war hysteria through the media and the fanatical insanity of Western politicians. All this shows that military decisions have long been made and there is less and less realistic possibility of stopping the conflict. This has been seriously illustrated by the active calls by the US and its NATO allies for their citizens to urgently leave Russian territory, which, in a well-known historical analogy, is usually done on the eve of the outbreak of a serious armed conflict.

On September 28, the US Embassy in Moscow, for example, called on compatriots to urgently leave the territory of the Russian Federation. In particular, one of the recent reports published on the Embassy’s website said: “US citizens should not travel to Russia and those residing or travelling in Russia should depart Russia immediately while limited commercial travel options remain”.

The Polish Foreign Ministry on September 27 also advised its citizens “leave [Russian] territory using the available commercial and private means”. At the same time, Polish citizens are warned that “in case of a drastic deterioration of the security situation, the closure of borders or other unforeseen circumstances, evacuation may prove significantly impeded or even impossible”. At the same time, according to the Deputy Minister of Interior and Administration Błażej Poboży, an inspection of bomb shelters, even those that are not in the possession of the city authorities, has been launched on the territory of Poland.

The Italian Embassy in Moscow, Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs, the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry and several other NATO foreign ministries also advised fellow citizens to leave Russia on September 29.

Although the Latvian authorities admit that the situation on the Latvian-Russian border is stable, calm and under strict control, the country introduced an emergency situation for the next three months. At the same time, the North Atlantic Alliance Command reported the deployment of two HIMARS MLRSs by the US in Latvia, ostensibly in preparation for the NAMEJS exercise.  The exact same MLRSs are already being actively used by the US in military operations in Ukraine to shell Donbas territory by the Kiev regime under the guidance of US military advisors.

While the current US leadership has long acted adventurously and irresponsibly towards the people of eastern Ukraine and the Russian Federation, supporting and fomenting hostilities with its arms deliveries, it must understand that a nuclear conflict, if it occurs, cannot remain a regional issue. And if, through the fault of the White House, the conflict with Moscow descends into nuclear war, such war would be global. It will primarily destroy the United States, as well as the countries where NATO armaments are located and from where the security of Russia and Russian citizens will be threatened. And Washington should be clear that this risk is higher than what the current US political elite expects.


Valery Kulikov, political expert, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.








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Joe Biden turned 80 years old on Sunday, becoming the first US president to serve into his ninth decade. While Biden’s advanced age and apparent cognitive difficulties have made him the target of Republican attacks, the combined leadership of both parties is older than ever.

Biden will celebrate his birthday with a brunch hosted by First Lady Jill Biden, and members of his family already in Washington for his granddaughter’s wedding on Saturday are expected to attend.

While Biden is already the oldest person ever to serve as president, his birthday marks a milestone for the nation, which is now led by the first octogenarian in its history. 

Republicans have long argued that Biden is mentally unfit for office, pointing to his difficulty with speeches and apparent confusion during public appearances. A Politico survey earlier this week found that 48% of voters consider Biden mentally unfit, with 50% disagreeing with the statement that the president is “in good health.” 

Biden said last week that his “intention” is to run for office again in 2024, when he will be 82 years old. However, the Democratic Party’s left-wing base is already calling for someone else to take his place, and a Reuters poll earlier this month found that 46% of Democrats feel he may not be up to the challenge.

Should Biden commit to a 2024 campaign, he will likely face off against former President Donald Trump, who announced his candidacy earlier this week. Trump will be 78 when Americans go to the polls in 2024, and the same Reuters poll found that 26% of Republicans feel he too will be too old for the job by then.

Americans are working longer than ever before, with the Washington Post noting on Sunday that the share of octogenarians in the US workforce has increased from 110,000 in 1980 to 734,000 in 2019. 

The outgoing 117th Congress is the oldest in the nation’s history, with around a quarter of its members over the age of 70, up from 8% in 2002, according to research by Insider. The leaders of both parties are among the oldest members, with retiring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi coming in at 82 and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell turning 81 in February. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, a Republican, will be the oldest member of Congress in history when he turns 95 before the end of his eighth term in 2029.











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