Tuesday 21st of March 2023

ending the russian intervention in ukraine with american tanks.....

What makes the RAND Corporation’s latest report on Ukraine so significant, is not the quality of the analysis, but the fact that the nation’s most prestigious national security think-tank has taken an opposite position on the war than the Washington political class and their globalist alliesThis is a very big deal.




Keep in mind, wars don’t end because the public opposes them. That is a myth. Wars end when a critical split emerges between elites that eventually leads to a change in policy. The RAND Corporation’s new report, “Avoiding a long war: US policy and the trajectory of the Russia-Ukraine conflict”, represents just such a split. It indicates that powerful elites have broken with the majority opinion because they think the current policy is hurting the United States. We believe this shift in perspective is going to gain momentum until it triggers a more-assertive demand for negotiations. In other words, the RAND report is the first step towards ending the war.

“The costs and risks of a long war in Ukraine are significant and outweigh the possible benefits of such a trajectory for the United States.”

This quote effectively sumarizes the entire document. Think about it: For the last 11 months we have been told repeatedly that the US will support Ukraine “for as long as it takes.” The above quote assures us that that’s not going to happen. The United States is not going to undermine its own interests to pursue the unachievable dream of expelling Russia from Ukraine. (Even the hawks no longer believe that is possible.) Rational members of the foreign policy establishment are going to evaluate Ukraine’s prospects for success and weigh them against the growing likelihood that the conflict could unexpectedly spiral out-of-control. That, of course, would serve no one’s interest and could ignite a direct clash between Russia and the United States. Also, US policymakers will decide whether the ballooning collateral damage is worth the expense. In other words, are the ruptured supplylines, the rising inflation, the increasing energy and food shortages, and the declining weapons stockpiles a fair trade-off for “weakening Russia”. Many would say, “No.”

In some respects, the RAND report is just the first in a long line of falling dominoes. As Ukraine’s battlefield losses mount –and it becomes more evident that Russia will control all the territory east of the Dnieper River– the flaws in Washington’s strategy will become more apparent and will be more sharply criticized. People will question the wisdom of economic sanctions that hurt our closest allies while helping Russia. They will ask why the United States is following a policy that has precipitated a strong move away from the dollar and US debt? And, they will wonder why the US deliberately sabotaged a peace deal in March when the probability of a Ukrainian victory is near zero. The Rand report seems to anticipate all these questions as well as the ‘shift in mood’ they will generate. This is why the authors are pushing for negotiations and a swift end to the conflict. This is an excerpt from an article at RT:

The RAND Corporation, a highly influential elite national security think tank funded directly by the Pentagon, has published a landmark report stating that prolonging the proxy war is actively harming the US and its allies and warning Washington that it should avoid “a protracted conflict” in Ukraine…

(The report) starts by stating that the fighting represents “the most significant interstate conflict in decades, and its evolution will have major consequences” for Washington, which includes US “interests” being actively harmed. The report makes it very clear that while Ukrainians have been doing the fighting, and their cities have been “flattened” and “economy decimated,” these “interests” are “not synonymous” with Kiev’s.” (“Rand calls for swift end to war“, RT)

While the report does not explicitly state that ‘US interests (are) being harmed’, it certainly infers that that is the case. Not surprisingly, the report doesn’t mention any of the collateral damage from Washington’s war on Russia, but, surely, that must have been foremost on the minds of the authors. After all, it is not the $100 billion or the provision of lethal weapons that is costing the US so dearly. It is the accelerating emergence of international coalitions and alternate institutions that has put the US empire on the fasttrack to ruin. We assume that the analysts at RAND see the same things that every other sentient being sees, that Washington’s misguided conflagration with Moscow is a ‘bridge-too-far’ and that the blowback is going to be immense and excruciating. Hence, the urgency to end the war quickly. Here’s a excerpt from the report that was posted in bold print halfway through the text:

“Since avoiding a long war is the highest priority after minimizing escalation risks, the United States should take steps that make an end to the conflict over the medium term more likely.”

Interestingly, while the report details the main escalation risks, (The main risks include a broader war with NATO, a spillover of the conflict into other EU countries, and a nuclear war.) it fails to explain why exactly a ‘long war’ would be so damaging to the United States. We believe that this omission is intentional and that the authors do not want to concede that the backfiring of sanctions and the forming of anti-American foreign coalitions is clearly undermining US plans to maintain its grip on global power. Among elites, such talk is verboten. Here’s how Chris Hedges summed it up in an article at Consortium News:

The plan to reshape Europe and the global balance of power by degrading Russia is turning out to resemble the failed plan to reshape the Middle East. It is fueling a global food crisis and devastating Europe with near double-digit inflation. It is exposing the impotency, once again, of the United States, and the bankruptcy of its ruling oligarchs. As a counterweight to the United States, nations such as China, Russia, India, Brazil and Iran are severing themselves from the tyranny of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, a move that will trigger economic and social catastrophe in the United States. Washington is giving Ukraine ever more sophisticated weapons systems and billions upon billions in aid in a futile bid to save Ukraine but, more importantly, to save itself. (“Ukraine — The War That Went Wrong”, Chris Hedges, Consortium News)









the brass's revolt......

After the three prtests selected from French general officers of the three Armies, German general officers are also getting involved while it has never been their habit to protest.

These open letters, communicated by a French general officer, show that unanimity is far from being acquired in the ranks of NATO, for a Russophobic crusade carried out for the sole US interests.

The arguments advanced by these German general officers are much the same as the French Generals.

The second letter even goes so far as to call for street demonstrations.

After reading equivalent texts from the USA and the Czech Republic, I am interested in all texts from other NATO countries and signed by their authors, if the latter exercised significant military responsibilities during the cold war or after.

Read on and for everyone to form their own opinion, of course.




Protest against Germany's continued support for Ukraine with tanks and other heavy war equipment  

by Sebald Daum, retired Major General,

With the decision of the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr. Scholz, and his government to finally deliver 14 "Leopard-2" tanks to Ukraine and to allow other NATO countries to also Leopard tanks at Ukraine's disposal, Germany enters a new phase of participation in the war against Russia and thus materializes the declaration of its Minister of Foreign Affairs to be at war with Russia.

By this decision, Germany not only prolongs the carnage in Ukraine, it becomes a party to the war. At the same time, Russia is becoming more and more the enemy of the German people and everything that was important in friendly relations with Russia is being permanently destroyed, especially in the East as well as in the FRG as a whole.

I would therefore simply like to recall a few important facts:

– that the Soviet Union took the largest part in the liberation of the German people from Hitlerian fascism, with more than 27 million dead,

– that after 1945 the Red Army and the Soviet people did not surrender blow for blow and did not shower Germany with hatred, as is now again the case in Germany against Russia,

– that the Soviet Union and Russia played a decisive role in the reunification of Germany, because without their agreement, there would have been no “united German fatherland”,

– that Russia has voluntarily withdrawn its occupation troops, in good faith, within the framework of good neighborly relations, while American occupation troops are still present in the country,

– that Russia has accepted that Germany is not neutral, but remains in NATO,

– that it was not Russia that moved closer to the borders of Germany or the EU, but that NATO troops are now on the borders of Russia,

– and finally, it should be remembered that it was the United States and NATO that staged a coup in Ukraine in 2014, drove the elected president out of the country and militarily armed Ukraine and put it in position against Russia so that it can and does wage a war against its own people for 8 years.

Have we forgotten all that, is it now the thanks for all that the Soviet Union and Russia have done for Germany, or are we already ready to go to war a third time against Russia? Should the German "Leopard" tanks roll against Russia like the German "Tigers" in the past? Have we so quickly forgotten the results of Stalingrad and Kursk, or do we want to come back to these defeats?

Never again was war an unwritten law in Germany. Never again must hatred and cries of war against Russia prevail in Germany, never again must the cries of "do you want total war" rise against the peoples of Russia.

This is why I raise my voice in protest against Germany's delivery of tanks and other heavy war equipment which prolongs the war and the massacres in Ukraine. May the voices of reason prevail and may countless people contribute in this direction to prevent war.




German tanks against Russia – revolt of my conscience

by Manfred Graetz, retired army general.

It's time again. Dreaded by countless people, desired and evoked by a minority who forget history or arrogantly despise it, who feel called to rule our country and vassalage follow the transatlantic ally, zealously supported by an aligned media landscape once again, and now officially announced by the Federal Chancellor. The sending of tanks to the East is decided.

The hair of many people stands on end, bad memories wake up, including in me. At the time, these were still childhood memories.

Born in 1935, I am or was actually still a child of World War II. Too young to be already used for the arms race of German fascism, but old enough to understand that war means only immeasurable suffering, misery and inhuman extermination. I lost my father. A cold, heartless letter from his company commander announced that he was apparently " fallen for Führer, people and fatherland in heroic defensive battles against the Bolshevik enemy… ».

Occasionally, memories come flooding back, like when we were teenage boys sitting by the train tracks and watching the many military transports, with giant white inscriptions: "The wheels must roll for victory." Today, we can read: "German tanks in the direction of Russia". The parallels, the similarities are undoubtedly easy to recognize. The nights of bombardment, the air raids, the town of Chemnitz in flames not far from my village, all this contributed to my learning from my childhood to hate war and to desire peace. I finally experienced the end of the war as the liberation of Germany from fascism by the Soviet army.

Almost eight decades have passed since those events. The young boy at the time grew into an 88-year-old man, who lived a full life in a time rich in historical events.

38 years of peacekeeping service in our National People's Army, including six years of study at the SU, are part of it. I freely admit it, I love this country, knowing that today's Russia is no longer comparable to the US. But the people whose fathers and grandfathers fought for their homeland against German fascism and also liberated us, remained. Warm and kind people, friends!

All of this and much more comes to mind in the context of all that is happening right now. The spirit is still awake, even after 88 years.

It's a whole mixture of feelings and sensations that moves me, dominated by anger and disappointment. Anger rises in me when I am confronted with the unilateral attribution of responsibility to Russia, generally to Putin, to Putin the aggressor, to Putin the war criminal, without any basis. Putin is responsible for everything that is currently happening in the world. Forgotten or deliberately glossed over the entire history of the war in Ukraine, forgotten the West's failure to live up to its word on NATO's eastward expansion, forgotten Putin's speech to the Bundestag in 2001, in which he held out his hand, offered peaceful cooperation and was then greeted with a standing ovation, also forgotten was the speech given at the Munich Security Conference in 2007, in which he spoke of NATO's enlargement to the 'Is like a threat to Russia's security interests.

Anger mounts when Mrs. Baerbock, after all our country's foreign minister and diplomat at the highest level, launches, unsuspectingly and without any diplomatic skill or even decency, "we are going to ruin Russia".

On the same level is the frequent chatter about whether we are already belligerent or not, often sounding like we are searching and probing whether or not we can go one step further. For me, it's art without bread. The fronts have been clear for a long time. We are in it. What more should be done when we have already delivered tanks and other heavy weapons for the “noble” purpose of defeating Russia?

It is also dangerous to see politicians and so-called experts discussing the subject of escalation, perhaps with nuclear weapons, with "small tactics" first, on talk shows or on other occasions, unsuspectingly and recklessly. Already forgotten Hiroshima and Nagasaki, these two Japanese cities victims of the first dropping of atomic bomb on an inhabited territory, without any military necessity. By then, World War II had long been decided, both in Europe and in the Far East. And as everyone knows, it wasn't the Russians! Forget all the suffering and misery, all the deaths that number in the tens of thousands, and the long-term effects that these "two small guns" have caused for decades, by today's standards. Unimaginable and irresponsible to play with fire in the present! As a former soldier, I say to all those who only think of such an adventure: war crime!

About war crimes! Does anyone still talk about it about Hiroshima and Nagasaki? We forgot! Classified, the greatest war crime in the history of mankind, committed by the United States.

I find it not only regrettable, but also disturbing that our politicians, who have governmental responsibilities, are also resistant to consultation. I am thinking here of the fact that the opinion of experienced soldiers, specialists in their profession, is increasingly relegated to the background, or rather trampled on, and that it is no longer perceptible to the public. Shouldn't we be worried when a General Kujath, an excellent connoisseur of the subject, including and especially of NATO, has to present his remarkably real assessments of the situation in a Swiss newspaper? Or when a General Vad, former military adviser to Mrs. Merkel, speaks in Alice Schwarzer's EMMA newspaper (don't get me wrong, respect for Mrs. Schwarzer!).

Or when even US Army Chief of Staff General Milley was reprimanded by the Biden administration for his real assessment of the situation in Ukraine and his findings were glossed over?

I don't even want to talk here about other soldiers, even former NVA, who might know the Russians well!

All this according to the motto "what cannot be must not be". The fact remains that with German vassalage, we faithfully follow the war policy of the United States, our main transatlantic ally, which aims at world domination. What's up, Germany? I'm wondering. Or to paraphrase Heinrich Heine: "If I think of Germany at night, I'll lose sleep over it!" »

One more word to all the members and sympathizers of our association, to my comrades and friends.

Raise your voice, don't hide.

Write, in any form and by any means, and remember your name and rank.

Seek and find our allies, also participate in their demonstrations.

Together we are stronger.

Take to the streets, if you're still fit and mobile. Speak with people, despite the divergent interests represented there.

Nobody wants war among the protesters.

All this is my conscience telling me. Please consider yours as well.