Monday 24th of June 2024

Haneef Guilty For Doing 60 Minutes Exclusive- Andrews

Andrews was looking peeved but tolerant tonight on Lateline as he spelt out how it had been his job to have a suspicion of an association. He didn't mention any process involved in what might happen if that association was proven irrelevant.

He believes Haneef to be guilty, it would seem, saying that Haneef had left Australia "on a false pretext."

Andrews had a new angle, and as he delivered it light glinted in his eyes and his lips twisted in the failed suppression of a smirk as he said:

"Why didn't he have a press conference before he left Australia?. He did a paid exclusive interview for 60 Minutes... he could have fronted up and answered all these questions... now, he didn't do it."

Wow! Where you do your press conferences is proof of guilt of terrorism. That's a new one!

Andrews must resign (link)

Here is a site I was sent, Andrews Must Resign, which is a bit of a dosier on Kevin Andrews, as well as an online petition.