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Col. (ret.) Lawrence Wilkerson's last positions in government were as Secretary of State Colin Powell's Chief of Staff (2002-05), Associate Director of the State Department's Policy Planning staff under the directorship of Ambassador Richard N. Haass, and member of that staff responsible for East Asia and the Pacific, political-military and legislative affairs (2001-02).



Before serving at the State Department, Wilkerson served 31 years in the U.S. Army. During that time, he was a member of the faculty of the U.S. Naval War College (1987 to 1989), Special Assistant to General Powell when he was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1989-93), and Director and Deputy Director of the U.S. Marine Corps War College at Quantico, Virginia (1993-97). Wilkerson retired in 1997 and began work as an advisor to General Powell. He has also taught national security affairs at the George Washington University and is currently working on a book about the first George W. Bush administration.







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Jeffrey Sachs Interview - A Ground Invasion #jeffsachs #jeffreysachs #interview Jeffrey Sachs is a well-known American economist, academic, and public policy analyst who has made significant contributions to the fields of sustainable development and economic development. He has held various prestigious positions throughout his career, including serving as the director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University and as a special advisor to the United Nations Secretary-General on the Millennium Development Goals. Sachs has authored numerous books and articles on topics related to economics, poverty reduction, and sustainable development. Website:







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Yes, You Should Read Bin Laden's TikTok-Viral "Letter to America" | SYSTEM UPDATE





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On this episode of Journalists for Sale, co-hosts Max Jones and Diego Ramos talk to Jessica Buxbaum, the American-Israeli journalist who covers Israel and Palestine for MintPress News and has also been featured in a number of other outlets including the Middle East Eye, The New Arab, The National, Al Jazeera and Mondoweiss. Based in Jerusalem, Jessica tells Jones and Ramos about her experience living in the region for the past month and dives into her recent pieces which focus on the leaked Israeli government document planning the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians as well as other prominent issues within Israel including the plans to build a third temple at Al Aqsa and the spin off effects of Israel’s highly advanced surveillance apparatus. 






In recent weeks some frightening possibilities have come to the world’s attention. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz has noted plans, by some, for high density Jewish cities in the Gaza Strip. Such plans call for total destruction and mass expulsion in Gaza.

Other plans include reducing the Gaza Strip to its southern part only, to which the Palestinian population will be deported. Yet other plans call for the expulsion of all Gaza Strip residents to Egypt, accompanied by a generous compensation package given to Egypt to obtain that country’s consent.

Similar settler dreams are advanced for the West Bank, along with the ultimate dream of the destruction of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the building of the Third Temple.

These are not pipe dreams. Current activity by both settlers and the Israel Defence Force (IDF), lend credence to the very real possibility of effect being given to them. Palestinian communities are vanishing in the South Hebron Hills and the Jordan Valley. Settlers are clearly attempting to transfer Palestinians from Area C to Area A in the West Bank.



However counter-intuitive it may sound, there are three good grounds — ethical ones, at that — for refusing to join in the chorus of condemnation of Hamas’ actions on Oct. 7.

That isn’t the same as condoning what Hamas did. It is clear the group carried out war crimes that day — not least by attacking civilians and taking them as hostages.

But there is an important distinction to be made between recognising that crimes were committed and colluding in an act of condemnation that has been openly politicised, and continues to be politicised, to justify harming Palestinian civilians.

How so?

1. Those demanding condemnation are chiefly interested in imposing a consensus, and a dangerous one, that insists the atrocity clock started on Oct 7.

Such people want to wipe from the scorecard decades of atrocities by Israel towards Palestinians: ethnic cleansing, massacres, colonisation, siege, violent dispossession.










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Everyone is Hitler, when it suits—just not Western leaders

    By Ben Hillier 


A few signs depicting Benjamin Netanyahu as Adolf Hitler were postered in Sydney over the weekend. The police reportedly are investigating and urging people to contact Crime Stoppers if they have any “information in relation to the incident”.

It would be hard for a general member of the public to gather information, however, seeing as the ABC in its coverage has blurred out an offending poster as it might some pornographic image in the evening news. Apparently, the editors deem the picture more liable to cause distress than any of the photos of dead children, grieving families or destroyed hospitals coming out of Gaza.

Reporter Isobel Roe refers to the posters as “the latest in a string of apparent anti-Jewish incidents”. Let’s run with that line for a moment.

In 2011, the ABC ran a story calling Libyan ruler Muamar Gaddafi the “new Hitler”. That was the latest in a string of anti-Libyan “incidents”, which the police never investigated and for which the ABC has never apologised.

Saddam Hussein was also Hitler, according to U.S. presidents George H.W. Bush and his son George W. Bush—and according to the media that slavishly promoted both of their invasions of Iraq. The anti-Arab animus that was generated by the Western media enabled “a string of incidents” including the murder of hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq.

The ABC didn’t run any articles about the horrific Islamophobia being generated in Australia—because it was participating in it, such is the outlet’s real concern for social cohesion and combatting bigotry. There was no police response, either to the Hitler comparisons or the mass slaughter.

Ironically (the word seems too benign to describe what follows), Prescot Bush, H.W.’s father and W.’s grandfather, helped finance the rise of the Nazis in Germany. A former war crimes prosecutor said that he should have been indicted. But there was no police response to that either.

In a string of anti-Egyptian incidents in the 1950s, which police also failed to investigate and that media also never apologised for, President Gamal Abdel Nasser was repeatedly compared to the Nazi leader by French Prime Minister Guy Mollet, British Prime Minister Anthony Eden and Labour leader Hugh Gaitskell, and by the New York Times, which referred to him as “Hitler on the Nile”.

Cuban President Fidel Castro was akin to Hitler, according to Vernon Walters, permanent U.S. representative to the United Nations in the 1980s. Strangely, there was no police response to this, which was just the latest in a string of anti-Cuban “incidents” including terrorist attacks and assassination attempts sponsored by the U.S.

Slobodan Milošević of Serbia was Hitler according to US President Bill Clinton, Supreme Allied Commander Wesley Clark and many Albanians, some of whom displayed placards comparing the two. No detectives were put on the case.

Vladimir Putin has been Hitler since at least 2014, when prince, now king, Charles said as much. The comparison is now routine, and European protesters have displayed placards comparing the two. The images were not blurred out, there were no weepy ABC stories about the effects of this on people with Russian backgrounds (the country lost an estimated 26 million citizens fighting the Nazis) and the police thus far have not been involved in tracking down the despicable demonstrators.

Bashar al-Assad is Hitler, according to U.S. former Secretary of State John Kerry, and according to Rafael Medoff, founding director of The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies, writing in the Jerusalem Post. No apologies have been offered; no police investigations announced.

Pope Francis this year compared Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega to Hitler. It is unclear whether the Gendarmerie Corps of Vatican City have responded. His Holiness has not apologised, although the other crimes of the Catholic Church are surely graver than this transgression.

The list goes on.

There are of course always legitimate objections to the Hitler analogy being used. Many people argue that such comparisons are at best misplaced because they downplay the depravity of the Nazi’s agenda. After all, Hitler didn’t just commit war crimes; his party attempted the wholesale extermination of European Jewry.

But these objections misunderstand the political motivations of Western leaders’ Hitler comparisons. They have been made regularly over the decades not out of a desire to save humanity from another Holocaust. If an enemy of the West can be compared to Hitler, then a war against that enemy can be compared to World War Two. And if that war taught us anything, it’s that mass civilian casualties are inevitable if good is to defeat evil.

That’s precisely the argument being made today. Not by a few random anti-war protesters who don’t represent anything, but by leading figures of a state carrying out an actual war.

“When you fight Nazi Germany, you knew that there were many, many civilians [that] got attacked from your attacks on German cities”, Israeli ambassador to the UK Tzipi Hotovely told British media commentator Piers Morgan last month.

Dresden was a symbol, but you attacked Hamburg, you attacked other cities, and altogether it was over 600,000 civilian Germans that got killed. And was it worth it in order to defeat Nazi Germany? And the answer was yes.

Actually, the answer was “no”. The fire-bombing of Dresden by Allied forces was inflicted on a country already defeated. It was not at all required to defeat Nazism; it was an atrocity carried out to demoralise and brutalise the civilian population of Germany, and to warn Stalin about the West’s willingness to kill as many people as necessary to get its way (as was the nuclear destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki).

The Hitler comparisons are very specifically not about learning the lessons of the Holocaust, because they are so often applied to inappropriate targets with the aim of generating animosity and some level of domestic and/or international consent for the attendant atrocities carried out against the enemy—in this case the Palestinians, using the Hamas attack as a pretext.

Obviously, such comparisons can never be applied to allies of the West. Indeed, it is forbidden to point out obvious similarities between Western imperialism’s crimes and those of many other imperialist powers, such as Germany or Russia.

The ABC’s moralising about a few posters is wholly in the spirit of cynically using the cover of the Holocaust to defend the war crimes of Western imperialism, of which Israel is key part. It speaks volumes that the broadcaster’s main concern over the weekend was for the feelings of a section of the domestic population aligned with the oppressor state of Israel, rather than the families of a people facing genocide at the hands of that state.