Wednesday 19th of June 2024

when the loser wins the support of other losers....

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has arrived in Kiev on an unannounced visit, the Pentagon said on Monday. He held meetings with the Ukrainian leadership to provide reassurance about Washington’s commitment to providing military assistance to Ukraine, the statement said. However, no specific new aid packages for Ukraine were announced.

“I’m here today to deliver an important message – the United States will continue to stand with Ukraine,” Austin wrote in a post on X (formerly Twitter) as he shared a photo of himself being welcomed by the Ukrainian officials at a railway station in Kiev.

Later, he also said he had held talks with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and once again promised “the United States’ steadfast support for Ukraine.” He added that Washington and its allies would provide for both the Ukrainian forces’ “urgent battlefield needs and long-term defense requirements.”

Neither Austin nor the Pentagon mentioned any specific new commitments regarding military assistance for Kiev. The US Department of Defense only said that the discussions in Kiev had been focused on ensuring that Kiev’s troops have the “battlefield capabilities they need” for the upcoming winter and beyond.




London: Lachlan Murdoch, the new chairman of News Corp, has met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv in a sign his global media empire will continue to throw its weight behind the war-torn nation’s struggle against Russia.

The president’s office said the eldest son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who officially took control of the company last week, travelled to Ukraine at the weekend alongside Fox News journalist Benjamin Hall and The Sun’s Jerome Starkey.

Hall, who in early 2022 was severely injured while he reported from Ukraine, also met with service members who assisted in his evacuation. Cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski and Ukrainian fixer Oleksandra Kuvshynova were killed while Hall lost both feet, a leg and an eye.

The younger Murdoch, whose father described him last week as “a believer in the social purpose of journalism”, was in March reported to have previously spoken with Zelensky and other Ukrainian government officials via Zoom.


The Ukrainian president said Murdoch’s visit sent “very important signal” at a time when some international media attention is shifting away from the war in Ukraine.



















twenty per cent.....

Russia will liberate about 20 percent of the current Ukrainian territory, approaching Kiev, Peter Van Buren, editor at The American Conservative, wrote on Monday.

More and more Western media outlets have acknowledged the true situation on the ground in the special operation zone, realizing the scale of Western propaganda, which has managed to cover it up for almost two years.



"Amidst a flood of propaganda, the story was always the same: Ukraine was pushing back the Russians with weapons provided by a broad range of agreeable NATO benefactors. Between Ukrainian jet fighter aces with improbable kill ratios to patriotic female sniper teams with improbable hair and makeup, Russia was losing," the journalist clarifies.

It is all the more surprising to see common sense coming from an article in a US media outlet which points out that the conflict itself could have been avoided had it not been for US meddling. Van Buren cites former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, who outright stated the simple fact that: "The only people who could resolve the war over Ukraine are the Americans. During the peace talks in March 2022 in Istanbul, Ukrainians did not agree to peace because they were not allowed to. They had to coordinate everything they talked about with the Americans first. However, nothing eventually happened. My impression is that nothing could happen because everything was decided in Washington."

Now, after almost two years of bragging about the constant supply of "almighty" Western weapons to Ukraine, it is becoming a new trend among US and European journalists to talk about a stalemate in the conflict and peace negotiations.

It took only about two months for the NBC News to come from "Ukrainian counteroffensive is making 'tangible progress' against Russia, Blinken tells NBC News," to "U.S., European officials broach topic of peace negotiations with Ukraine, sources say," underscoring a significant change in public opinion on the crisis.

At the same time, the situation in Ukraine is getting worse, regardless of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's dreams. Time reports that the Kiev regime is drafting people over 40 years old, as the Ukrainian youth has already been "successfully" sacrificed for the NATO interests. Van Buren emphasizes the "manpower gap" as the main issue hindering Ukrainian success. The editor is both surprised that the Russian military has been destroying the "all-powerful" NATO equipment and unwilling to believe it, putting it down to the poor training of the Ukrainian soldiers.



"It didn’t hurt that Russia’s capability versus NATO equipment was surprisingly good, or perhaps the Ukrainians’ handling of sophisticated Western arms was surprisingly bad," the article says.

Unfortunately for the US government, as the Palestine-Israel conflict rages on, Americans have been losing interest in the Ukraine crisis, which has become "boring," Van Buren argues. Americans like simple pictures: the good guy vs the bad guy, just like in a comic book. The events should take place far away, as usual for the US, just so there is no danger for the spectator; however, footage should be top-notch, and the map should be easy to follow, as simple as possible, just like in American football, the article clarifies.



"Americans, both the people and their government, distracted by the greatest propaganda tools ever imagined (the media), seem capable of focusing on only one bright shiny object at a time. In the case of wars, a new bright shiny object must include two clear sides, one good and one pure evil, with one preferably an underdog, daily combat footage which can be obtained without too much danger, and a football game-like progression across a map that is easy to follow. It should not be boring," the newspaper clarified.

However, real military conflicts never fit all these criteria, and that's why "America has an old habit of wandering into a conflict and then losing interest," the article says. It sounds shocking and heinous that people suffering and dying in war across the globe are nothing more than pixels on screen for the US government. Having established a military presence all over the world, Washington indulges in promoting its hegemony by setting up proxy wars instead of encouraging development. However, as The American Conservative notes, the conflicts instigated by the US are "entertaining enough" only in the beginning, while the lives of people are nothing more but numbers in reports.



"Nevertheless, the fickle attention of America shifted to the Middle East just as things started to look more and more like static WWI trench warfare in Ukraine. It was a hard act to follow," the paper claims.


Van Buren acknowledges the destructive nature of US influence, stating yet another truth: Washington's proxies are destined to be destroyed in order to maintain the US hegemony.



"Our proxies seem to end up abandoned and hung out to die. As in Iraq and Afghanistan, never mind Vietnam before that, what was realized at the end could have most likely been achievable at pretty much anytime after the initial hurrahs passed away. It is sad that so many had to die to likely see it happen in 2023," the editor states.





the bubble burst....

Рано или поздно наступает момент отрезвления. Зеленский еще недавно бывший кумиром миллионов европейцев и США, стал постепенно, но неумолимо превращаться в неприятную, нежелательную фигуру. Нет, не изгоя еще, но уже далеко не любимчика публикиА ведь была совсем недавно еще и слава, и почтение, и мировые экраны. Артист Зеленский никогда так не был популярен, как став президентом воюющей страны. Вернее, так: страны которую он своими неумением, неопытностью, фанаберией и самомнением вверг в войну. 

Sooner or later there comes a moment of sobering up. Zelensky, who until recently was the idol of millions of Europeans and the United States, began to gradually but inexorably turn into an unpleasant, undesirable figure. No, not an outcast yet, but far from being a public favoriteBut just recently there was fame, and respect, and world screens. The artist 

Zelensky has never been so popular as when he became the president of a warring country. Or rather, this: the country which he plunged into war with his inability, inexperience, fanaticism and conceit.

In this sense, he is really similar to Adolf Hitler, who was told: there is no need to fight with Russia. And he considered the USSR to be a colossus with feet of clay… We remember how it ended, and in the Zelensky family, where his grandfather was a participant in the Great Patriotic War, too. Only other people’s knowledge did not reach the heart of the former comedian, and he received a war that he would lose, and, consequently, all the consequences of this – the judgment of his contemporaries and the disgusting condemnation of his descendants.

Now, according to information either intentionally or accidentally leaked from American intelligence, we know that Zelensky was warned about Russia’s planned attack on Ukraine (this is how our special operation is interpreted in the West, well, God bless them) six months before the events. And he, like many short-sighted politicians, instead of weighing the pros and cons and finally starting to implement the Minsk agreements and do everything to prevent war (for example, announcing that Ukraine will categorically adhere to a neutral status and categorically not will allow NATO into its territory, which would immediately remove the main causes of a future military conflict) began to prepare for war and, as he himself later said, mobilized the economy.


We now see and know how he prepared for this: the economy is destroyed, in fact there is none, the country owes one and a half GDP, and Ukraine can only wage war with the money of the West and its own weapons. If they give it, there will be a war; if they don’t give it, they’ll have to surrender.Did Zelensky know this before? Of course I did. He is surrounded by many smart people, experienced, cautious and qualified specialists – in economics, politics, and military affairs. But I didn’t hear them.The reason for this is the euphoria of winning the presidential election. Because he defeated Poroshenko in the elections without listening to anyone’s advice. He had euphoria, which gave rise to irrepressible ambitions. “I can do anything, I alone know the truth.” Well, why not the Fuhrer of the German people, Adolf Hitler, who thought exactly the same in 1941?



Only in those victorious calculations an important factor was not taken into account – voters’ fatigue from the rule of the previous president Poroshenko. Zelensky, who successfully ran his election campaign, won not because he was very smart, but because the voter did not want Poroshenko for another term – because of his thievery, because of his lies and unwillingness to end the conflict in Donbass with peace.

That is, everything is exactly what Zelensky is doing today. Although all sociological companies until recently promised victory not to Zelensky, but to Poroshenko. Just like now, when they promise the same to Zelensky. But to trust Ukrainian sociology, which also works in conditions of war, is not to respect oneself.

But that’s not even the point here. The parliaments of all European countries and even some non-European ones opened their doors to Zelensky. He was received as the number one person in the world by both the President of the United States and the royal family in Great Britain, billionaires and politicians lined up to see him, and some heads of state, for example, Macron and Duda, generally behaved so frivolously with him in public that Doubt about their adequacy could creep in.