Wednesday 19th of June 2024

Blowin in the Wind

Having just returned from Sydney and literally stood in front of the imposition of martial law in Sydney, and witnessed the spin both governments have used to vindicate police tactics in Sydney, I'm not surprised how Howard's Henchmen are attemting to influence by propaganda the Australian public's interpretation of the forthcoming Petraus report.

It looks like our foreign minister is using the "information" gathered by these journos as "evidence" of coalition success in Iraq.

[SMH extract]

Australia has expressed hope that the United States will soon be able to start reducing troop numbers in Iraq as the result of what the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Alexander Downer, yesterday described as the success of the so-called surge in American personnel during the past eight months.

Mr Downer's comments came as the commander of US forces in Iraq, General David Petraeus, prepared to report on the results of a 30,000 increase in personnel to more than 160,000.

There have been unconfirmed reports that at least 4000 personnel could be withdrawn by January. But such a small reduction could be necessitated anyway, by logistical requirements due to pressures, on individuals and overall sustainability, resulting from extensions in tours of duty-------------------------------------------------------------

I'd prefer to use a litmus test, instead of the likes of Miranda Devine (who Media Watch noted tonight as having become a war expert after 48 hours in Bagdad), to use the mood of Boston Legal as a thermometer. The show presents a snapshot of the US Democrat mindscape, and with the US fall season being aired here concurrently in an attempt to minimise the revenue loss of downloading) we can be more in tune with contemporary manstream US sentiments.

Next week's episode concerns the case of a dead 18 year old boy who had been forced to stay longer than his tour. His grieving sister wants to sue the government.

As prespin for Petraeus' report begins, we're already learning that Petraeus is going to allow Bush to bring some troops home before Christmas as a feelgood. He is, however, going to ask for a six months time extension on any decision regarding further troop reductions. The last bit smells rotten.

To combat such thoughts here, Downer has utilised the Nelson-organised propaganda to create an air of confidence that Bush might be able to use as self-justification when he appears fresh from his Australian visit. At least the option is there if needed, a free card laid on the APEC table by the brown-nosing Howard and Dolly.

Like the government (both federal and state) spin on the declaration of martial law in the middle of Sydney, it is another indication of the underrating of the intelligence of the Australian public.


How many deaths does it take till we know
that too many people have died?