Monday 22nd of July 2024

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

The six o'clock news is showing cartoons of the Hezbollah missiles flying over the border into Israel, and the planes flying back to retaliate, Israeli troops invading Lebanese villages.  Meanwhile George and Condi are pointing the finger at Syria, even as the US donated smart-bombs are destroying underground bunkers in Lebanon.

Condi says that this is the "birth pangs of a new Middle East" but so close to 6/6/06, from a local point of view, it must look a little like the beginings of Armageddon.  Especially if you live in Har Mageddon 

It must be painful for Dubya, though, to have to work through his summer hols.  The sacrifices one must make to achieve global domination !

Does anybody else have a queasy feeling in their stomachs?  That's the sugar coating that disguised the bitter Bush pill wearing off, and reality kicking you in the guts.

Maybe it'll wake up a few dozy people.  Hope so.  Doubt it.