Thursday 19th of May 2022

election nights are heart-attack inducers. don't fret though scomo's gotta go…...

Network Ten sounds like it is putting together an election night panel with a difference. Once again Project host Waleed Aly will be at the desk for 10 News First: Your Decision. Election Night. He will be joined by newsreading icon Sandra Sully, national affairs editor Hugh Riminton and news presenter Narelda Jacobs.

On Wednesday Ten announced others involved include Project regular, Walkley-winning Jan Fran, the Coalition’s social services minister Anne Ruston, along with Labor shadow industry minister Ed Husic. Ten’s media release is spruiking its program as “an intelligent, engaging, insightful, interactive and informative election night”.

But there is one highly intriguing name missing from the publicity missive.

CBD hears Ten’s energetic political editor Peter van Onselen, who will be co-hosting the telecast, wanted a moderate Coalition voice on the panel. Step forward high profile government critic Rachelle Miller who is set to form part of Ten’s line up, negotiations permitting.


Miller is no stranger to the news cycle since appearing on ABC’s Four CornersCanberra Bubble episode, where she revealed her previously secret relationship with cabinet minister Alan Tudge. Miller is now seeking compensation from the federal government over an undisclosed matter. The former staffer to stood-aside minister Tudge has accused him of emotional and on one occasion physical abuse. Tudge has denied her allegations and hopes to return to the cabinet.

If it does eventuate, Miller’s appearance will differentiate Ten’s panel from the usual election panel suspects such as Michael Kroger, Graham Richardson, Julie Bishop, Wayne Swan and Craig Emerson et al. Bring it on.




Election night is going to be painful. You voted during the day with your best ability to understand Aussie politics. And Gus understood nothing... Whatever you do with your vote, make sure it's for someone genuinely supportive of YOUR ABC....

Gus Note: The Liberals  have made a commitment to destroy YOUR ABC. It's a part of their executive policies. 


FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW (He should be on the panel...)