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from the gang that can't shoot straight .....

from the gang that can't shoot straight .....

from the NYT …..

Bank's Report Says Wolfowitz Violated Ethics


Published: May 15, 2007

WASHINGTON, May 14 - A World Bank committee charged Monday that Paul D. Wolfowitz violated ethical and governance rules as bank president by showing favoritism to his companion in 2005. In response, the Bush administration mounted a last-ditch global campaign to save Mr. Wolfowitz from being ousted from office.

On a day of rapid developments that intensified the furor over Mr. Wolfowitz at the bank, in the Bush administration and at government ministries around the world, the special committee that has investigated his conduct in the last month issued a scathing set of conclusions that seemed certain to hasten a decision on Mr. Wolfowitz's fate.

The report charged that Mr. Wolfowitz broke bank rules and the ethical obligations in his contract, and that he tried to hide the salary and promotion package awarded to Shaha Ali Riza, his companion and a bank employee, from top legal and ethics officials in the months after he became bank president in 2005.

Citing what it said was the "central theme" of the matter, the report said Mr. Wolfowitz's assertions that what he did was in response to the requests of others showed that "from the outset" of his tenure he "cast himself in opposition to the established rules of the institution."


Gus: Of course our little Bushit is windmilling to stop yet another one of his cock ups being exposed....

Saving Wolfo

from the SMH

Bush in final effort to save Wolfowitz's job 

Last bid to save Wolfowitz as net closes

Steven Weisman in Washington
May 16, 2007

THE Bush Administration has mounted a last-ditch global campaign to save Paul Wolfowitz from being ousted as president of the World Bank following a finding by a bank committee that he had violated ethical and governance rules.


White House and Republican officials said that from the beginning, the US President, George Bush, has seen the controversy over Dr Wolfowitz as a proxy fight waged by liberals at the bank opposed to Mr Bush's policies, and that they would not toss him or the Attorney-General, Alberto Gonzales, overboard just because Administration opponents want them out.

Beyond pride and politics, Administration officials said that having someone at the bank who is viewed as committed to combating corruption and waste in aid programs, and who commands the confidence of conservatives, helps guarantee congressional funding for the bank's projects.

But European governments have increasingly signalled that they would not fund the bank if Dr Wolfowitz stays. In particular jeopardy is a commitment made in 2005 by Mr Bush and other Western leaders to cancel the debts of poor countries, a pledge that will cost $US30 billion ($36 billion) in new funding over the next three years.

These clashes of perspective have ruptured the bank's governance system so deeply that finance officials in many countries worry that it may be irreparable whatever happens to Dr Wolfowitz. If he refuses to resign he might find it hard to travel or issue directives. If he leaves, a fight over choosing his successor is sure to erupt, they said.




He told the board their decision would affect how the US and the world viewed the World Bank.

World Bank hears Wolfowitz case


Gus: Sure their decision would affect how the world viewed the World Bank. If Wolfo stays on, the World bank becomes a joke of nepotism and double standards. Sure their decision would affect how the US viewed the World Bank. If Wolfo goes, the US will song and dance like an ADDH trantrumic kid from whom his lollipop was taken away because he keep sticking it in his nose.... At this level of world affairs, there is only one way: hit the kid behind his wet ears... OUT! But then I'm only a small potato in field of human behaviour... and corruption rules best on the higher echelons of big bucks. Bugger, I missed my chance to be crooked and rich when my parents taught me the value of rightfulness and I sheepishly have tried to follow this ideal since then... When I failed, deliberately or accidentally, I paid the price. simple... 



cornered .....

wolfie .....

‘An angry and bitter Paul Wolfowitz poured abuse and threatened retaliations on senior World Bank staff if his orders for pay rises and promotions for his partner were revealed, according to new details published last night.

Under fire for the lavish package given to Shaha Riza, a World Bank employee and Mr Wolfowitz's girlfriend when he became president, an official investigation into the controversy has found that Mr Wolfowitz broke bank rules and violated his own contract – setting off a struggle between US and European governments over Mr Wolfowitz's future.

Sounding more like a cast member of the Sopranos than an international leader, in testimony by one key witness Mr Wolfowitz declares: "If they fuck with me or Shaha, I have enough on them to fuck them too."’

Angry Wolfowitz In Four-Letter Tirade

embarrassing debate over wolfie at the World Bank has "ruptured the bank's governance system so deeply that finance officials in many countries worry that it may be irreparable whatever happens to Mr. Wolfowitz.

If he refuses to resign, many said he might find it hard to travel or issue directives. If he leaves, a fight over choosing his successor is sure to erupt.

an elegant cock up of a solution

Yes John...,

Wolfowitz Hangs On As Ouster Hits WallDay-Long Standoff Ends Unresolved; Talks to Resume

By Peter S. GoodmanWashington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, May 17, 2007; Page A01


The Bush administration spent much of yesterday trying to broker a graceful end to the ethics controversy consuming the World Bank, offering the resignation of embattled president Paul D. Wolfowitz, senior administration and bank officials said. But Wolfowitz said he would not leave, insisting on a measure of vindication.

On a day full of rumors, counter-rumors and closed-door meetings, the Wolfowitz saga turned into an only-in-Washington standoff.


Yeah, John... that's the spirit of modern stick-on window-pane glue... Grips like a Wolfowitz tight butt to the CEO chair of a world bank... This advertising for Wolfie Glag was free of charge.


Wolfo's gone with the wind...

From the ABC

World Bank president Wolfowitz resigns

World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz says he is resigning for the "best interests" of the bank, effective June 30.

"I am announcing today that I will resign as president of the World Bank Group effective at the end of the fiscal year (June 30, 2007)," Mr Wolfowitz said.

"The poorest people in the world ... deserve the very best we can deliver.

"Now it is necessary to find a way to move forward."

The decision comes after lengthy discussions about the fate of Mr Wolfowitz who was engulfed in a scandal after helping to gain a pay rise and promotion for his girlfriend, a bank employee.

A statement by the board says mistakes were made on both sides.


Gus: a replacement stooge is soon to be announced by the White House...


New banker

Zoellick to Be Named to Lead World Bank
Published: May 29, 2007

WASHINGTON, May 29 — Robert B. Zoellick, a former deputy secretary of state and top trade envoy under President Bush, is expected to be named president of the World Bank, administration officials and others said today.

They said he was the top choice of European governments and also of the critics of the bank’s practices.

Destroying the future

World Bank accused of razing Congo forests

Internal report says mass logging threatens Pygmies Findings are embarrassing for British government

  • The Guardian
  • Thursday October 4 2007

The World Bank encouraged foreign companies to destructively log the world's second largest forest, endangering the lives of thousands of Congolese Pygmies, according to a report on an internal investigation by senior bank staff and outside experts. The report by the independent inspection panel, seen by the Guardian, also accuses the bank of misleading Congo's government about the value of its forests and of breaking its own rules.

Congo's rainforests are the second largest in the world after the Amazon, locking nearly 8% of the planet's carbon and having some of its richest biodiversity. Nearly 40 million people depend on the forests for medicines, shelter, timber and food.

The report into the bank's activities in Democratic Republic of Congo since 2002 follows complaints made two years ago by an alliance of 12 Pygmy groups. The groups claimed that the bank-backed system of awarding vast logging concessions to companies to exploit the forests was causing "irreversible harm".