Tuesday 29th of November 2022

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the gift that keeps on giving for the israelis.......

A midterm national election will be taking place in the United States in two weeks. American voters will, at least to a certain extent, be expressing their approval or disapproval on major issues like management of the economy and immigration, though they will curiously have no one to vote for if they are appalled by the nuclear brinksmanship that the Joe Biden administration has been engaging in with Ukraine and Russia.




they have orchestrated over 20 years of military fiascos......

I have covered enough wars to know that once you open that Pandora’s box, the many evils that pour out are beyond anyone’s control. War accelerates the whirlwind of industrial killing. The longer any war continues, the closer and closer each side comes to self-annihilation.  Unless it is stopped, the proxy war between Russia and the U.S. in Ukraine all but guarantees direct confrontation with Russia and, with it, the very real possibility of nuclear war.


BY Chris Hedges


china’s policy of dynamic zero covid works..........

New economic data shows that China’s policy of “Dynamic Zero Covid,” or maintaining the lockdowns-and-testing regimen long abandoned in the West as a tool for controlling COVID-19 outbreaks, was not the economic drag Western experts predicted it would be.

China’s National Bureau of Statistics said on Monday that the country’s gross domestic product increased by 3.9% in the third quarter of 2022 as compared to the previous year, China Daily reported. Moreover, in the first three quarters of 2022, China’s GDP grew by 3%.



of elon's errands.....


History is but full of errors, of corrections, of misunderstandings, of biases, of confusions. Our desires to know — fostered by our tutors, are interfered with by our childish wishes to play games — are belittled by our commanders and sent on wild errands by priests. Armies need far more obedient fodder than they need philosophers and astronomers. Thus in order to kill more people, we need to know less. 

The historian owes the dead nothing but the truth.

             Jean-Baptiste-Joseph Delambre




FIFA dirty world cup......

Competitors at the FIFA World Cup will grace stadia built in near-slave labour conditions and enjoy the receptions and hospitality of a state with a brutal penal system.

Sports stars are often adored like dumb show animals, suitably pretty, happily disposed to the cause they are paid for. For the FIFA Men’s World Cup being held in Qatar next month, football can count on the face of former English star David Beckham as its prized animal. This month, the principle-free player signed a 10-year contract worth £150 million to be the state’s culture and tourism ambassador.


BY Binoy Kampmark


oily restrictions ..................

THE SAUDI-LED oil cartel OPEC+’s announcement earlier this month that it was cutting 2 million barrels of oil per day — a move that would drive up the price of oil just a month before midterm elections — rankled Democrats in Washington. They accused Riyadh of aligning itself with Russia, another powerful member of OPEC+, which would indeed profit off the move. “What Saudi Arabia did to help Putin continue to wage his despicable, vicious war against Ukraine will long be remembered by Americans,” said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.




pokies bosses to sign up politicians perrottet and minns for another 4 years.........

Security guards for the powerful pokies lobby threw reporter Callum Foote out of the ClubsNSW annual meeting Friday afternoon but not before members were told Clubs would be signing up both Premier Dominic Perrottet and Opposition leader Chris Minns to another favourable deal on poker machine regulations. Callum reports.  

Every four years, ClubsNSW stitches up the premier to an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding). It’s about getting “regulatory certainty” so the billions in pokies losses keep flowing to clubs. There is a lot of understanding between the powerful clubs lobby and assorted governments. In NSW particularly; the biggest pokies gambling province in the world. Billions of dollars in gamblers’ losses flow back to the state in pokies levies.

a propaganda war between "friends".......

Elon Musk called the staff of the Washington Post “such hypocrites,”after the newspaper – which proclaims that “democracy dies in darkness” – ran a series of highly critical articles on him. One referred to the SpaceX CEO as a “security risk.”

While it was Bloomberg that first reported the possibility that the federal government may investigate Musk’s companies after the billionaire made them “uncomfortable” with his remarks on Ukraine, the Washington Post fired off a salvo of fiercely critical articles on the SpaceX CEO on Saturday.

the twisted bowels of the empire.....


US airborne drills, which include live-fire ground and air assault exercises, are being conducted just several miles from Romania’s border with Ukraine, where Russia continues its special military operation. 

The deployment of the US Army's 101st Airborne Division in Europe has caused waves on social media, with netizens blasting the move amid growing tension between Russia and NATO.

newsguard is a fascist propaganda tool of the USA.....

Consortium News is being “reviewed” by NewsGuard, a U.S. government-linked organization that is trying to enforce a narrative on Ukraine while seeking to discredit dissenting views.  

The organization has accused Consortium News, begun in 1995 by former Associated Press investigative reporter Robert Parry, of publishing “false content” on Ukraine.  


BY Joe Lauria


It calls “false” essential facts about Ukraine that have been suppressed in mainstream media: 1) that there was a U.S.-backed coup in 2014 and 2) that neo-Nazism is a significant force in Ukraine. Reporting crucial information left out of corporate media is Consortium News‘ essential mission.

lord, have mercy on the teleprompter that was too far in order not to be seen by the TV cameras.......

"At this point I'm convinced it would be less frustrating for viewers if the White House just showed us the teleprompter texts so we could read them ourselves."






FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the right/wrong way to choose which abattoirs......

Having been raised in a Western democratic political environment, Americans (and yes, others as well, but most especially Americans) have been by design infused from birth with a conviction that some form of a multi-party electoral system – which we can loosely term “democracy” – is, even with the occasional flaw, the right way, the only way, the way God intended when He designed the Universe.




the poor people own the disasters....

Rising from a world of deep financial sin at Goldman Sachs, where she served as a managing director during the creation of the housing Ponzi scheme that wrecked much of the world’s economy, Dr. Nomi Prins, has written seven books detailing the corruptions of the financial elite that has only intensified its destructive assault on the livelihood of the world’s struggling population.




the corrupt and the deceitful empire.....

NATO was created by the USA with two different purpose: one official to counter the Russian “threat” (Cold War) and one secret option designed to destroy any challenge to the US hegemony. It would take a 20,000 pages encyclopaedia to explain all the secret details and evolution of the US hegemony, thus what follows is somewhat simplistic, though generally “on the money”…



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