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a gift from scumo to the pacific...


You are allowed to fall of your chair, while seeing this funny headline at The Australian, from the Murdoch media... Of course, the Scumo government relies on coal and gas for its own "clean energy"... So what does this mean? Rubbish of course...

we don't need scumo's shit...


China presents a significant threat, believes former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Which is why, he says, the West must work together rather than engage in the kind of bickering triggered by the recent submarine deal between Australia and the United States. Interview Conducted by Bernhard Zand


yellow subs...


Former US president Barack Obama once said Russia was a mere “regional power.” Shortly afterwards, Moscow answered his charge by helping to defeat American regime-change efforts in Syria, located in a rather different region. 

Moscow’s power, often denigrated and exaggerated at the same time in the characteristically contradictory style of its Western opponents, is not comparable to that of the war-addicted post-Cold War USA, but it is enough to matter. From Central Europe to the Sea of Japan, the country has regional security interests spanning half the globe.


FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

assangeassangeJournalists, political analysts, and press organizations expressed shock on Sunday over a report that claimed members of former president Donald Trump’s administration had plotted to assassinate WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Yahoo News interviewed more than 30 former Trump administration officials for its article revealing that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) under Trump’s then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo had discussed assassinating or kidnapping Assange while he took refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

afghanistan was already a long way back into the forgotten past.


The future was bright for the hoodlum boys of the Empire. The French had been humiliated by Scott Morrison, but Joe Biden “avait passé la pommade” and “la brosse à reluire” in a single phone call, while reading the soothing sauce from the teleprompter verbatim. As usual the French Ego has been contained with elegant flattery and promises of more greasy fast food outlets. 


bad stuff happens...

stuffstuffA Life and Nation Transformed: 20 Years On From West Point’s Gates and the War on Terror


by  Posted on August 05, 2021


what rock does pelosi live under?...


Washington: US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has hailed Australia as a global leader on climate change while echoing Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s rhetoric about the importance of countries “meeting and beating” their climate targets.

A day after meeting with Morrison at the US Capitol, the Democrat, widely described as the most powerful woman in US political history, singled out Australia for praise while discussing climate change at a briefing with congressional reporters.

“The Prime Minister of Australia, Morrison, he was saying, ‘We’re not only addressing the Paris Accords – our slogan is we meet it and we beat it’,” Pelosi said.

“So they’re leading the way and that’s what we all have to do ...”

sinking to lower depths......


 Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s trip overseas was presumably intended to burnish his credentials as an international statesman and defender of Australian interests, but so far it’s looked like a disaster. The fallout from the submarines about-face continues, and the situation is not improving.

the vision thing again...


The unveiling of AUKUS, a new geopolitical configuration comprising Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, (the acronym comes by initial letters of the participating countries), has been one of the most remarkable events in global politics in recent weeks.

For now, it is difficult to assess the nature of such a move. Chances are that this is not a new military and political bloc since all the three nations are already bound by long-standing mutual defense commitments, a fact that the White House did not hesitate to mention in its statement on the matter. The last phrase of this document on these commitments said in particular: “We recommit ourselves to this vision.”

freedom day...


October 11 is firming as the date people fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in NSW will come out of lockdown, although Premier Gladys Berejiklian says she is reluctant to use the phrase "freedom day".

a deceitful stinker...


Much has been said about Scott Morrison’s practice of leadership: both his strengths as a campaigner (witness the “miracle” 2019 election) and, increasingly, the worrying dysfunctionality of his government and its governance.

peace, at last !!!...


Although Washington announced the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq with pomp and circumstance, in reality it is just a splashy move intended to showcase “America’s commitment to peace”.

The US is withdrawing indeed, but in such a manner that it is leaving behind a greater number of unresolved problems created by America itself and its “muscle-flexing” on the world chessboard. “The US military rule” basically never managed to resolve vital social problems of the local population. It failed to rebuild the social and economic structure destroyed by hostilities, while local residents who lost their homes, farms and breadwinners as a result of military actions or “erroneous airstrikes” never received any financial compensation from Washington. And those woes still haunt Afghanistan even after the US withdrawal.

this trust was betrayed...


France’s decision to call back its ambassadors from the US and Australia over the latter’s decision to cancel its deal with France and buy nuclear-powered submarines from the US has triggered a crisis in NATO. French Foreign Affairs Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian called the turn of events a stab in the back.


on the anniversary of "occupy"...


This is only a quick foray into the backwards history of this corner of the planet. These are small portions chosen during which our Western leaders have shat on our lap — as seen by Gus Leonisky and John Richardson — in their own words or helped by borrowing the thoughts of heavy thinkers of the past few years…


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