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Increase my taxes (Trish Kench)

I've always seen my right to vote as an obligation - a duty of citizenship; the

Margo for president (Bimby Hornswoggle)

Yay, yay, yay.

Not Happy John II: The Making of a Polly (Mick Sedunary)

Ok. You have wet the appetite now go away and make the main meal. Its not just little Johnny Howler but the whole bloody lot. How did we 'the people' allow him and the other idiots political power. In any event keep going.

losers (jonnie black)

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Margo and SMH Ethics Code ()

NHJ! Reviewer Paul Stack has a query about this book and website and MK's obligations under the SMH ethics code. Paul writes:

'Now that her extreme whinings have a home on the web other than the woeful Webdiary, when will Margo quit the SMH, as she seems unable to follow the SMH code of ethics. (Quote): IMPARTIALITY - Staff will not allow personal interest, or any belief or commitment, to undermine their accuracy, fairness or independence. PUBLIC ACTIVITIES - Herald staff shall avoid any prominent activity in partisan public causes that compromises, or appears to compromise, the journalist or the newspaper.

NHJ! readers can find the full SMH Code of Ethics here.

Hmmm, always with the awkward questions. Other bloggy types have made similar observations/accusations, albeit in slightly less eloquent prose. MK'll respond in depth next week - she really is flat-out at the moment. But she certainly rejects that the

The book is a rallying point, a call to be concerned and to take a stand for all those citizens who seek to preserve our democra

Margo, you do good work, real good work. The book is a rallying point, a call for us to be concerned and to take a stand with all those citizens who seek to preserve our democracy. Make no mistake, the contents of this book have skewered the Howard Government and his Black Knights. Each chapter makes you sink further into your chair, as the catalogue of misery, deception, lies and selfishness mount, leaving you to wonder how you missed joining the dots for so long. It's an impressive list for its sheer rottenness. It's a bloody political incendary device. It will be noticed and read. It sets the real agenda, the moral and ethical political bottom line for anyone who fancies being a representative of the Australian people. Ignore its contents at your peril. What is at stake is nothing less than our democracy! Without that we have bugger-all to bequeath to our children. What would we say to them? Read this book? It will not be permitted and then you will know all is lost.

Margo on LNL last night/The Bully's NHJ! take ()

Hi again, and if you've found your way here thanks to Steve Mayne & Co's very generous link from over at Crikey, bear with us on the 'road-test' side, as we're still getting the techo routine down pat. And (as we say in the book): SUBSCRIBE NOW to the mighty Crikkers Team if you've not done so already!!!! (OK, OK, Steve, so we promise that this will be the last such icky, shameless plug for a while at least, since we wouldn't want the OzPollyBlogosphere to get TOO incestuous and mutually now we here at NHJ! stand braced for some ruthless and useful review-flaming from the more pro-JH Crikey readers. (Or for that matter, simply those sceptics who can't stand blathering lefty gits like deathless clunking prose fills out Chapter Four: 'Ordinary Australian Appeasers'. ) So do your worst, all dissenting readers. Bang us out a feisty, critical review or two...oh, but if you do feel moved to bag the book, t'would be rather nice i

This Drago is still not happy John Howard! (Drago Milovechek)

For fifteen (yes fifteen!) years I have been an Australian citizen and never have I felt so unhappy being Australian! This John Howard govt. - it is discriminating against migrants like me, and holding them in cages like animals. This is just one of many things wrong with John Howard's government that has been addressed in 'Not happy, John!'. This book will make you really angry when you read it, I guarantee that to you! Regards, Drago Milovechek.

Anger... (Jeff Loewenstein)

Dear authors/writers,

It was high time that someone fearlessly took on John Howard and co. A more than timely book which makes one angry and determined to see that Howard and his cohorts [both in government and outside] are given their just desserts at the ballot box.

It's high time that all Australians are made aware what is happening to their country.

Margo's book is a light shining in the darkness (Lindsay Williams)

Reading 'Not Happy, John!' has been a liberating experience. Here was a book which articulated the growing concerns that I've had about the state of politics and decision making in Australia. Other people do think the same way I do! I'm not just a lonely, 'deranged' voice in the wilderness. I could identify with Margo's feelings of being 'burnt out. Depressed' - at least in terms of Australia's political life.

Margo's passion is well balanced by her forensic use of evidence. While it's a partisan book, how could it be otherwise? At least she is open and up front about her values and beliefs, unlike the neo-Con commentators who like to proclaim their 'objectivity'. The credibility of her arguments is further assisted by including pieces from a range of contributors, from various political persuasions.

I think Margo's correct that the politicians rely on people simply giving in and just accepting the way things are! The final chapter, 'Democrazy: Ten ideas for change', was

The silent majority (Jason Cooper)

I am one of the silent majority who like and respect John Howard. He and his governments have done more to improve this country than any of the Stand-at-the-sidelines-and-carp-brigade. Empty barges make the most noise.

Take note Margo!!!

Small business man unhappy with John Howard (Jack Phillips)

As a small business man , I have had to work harder and longer , thanks to John Howard. Due to his bizarre economic management, I have had to contend with problematic low interest rates and a increase in the amount of work required to be done, so I can keep up to the massive increase of work being required by my customers. The 5 apprentices that I have been forced to put on , to help with demand, are also being forced to work constant overtime . Just because little Johnnie has some grand plan to work us to death. NOT HAPPY JOHN......

Maintain the Rage (Nic Puiu)

I have rarely read a book that has made me so angry - angry at the lack of common sense here in Australia. We take far too much for granted, though we often lose sight of those small things that in this day and age should still matter, such as basic standards.

Margo's book highlights the fact that there is still much, much more to be done. Take a bow, John Howard.

Why 'Not Happy John' needs a sequel (Tim Gillin)

Margot Kingston's book describes the way the political hucksters and con merchants of the Howard government have screwed the public, dragged us into an unnecessary war and recycled spin at every opportunity. All for the great goal of re-election and holding onto power. I am sure political partisans of the left (defined as broadly as the word gets) will find plenty of grapeshot here for their prejudices, preconceptions and even the occasional principle. To my (admittedly biased) mind this is the greatest weakness of the book and of Margo's analysis. To really tell the story it needs a sequel, or prequel. 'Not Happy, Paul!'. Margo, to her credit, mentions how she voted against Keating, but the analysis more or less stops there.

Howard and his administration, like George W Bush and his, have more in common with their immediate predecessors than most political partisans pro or con would like to admit. All four administrations, as well as Hawke and Tony Blair, represent the victory

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