Monday 25th of September 2023

at the G20 (minus xi and putin) the EU will show africa how a union is done.........

The EU intends to endorse the African Union’s bid to become a permanent member of the G20 at the group’s upcoming summit in New Delhi, people familiar with the matter have told Bloomberg.

With Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping both announcing that they’re going to skip the event in New Delhi next week, Brussels is looking “to seize the moment... to show that it is serious about redefining its partnership with Africa, despite the troubled legacy of colonialism,” the news outlet claimed in a report on Tuesday.

According to the sources, the bloc's officials are planning to organize a “mini-summit” with the African Union (AU), which incorporates 55 of the continent’s countries, on the sidelines of the G20 event on September 9, the first day of the two-day gathering.

old, rich, opinionated and dangerous......

Adani Group, chaired by India’s second-richest man Gautam Adani, on Thursday categorically rejected allegations of stock-trading violations made by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), an international investigative platform known for its work on the ‘Panama papers’ and ‘Pandora papers’. 

the psychos won the day either way.....

Long time ago, there was joy in the air

When one was young without wear and tear

The days were full of love and beauty

While the earth gave us a horn of bounty


Then the psychos won the time of day

With illusions and promises of goodness

Hiding behind a horrible deceitful mess

Pompously leading a deranged military


With war drums beaten to the tune of hate

Claiming righteousness to justify our madness

Did we osmose the psychos’ ugly fate

How come now we took the bait


Have we destroyed our own goodness

That of our youth without anger nor debate

The days were full of love and beauty

While the earth gave away tons of bounty


Until the psychos won the day either way.


flying too close to the sun..................

The Qantas board of directors should resign and regulators ought to investigate charging Alan Joyce with insider trading. Michael West reports.

Can Alan Joyce be prosecuted for insider trading? If he knew about the ACCC investigating Qantas’ ‘phantom flights’, which is false and misleading conduct, then the answer is yes.

The ACCC began investigating Qantas last year. By the time Joyce sold $17m worth of his personal Qantas stock in early June, the investigation was in full swing. It was only made public on Thursday, Qantas shares dropped almost 7% on the news to close Friday at $5.82.

you say TOmato and I say toMAto: dysfunctional american politics....

President Biden on Monday mocked former Commander in Chief Donald Trump as a “great real estate” developer who “didn’t build a damn thing.”

Biden ripped Trump — the head of a New York City real-estate dynasty and architect of the country’s controversial border wall with Mexico — while touting himself as the US’s infrastructure king.

“Guess what? The great real-estate builder, the last guy here, he didn’t build a damn thing,” the 80-year-old president said during a Labor Day rally in swing-state Pennsylvania. 

“Under my predecessor, ‘Infrastructure Week’ became a punchline,” Biden said, referring to the dayslong Trump initiative in which his administration touted its national development plans. 

dutton invades terra nullius*.......

The prime minister has criticised the opposition's proposal for a second referendum as "sabotage", saying it ignores what Indigenous people have asked for.

a trumpian/deep-state dilemma.....

Thanks to a great response last week to an article about Klaus Schwab’s creep-tastic use of the term “transparency,” I’m pressing forward with a Devil’s Dictionary-style lexicographical project, tracking multitudinous dystopian alterations to American political speech.


Matt Taibbi: Tracking Orwellian Change: New Meanings of ‘Deep State’ and ‘Working Class’


united nations decline.....

It is no secret that United Nations mediation is in a state of decline. The U.N. is no longer in the lead role in conflict countries where the secretary-general and his representatives or special envoys are mandated to provide mediation and good offices. In most of these conflicts, powerful members of the Security Council, regional and subregional organizations are taking the lead, pushing the U.N. to the sidelines. 


By Jamal Benomar


woke females of the species are angelic....

Transgender activists have called out Anthony Albanese over his answer to the question: 'What is a woman?'

nazi zelensky has decided on a grim future on behalf of his fascist backers....


September 2 marked the 78th anniversary of the World War Two surrender ceremony onboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay. This moment formalized Japan’s unconditional capitulation to the United States, and its allies, and marked the end of the conflict. From the Japanese perspective, it had been ongoing since the Marco Polo bridge incident of July 7, 1937, which started the Sino-Japanese War.

There was no negotiation, only a simple surrender ceremony in which Japanese officials signed documents, without conditions.

Because that is what defeat looks like.


BY Scott Ritter


wrongheaded in principle, but destined to fail in practice....

China’s economy is slowing down. Current forecasts put China’s GDP growth in 2023 at less than 5%, below the forecasts made last year and far below the high growth rates that China enjoyed until the late 2010s. The Western press is filled with China’s supposed misdeeds: a financial crisis in the real-estate market, a general overhang of debt, and other ills. Yet much of the slowdown is the result of US measures that aim to slow China’s growth. Such US policies violate World Trade Organisation rules and are a danger to global prosperity. They should be stopped.


By Jeffrey D. Sachs


prepare to kiss your arse goodbye.....

Despite what the Western media have said, Putin is a rational man. He expect other world leaders to be rational. But Putin is wrong. As Colonel Douglas MacGregor has said many times, there is not a single rational leader in the West. Worse still, what these leaders get for advice is aggressive demented rubbish. 

What this means is tragic. The superior species on this little planet is tinkering on the edge of complete self-destruction taking most of other life-form with it. It will take another 125 million years to reach the same level of present intelligence — which is quite low in the bowels of the American Empire headquarters.

BY Gus Leonisky


too old to be a senator in charge of the republic.....

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - US Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Wednesday froze again during a news conference in Kentucky, after previously losing his ability to speak earlier this year during an event in Washington, DC.
"What are my thoughts about what?" McConnell said when asked about reelection. The senator then froze in silence after the question was repeated.
Another attendee then braced McConnell, claiming that they would "need a minute" to recover. McConnell resumed speaking after several moments of silence.

winning the booby prize to the last ukrainian.....

The military conflict in Ukraine, like many before it is inexorably tied to the media – particularly the Western media. The amount of disinformation that the West has contrived and disseminated in order to stoke support for Ukraine or at least muddy the waters, is terrifying. Every corner of the Anglo-American-controlled media, from CNN to The Guardian, from BBC to Foreign Affairs, has primarily shown only one side of the story.


BRICS vs the tricks of the empire....

We will all need plenty of time and introspection to analyze the full range of game-changing vectors unleashed by the unveiling of BRICS 11 last week in South Africa.

Yet time waits for no one. The Empire will strike back in full force; in fact its multi-hydra Hybrid War tentacles are already on display.


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