Wednesday 6th of July 2022

ukraine as LGBTQi-friendly…….

Western media is silent as top Zelensky aide exposes its false presentation of Ukraine as LGBTQ-friendly


While Western media tries hard to falsely portray Ukraine as progressive, its own most-vocal political advisor says the quiet part out loud



In the 21st century, with the proliferation of social media and other mass forms of communication, it has become easier to bastardize certain causes that may in some form be noble in order to pursue one’s own political or geopolitical purposes.


By Dakotah Lilly 


censorship of russian media……..

US censorship of Russian media failed – Microsoft report


RT and Sputnik still reach US audiences despite Big Tech suppression on behalf of Ukraine


Silicon Valley’s efforts to suppress “Russian propaganda” – meaning outlets like RT and Sputnik – on behalf of Ukraine may have reduced their reach, but they still reach more Americans than before the outbreak of fighting in Ukraine, Microsoft has revealed in a report on the ongoing cyber-war on the side of Kiev. RT and Sputnik still get as many monthly page views as a major US corporate outlet, the tech company said.


The riveting story of an ex-prime minister, the travails of his successor's government, and what that bodes for the future of politics


Malcolm Turnbull's campaign against Scott Morrison and the Liberal Party is one of the greatest acts of political disloyalty in Australian history. Through the pursuit of causes close to his heart, Turnbull destabilised a government he was once part of and courted forces openly hostile to it. 

we could be wrong…..

I do not wish the worse for America. Hopefully it will become a good humble citizen of this planet. Yet so far, we haven’t seen any of this — what some people might call magical — transformation.


Who has been the worse president? Trump or Biden? So far on international relations and on civil duties, Trump is behind by a clown nose. Biden is a liar, a psychopath (not really, but he’s lost his sense of reality) and a devious character, because he always was devious. Trump is a stupid clown, and despite what they’re trying to do with the 6th January investigation for which the Democrats might spread the mustard for another year — way after the “Mid-Terms” elections which so far might prove to be lethal to Biden-the-Prick, Trump might resurrect himself. 


on the edge of sanity…….

The US dominates the Pacific Islands to an extent China can never hope to achieve. With Australia’s support, the US is now engaged in an arms build-up in its Pacific territories and de-facto colonies in a little known boost to its containment of China.

The US has three self-governing territories in the Pacific: Guam, American Samoa and the Northern Mariana Islands. Guam hosts some of the US’s most important bases the world. After a large scale military expansion on one of the main islands in the Northern Marianas, Tinian is expected to rival Guam in importance in coming years.


By Brian Toohey


nikki is less important than she thinks……...

London earlier introduced a bill that will unilaterally alter its deal with the EU and the Brexit divorce agreement. The protocol was supposed to be a temporary measure to avoid a hard border with Northern Ireland, but talks with Brussels failed to produce a permanent replacement.


Former US envoy to the UN Nikki Haley has criticized President Joe Biden and other Democrats for speaking out against London's plans to alter the Northern Ireland (NI) protocol, insisting that it is none of their business.


world war is roaring down the tracks…….

World affairs are rapidly moving toward their culmination as the U.S.-instigated war between Russia and Ukraine threatens to escalate into a nuclear conflagration.

The charge to world war is being led by U.S. Zionist politicians and bureaucrats, especially President Joe Biden and his chief implementer, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. As usual, the dirty work on the ground is being carried out by the ever-present CIA and its compliant military superstructure.

By now the Zionist march to world domination has been thoroughly documented and will not be reprised here. It has been accomplished largely through infiltration and control of the English-speaking nations—chiefly Great Britain and the U.S.

voltaire says…….

It's time to recognise Julian... with the highest awards...

The Order of Australia recognises Australians who have demonstrated outstanding service or exceptional achievement.

There are four levels of award. The Order of Australia also has a Military Division (awards in this division are recommended to the Governor-General by the Minister for Defence).

Anyone can nominate a member of the community for an award in the Order of Australia.

folly of a US dictator…..

With the success of Russia’s operations in Ukraine, we have to be concerned about NATO reacting to their strategic defeat by shifting their aggression not only to intense economic and propaganda warfare against Russia but also against Russia’s position in the Baltic region.

The blockade imposed on Kaliningrad on June 20th by Lithuania, a NATO member, and approved by the European Union, on the pretext of enforcing their illegal ‘sanctions,” is a direct act of war against Russia which will lead to immediate action by Russia to end the blockade, and follows the NATO logic which has been expressed openly for some time.


BY Christopher Black


In February 2016, The Atlantic Council, the NATO think tank in the USA, issued a report called, “Alliance At Risk.”

In that report they stated,

another frigin' free trade agreement…...

The UK’s first free trade agreement negotiated from scratch with Australia was so rushed that environmental issues and protection for niche British products were overlooked, a report by peers says today.

The House of Lords International Agreements Committee says the agreement is important as it both paves the way for other agreements in future and for our entry into the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), a major Government objective. The deal is estimated to add only a 0.08% increase in GDP by 2035 and rising quotas will phase in tariff-free imports.

space farts….

Extended space flight presents a myriad of challenges for astronauts, including changes to muscles and exposure to solar radiation, to say nothing of getting used to floating around in zero-gravity all the time. Digestive issues are probably not at the top of the list of commonly expected problems, though.

In space, nobody can hear you scream - but they can definitely smell your farts.

of the art of being a sarcastic bastard…...

And now… Mr. Bean.

(It’s been a slow news cycle, folks. But just wait. I can make this into something.)



bicycle man to destroy public social security…..

Last month, President Joe Biden nominated a longtime advocate of Social Security privatization and benefit cuts to a key board overseeing the Social Security system. The move comes as Republicans get ready to push cuts to Social Security and Medicare, if they end up winning control of Congress during the November’s midterms, as expected.

The development suggests that there could soon be a coordinated push in Washington to cut the Social Security program, which provides retirement, disability, and survivor benefits to 66 million Americans.


of the media….

Australia’s media is back-snapped broken — but don’t expect the most concentrated media industry in the world to fix itself, writes founder and publisher Dave Donovan and managing editor Michelle Pini.


TOMORROW [GusNote: this was a day ago], it will be 12 years since Independent Australia published its first article.


To be more specific, on 23 June 2010, the very first article was put up on, our beloved IA.


The future world order, already in progress, will be formed by strong sovereign states. The ship has sailed. There’s no turning back.

Let’s cut to the chase and roll in the Putin Top Ten of the New Era, announced by the Russian President live at the St. Petersburg forum for both the Global North and South.





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