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a mockery of freedom...


We are reproducing a text written at the request of the Foundation for Combating Injustice by Yevgeny Prigozhin. In it, the author goes back over the protection that President Jacques Chirac had granted him and over the assassination attempts that he and his team were subsequently subjected to. Our readers have experienced these events first hand, but this is the first time that Thierry Meyssan publicly mentions the hunt he was subjected to.


The West, a mockery of Freedom


by Thierry Meyssan


the backside view...


She’s a heartbeat away from the presidency—literally. And while it started as a joke among right-of-center types (“Can’t wait for the Harris presidency to begin on January 21, 2021”), it has apparently planted serious fears in the hearts of Joe Biden’s team.

lying scummo "never said it" but everyone heard him at face value...


Scott Morrison has ducked a direct question about why he called a former Labor senator “Shanghai Sam” 17 times before denying he’d ever used that term.

As the opposition doubles down on a campaign of questioning the prime minister’s truthfulness, Morrison was asked to explain why he would use that terminology 17 times on 11 occasions and then deny using it.


The prime minister declared on Tuesday he was unaware of “the claim” Labor referred to, and did not intend to take statements in the question “at face value”.

we know: the UK is a pigsty...



UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been in the hot seat amid a backlash from the Owen Paterson lobbying scandal and row over MPs' second jobs, the continuing Channel migrant crisis, as well as controversial social care proposals and perceived “rail betrayal”.


Some UK Tory Party members are concerned that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is “losing his grip over key policies”, ranging from social care issues to scaled-back rail plans for the north of the country, reported The Guardian. 


USA on stupidity steroid again...


One of the overhyped events of recent times has been the 3+ hours of telephone conversation between the presidents of China and the United States of America Xi Jinping and Joe Biden respectively. There are two major reasons to doubt the sincerity of the Americans over their accounts of the meeting.

The first is that the United States has a long and disgraceful history of professing one set of ideas or values and on the other hand by their actions giving a complete lie to their words. There is no reason to believe that Biden’s words carry any more truth than the multiple previous comments Americans have made about the Chinese.

the one arm-bandit winning streak...


Independent MP Andrew Wilkie has had the gambling industry in his sights for more than a decade. But then, the industry has also had its sights set on him.

The former soldier-turned-spy — who first came head-to-head with the government in 2003 when he blew the whistle on the flawed intelligence case for the Iraq War — is no stranger to conflict. But, he admits, when he took on the gambling industry in 2010, he wasn't prepared for the bloodbath that followed.

"I underestimated the power of the poker machine lobby," Wilkie says.

"At the end of the day, even at the highest level, [Australia's major parties] were running a protection racket for the gambling industry."

The value of protests…

desperate fascistdesperate fascist

We have protested against the Vietnam war. We have protested against nuclear ships armed with nuclear weapons entering Sydney Harbour. We have protested against the imprisonment of Julian Assange. We have protested against fascism, walked for freedom, and against Rupert Murdoch trying to destroy the Rabbitohs. We have protested against police brutality and imprisonment of Aboriginal people that have led to deaths in custody. We have protested against gas-fracking that destroys farmlands and pollutes waterways… We have protested against racism, against misogyny and we have marched with the Aboriginal elders to commemorate the Aboriginal soldiers who gave their lives in the stupid whitey World Wars.


the bullshitman secretly flew to hawaii...


The Prime Minister has been forced to backtrack after telling Parliament that Labor leader Anthony Albanese was "fully aware" he was headed to Hawaii during the catastrophic bushfires in late 2019. 

the new republican...


Matt Canavan is a National Party senator from Queensland and such an outspoken voice for conservatism in Australia, he is even frequently at odds with the Morrison government.

Fitz: Who’s your political hero?

MC: Winston Churchill because he so effectively stood up for what he believes in and also his malleability: I suppose he was in every party basically for 50 years and was successful in them all.

Fitz: Okay, but when you vaunt Churchill’s malleability that makes it sound like you’re not totally wedded for the next 30 years to the Nats?

MC: I think I’ve used up my metamorphoses in that regard. I was a communist at uni, then I joined the Liberals, and then when I went to work for Barnaby Joyce, I got to know the National Party and really liked their outlook.

kerry chant urged ‘consistent’ lockdown restrictions across all of Sydney...


The NSW government imposed harsh lockdown restrictions on the poorest areas of Sydney’s west and south-west despite Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant advising that the rules should be implemented consistently across Greater Sydney.

Emails sent between health officials and Health Minister Brad Hazzard in mid-August have revealed Dr Chant recommended that “consistent measures” be implemented across all of Sydney.



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Meanwhile in Germany:


AUKUS to become AUSJAPINDUKUS… while China becomes... China…


Gus: The French would read AUSJAPINDUKUS with a sarcasm beyond a Voltairian laugther tells me my friend, Jules Letambour. The sounds as you say them aloud ARE RUDE.


Expanded US co-operation with its partners is causing China “heartburn,” the White House Indo-Pacific coordinator says.

Kurt Campbell said the Quad group — made up of the United States, India, Japan and Australia — aimed to expand co-operation and that Japan had agreed to host a meeting of the group in 2022.

Speaking to the US Institute of Peace think tank, Mr Campbell also said the so-called AUKUS pact, under which the United States and United Kingdom have agreed to help Australia acquire nuclear submarines, was one of “open architecture” that he expected other countries, in Asian and Europe, would participate with over time.

our egghead saussisson...


Beyond its efforts to frustrate action at the Glasgow climate summit, Australia has been using international forums to ensure there will still be foreign funding for fossil fuel projects.


Australia’s climate change interference


By Mike Seccombe.


Call it by its proper name: methane. It is the stuff that fuels our gas stoves and much else, often under the non-threatening euphemism natural gas, although it is no more or less natural than coal and it is a far bigger threat to the world’s climate than we long appreciated.

There is now two-and-a-half times as much methane in the Earth’s air as there was in pre-industrial times, and while it has a far shorter life in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide, over 20 years its global warming potential is 86 times greater.

saving the planet with tourism...


As the world pivots to reduce its carbon output, responsible travel becomes the biggest reckoning for the tourism industry. For us as individuals, isn’t our sustainable contribution just to stop flying? Surely, we have to sacrifice our sojourns on exotic palm-fringed beaches in favour of a bit of wild camping closer to home? No? Well, not necessarily. Can tourism be a force for positive environmental change? Yes! And when done right, it’s vital, says Rebecca Cox


be daft: vote for the best porkyist in town!...


As Alan Kohler, a respected economist, tells us we must not let Scott Morrison get away with do-nothing climate plan. We support this statement, and the only way to do this is to boot ScoMo out of political existence. Anything less, and this pest, Scomoturdus oftheshireeii, will come back to further white-ant this great country’s reputation. 


As demonstrated by his own behaviour on the international and national stage, Scott Morrison, the politican, is a liar, a fudger, a prevaricator, an annoying righteous sexist bigot, a deceitful idiot, amongst his best qualities. And we have not mentioned blind trusts, sports rorts and a single car-park...


chasing the votes of extremists...


Victoria's Premier Daniel Andrews has unloaded on the Prime Minister, accusing him of "chasing the votes of extremists" after his comments about the Melbourne protests. 

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