Monday 25th of September 2023

trying to understand the world.......

The Ukrainians need lots of Nike running shoes so they can marathon to the Polish border when the Russian steamroller arrives



Gus: one could wonder if the old FOX, Rupert, let Tucker Carlson loose on the world with the intent to push a secret agenda of more truthful opinion which could not be promoted on the NEWSCORP Network…. See, Carlson is still under contract with FOX, but not in the stable any more. Carlson’s interviews are more incisive than ever before — and reflect an agenda which may not be contrary to the old FOX Rupert… This agenda is possibly more intelligent than the main stream media that has gone totally woke and liberal-apeshit (meaning LGBTIQ+, arsonist and fascist)… 

doing the american empire's bidding to the detriment of the Deutsche.....

Germany plans to concentrate its efforts on providing Ukrainian forces with artillery pieces, munitions and air defense systems, Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Wednesday following a closed government meeting. Berlin wants the weapons it sends to Kiev to be “immediately effective,” he said, adding that most Germans supposedly back the government’s “carefully weighed” policy on Ukraine.

“The truth is that Germany is the second largest supplier [of weapons to Ukraine] after the US,” Scholz told journalists at a joint press conference held alongside ruling coalition leaders. He then listed the weapons Berlin had already provided to Kiev, including tanks, air defense systems like IRIS-T, and US-made Patriots, adding that it always seeks to send weapons that can make a difference on the battlefield.

diluting labor on "climate change" (aka anthropogenic global warming).....

The Australian Government’s public analysis of climate risk, our greatest threat, is dangerously misleading. The Intergenerational Report 2023 (IGR) is a prime example. By dumbing down the implications of climate change with simplified economic models, the IGR and similar reports are institutionalising the global failure to face climate reality.


By David Spratt and Ian Dunlop


lost labour ideologies to become democratically irrelevant.....

I despair that there appears to be no discernible political debate over economic policy in the U.K. at all, outwith a few left websites and magazines with tiny readerships.

The Labour Party has completely abandoned the mildly social democratic platform of  its former leader, Jeremy Corbyn, and now actively renounces public ownership of utilities, improved workers’ rights that provide greater job security, public spending to stimulate the economy and the use of taxation to redistribute wealth.


zelensky is definitely jewish nazi and the pope is still catholic.........

Pope Francis has served as an “instrument of Russian propaganda”after speaking warmly about the nation’s rich historical legacy, Mikhail Podoliak, a top aide to Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelensky, has said.

The head of the Catholic Church is engaging in “a destructive discourse for contemporary humanism,”Podoliak claimed, in an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera published on Wednesday.

The comment referred to a video conference which the Pope held with Russian Catholics on Friday, during which Francis reminded his audience in St. Petersburg that they are all “heirs of the great Russia… of saints, of kings, [the] Russia of Peter the Great and Catherine II, of the great Russian Empire, of so much culture and humanity.” The urged the people of Russia to cherish this historical lineage.

lying or historical ignorant american embassy? probably both by trying to be a smart arse.....


The whitewashing of the historical context for the war in Ukraine has resulted in a profoundly embarrassing episode for the United States embassy in Prague.  

An Aug. 21 Tweet from the embassy with a message roughly translated from Czech to mean “Aggression always comes from the Kremlin,” showed two photographs: the first displayed Soviet tanks in the streets of Prague in 1968.  The second showed fire burning in front of a building and was marked “Odesa 2023.”  


spies versus intelligence versus lies versus the truth....


It should be a given that Ukraine has spies within the Russian intelligence agency FSB and that Russia has spies within the SBU, the Ukrainian intelligence agency.


In time of conflict, these spies can become double agent, or be used as double agents, until their usefulness becomes problematic.


This is where J C Masterman, the head of the English DOUBLE-CROSS SYSTEM, saw trouble in his exposition of the dangers in dealing with manipulating false information that would land on the lap of the enemies.


As he explained, success and failure were often dangerously close. He had six reasons the whole operation of his D-C S hung in the balance until D-Day…


troubling economics....

During his 31 months in office, US President Joe Biden has repeatedly accused China of betting that Washington cannot keep up with Beijing and claimed that he has told Chinese leaders that it's never a good bet to bet against the United States.

Such accusations are bizarre, to say the least, because the Chinese people haven't heard their leaders saying such things about the US. As China's Ambassador to the US Xie Feng said at the recent Aspen Security Forum, China does not intend to challenge or displace any country, and instead of outcompeting others, Chinese people's focus is on "outdoing ourselves".

Chinese leaders, senior officials and lawmakers are laser focused on domestic issues and never indulge in loose talk about other countries, unlike their US counterparts.

soup kitchen politics....

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton's appearance on Kitchen Cabinet provoked outrage over the show's glorification of the man despite his "crimes", writes Dr Jennifer Wilson.

THE HOST of ABC TV’s Kitchen Cabinet, Annabel Crabb, took to Twitter/X at the weekend to denounce what she perceives as an ‘orgy of outrage’ from users at the appearance of Opposition Leader Peter Dutton on her show.

Crabb claims her series offers politicians the rare opportunity to do a “soft” interview in the kitchens of their own homes as they prepare and share a meal with her.

justice according to the crooked bidens.....

There are rising complaints from Donald Trump and his supporters that the Biden administration has “weaponized” the criminal justice system to harass and intimidate political and ideological opponents. That maneuver, they contend, is creating a corrupt, “two-tier” system with one, very lenient standard for the president’s allies and another, far harsher, standard for his adversaries.


The Real Malignancy in America’s Justice System

As whistleblowers languish in prison, allies of the national security state get sweetheart plea deals.

defining democracy.....

"Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There never was a Democracy yet, that did not commit suicide." — John Adams in a letter to John Taylor 1814

By Jim Mamer / Original to ScheerPost 

a series of catastrophes... but we will survive....



BY Alastair Crooke


We seem headed for a point of impact, with the prospect of collision in full view – and one as obvious as it was in 1911.

under orders from america, the EU is trying to grow up to annoy russia....

The European Union intends to begin discussions on admitting Ukraine and several other countries as early as October, European Council President Charles Michel announced on Monday.

Enlargement “is no longer a dream,”Michel told the officials from Albania, Bulgaria and former Yugoslav states gathered at the Bled Strategic Forum in Slovenia. 

“As we prepare the EU’s next strategic agenda, we must set ourselves a clear goal. I believe we must be ready, on both sides, by 2030 to enlarge,” Michel said. “This is ambitious, but necessary. It shows that we are serious.”

The bloc’s leaders will discuss enlargement at the next European Council meeting, said Michel, where they “will take a stand on the opening of negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova.” That meeting is scheduled for October. 


great value to the mad men, except for the dead ukronians....

Using Ukraine to fight Russia offers great value – US Senator

Ex-presidential candidate Mitt Romney has claimed that sending weapons to Kiev is Washington’s best defense investment in history

US Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) has touted Washington’s strategy of trying to weaken Russia by providing massive military aid to Kiev, allegedly degrading Moscow’s forces while only Ukrainian troops are put in harm’s way.

Romney, who as the Republican Party’s nominee, lost the 2012 presidential election to Barack Obama, made his comments during a visit on Tuesday to Utah-based defense contractor Strider Technologies. He argued that the best way for the US to mitigate the security threat posed by China is to ensure that Russia is defeated in Ukraine.

la belle france au bel fromage.....

Emmanuel Macron’s government has made the French nation irrelevant on the world stage. Day by day, horrendous internal and external policies transform a once irreplaceable nation and culture into nothing more than a tourist attraction and playground for elites.

Early this morning, I saw a share on Facebook of the French ironclad Redoutable in dry dock. The photo from 1875 showed the sleek outline of the first warship in the world to be built in steel.


BY Phil Butler


The French created so many world-changing innovations in her history. Most people don’t know that cinema, as we know it, would not exist had Louis Le Prince not applied the principles of Chronophotography created by Étienne-Jules Marey.

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