Saturday 22nd of January 2022

inside job at the insiders...


The case for a review of Insiders and sacking its producers, presenter and most regular guests has strengthened as the year has progressed, writes Alan Austin.


PRESENTER OF THE ABC's Insiders program David Speers enthusiastically endorsed the Morrison Government’s economic credentials on 7 November:


The Prime Minister is urging us to move on and you can see where they want to spend the coming weeks and months ... on the better news we are seeing on the economy. The Reserve Bank this week had some pretty rosy forecasts... roaring back to life, unemployment dropping back to 4%, steady increase in wages... It’s clear this is what the Government wants to make its central election pitch.

a bad cartoon with gussian improvements...


The American song “Yankee doodle” is sung to a very old, traditional English air, know during the 18th century as “Kitty Fisher’s Locker”. Kitty Fisher was of course a famous whore...


I hate cartoonists who misrepresent reality… I don’t mind augmentation, enlargement, magnification, inflation, multiplication of reality to make a point. But MISREPRESENTATION? I hate that… I hope that I don’t fall into that trap… Most of my subjects deserved to be deflated. The original cartoon in the Sydney Morning Herald of 13/12/2021 is appalling. Sorry, whoever you are, Badiucao, that was a rotten cartoon… I indulged in rescuing reality at top...


when democracy is run by fascist capitalism...


On December 9-10, [this article was written on the 8th of December] President Biden will host the "Summit for Democracy" that will bring together, in a worldwide online connection, "leaders of government, civil society and the private sector." The invitation list includes 111 countries. Among them are 28 of the 30 NATO members: Turkey and Hungary are missing but, on the other hand, Israel and Ukraine are there, along with 26 of the 27 EU members except Hungary.


the bloody IPA song....


We’re the bloody I-P-A

And we hate your A-B-C

Because your A-B-C costs money

As it spreads the annoying truth

with its 4-Corners sleuth

and other Australian Story.


We’re the bloody I-P-A

And we hate your A-B-C

Because the A-B-C costs you money,

About 11 cents per day!

But our I-P-A won’t you tell

Where we get our bloody money

As this would upset Gina

And her big mining-cartel.


We’re the bloody I-P-A

And we hate your A-B-C

We hate balance of opinions

We know best about your onions

Which should be conservative

Fascist and from the I-P-A


designed or accidental covid caper?...


We have been bombarded with information from scientists with various opinions, from politicians who need to be seen doing something about something — and doubters who don’t trust anyone. All this flurry of facts, figures, statistics came with a certain amount of ferocity and contradictions. Do we pay attention? Do we follow the “governments’ recommendations"? Is there a bit of dictatorship in having to be vaxxed in order to work? What are our responsibilities versus our freedom of choice?


It is VERY difficult to find the truth in which there is not a middle ground. We’re either in danger or the whole thing is overblown. Even now, without any real study of long term effects, we’re about to vaccinate our kids with GMOs. 


on the same day...


On the same day as Joe Blinkered Biden holds his "Summit for Democracy", the UK courts, completely void of Magna Carta spirit, decide to send Julian Assange to the gallows in the USA. How ironic, yet tragic!. Thank you Julian, for not doing anything but being a prisoner of her majesty's illegal hubris, so silently showing us the MASSIVE hypocrisy of this US machine that does not have a single good bone in its body, despite having good people amongst the folks. But the ENTIRE political mob? Idiots!!! RAND PAUL excepted...


between the warmongering and essays by torture apologists, there wasn’t space...


Just a few decades ago, it was still possible for the left to find space on corporate-owned airwaves. Progressive talkers like Tom Leykis, Lynn Samuels and Phil Donahue found wide audiences until they got pushed off the air by the corporate powers that be. I worked talk radio in Los Angeles and San Francisco until 2007.

ending the reign of hubris...


Anthony Albanese’s best chance of election victory is to appeal to the better nature of Australians — and to replace his deputy.


Let me speak selfishly. (It’s all the rage.) If the Morrison/Joyce rabble are re-elected at the coming election, I may well have to leave this country out of sheer despair. I’d be little loss to the public as I can write from anywhere. But I would certainly be missed by my beloved family. And my husband’s skills as a paediatrician in the Northern Territory would most definitely be a loss to Australia.

We are not alone in our anxious restlessness. For many beyond the “global cities”, the 2022 election is one that Labor cannot afford to lose — for our sakes, not theirs only.

stop the madness — free julian assange now...

assangeassangeThe UK High Court is set to issue its ruling on Friday morning on the American government's appeal over the refusal to extradite WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange.

The court recently heard the appeal against a lower court decision that refused to extradite the journalist to face charges over leaked classified US documents.

In the original ruling, District Judge Vanessa Baraitser stated that she could not approve the extradition as it would be “oppressive” to do so when Assange is at risk of mental health deterioration and suicide in US custody.


not dying...


Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has tested positive for COVID while in the US on a work trip.

In a statement early on Thursday (Wednesday afternoon in Washington DC), Mr Joyce’s office said he had experienced “mild symptoms and chose to get tested”.

He had arrived in Washington DC a day earlier, after visiting London, as part of a 10-day overseas trip.


“Remaining members of the delegation have tested negative. Mr Joyce will remain in isolation until further notice,” a spokesperson said in a statement posted on Twitter.

Mr Joyce said he was double-vaccinated against COVID.

insanity ...

insanity ...insanity ... 

Tensions between Russia and NATO have escalated precipitously in recent weeks amid claims by Western officials and media that Russia may be preparing to invade Ukraine. Moscow vocally dismissed the allegations, accusing Western media of spreading “propaganda,” and warning that Russia cannot rule out provocations as NATO builds up on its frontier.

The “stupidity” and irrational “insanity” of a scenario in which Russia and the US get into a hot war over Ukraine is not sufficient cause to rest assure that such an outcome does not become reality, Fox News host and paleoconservative commentator Tucker Carlson has warned.

a work of effluence...


Preparing for a tough election battle, federal Liberal MP Dave Sharma massages the truth on the government’s climate action for Wentworth’s voters.


BY Peter Sainsbury




After Tuesday's video call, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told journalists Washington was preparing specific robust responses in the weeks ahead if they were required.

"Things we did not do in 2014 we are prepared to do now," he said, referring to Western responses to Russia's annexation of Crimea.

philosophies of convenience…


"If we did the right things, we’d be all walking in sandals, like Jesus Christ in the desert…” — Pa Leonisky.


We hate deserts — and sandals are useless for the warriors.


So, In the West we have invented “philosophies of convenience”, which are ways to morally whitewash what is un-washable.


pretentious olympic loony hoops...


Australia will not send officials or politicians to China for the Winter Olympics in a rebuke of Beijing over its human rights record, with a final decision on whether to launch a full diplomatic boycott to be made within days.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is weighing up whether to follow United States President Joe Biden’s administration in announcing a full diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics, which China labelled “a pretentious act” and warned of “countermeasures”.


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