Saturday 22nd of January 2022

happy new year…


This show would be the first of its kind in the world (spherical pyrotechnics). It's worth watching.


Meanwhile, we cannot go pass the Sydney Fireworks 2022... At 9.00 PM, the show started with about 15 minutes of fireworks designed by Blak Douglas, Aboriginal artist (, followed by an impeccable entertaining night from the ABC TV till the 00:00 fireworks on 01/01/2022, which were spectacular and better than the previous ones — a feat of high precision.


Celebrating 90 years of the ABC and of the Sydney Harbour Bridge... Many more 90 years to come for the ABC should the ScoMo government stop trying to destroy the ABC...


pirates of the COALition… scomo emulates tonio…

abbott's piracyabbott's piracy


If you think you know the sound of horror, try the unmistakable thump of a bloody pirate demon’s wooden leg coming down the stairs accompanied by the scratch of a hook hand gouging the railing for balance.

Yes, it really is worse than fingernails on a blackboard.

(For younger readers, blackboards were devices used in structured educational situations last century. Chalk was applied to them and … oh, never mind.)

social distancing alla infected but not dying yet…

on the fairwayon the fairway

Dominic Perrottet’s COVID “change in approach” will be sceptically received and many will see this contradiction of earlier advice as a belated attempt to manage a situation that has the appearance of being out of control (“One in 10 may catch first wave, Chant says”, December 30).


In bad faith…

functional silos .....functional silos .....

Canberra’s conduct towards the Timorese was so grave that Australia continues to be regarded, within international legal circles as a cheat.


Upon our return to Cambridge in early 2014 from The Hague after the truly shameful experience of watching and listening to Australia’s solicitor-general and some of his team scornfully defend Australian misconduct at Dili our Bar Leader, Sir Elihu Lauterpacht QC, doyen of international law, former ad hoc Judge of the International Court, 84 years old and on his last brief, sought reassurance from me that I too had seen Australia’s Professor James Crawford, SC, momentarily lower his head as the Solicitor-General spoke. Eli admired James and watched intently as James sat with the Australian team.


By Bernard Collaery



US delusions…


At upcoming talks with Washington, Moscow will not only obstruct but will put a complete stop to any eastwards expansion of the US-led NATO military bloc, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister said on Tuesday.

Speaking to news agency Interfax, Sergey Ryabkov said his country would go into the negotiations with a clear agenda and reject any attempts by US diplomats to dilute the proposed agreement between the two parties.

“Our leadership has repeatedly said we can no longer tolerate the situation that is developing in the immediate vicinity of our borders. We cannot tolerate NATO expansion. We will not just prevent it. We will put a stop to it,” Ryabkov said.

royal effluencers…


It could not have escaped anyone’s attention that Prince Philip died three weeks ago. (NOTE: This article was first published on May 4, 2021) He was 99 years old, had a history of heart trouble and, as the Queen’s long-standing consort, was as familiar as the Monarch herself. With his death a remarkable transformation took place as saturation media coverage recast the public image of the brash, boorish, ‘ladies’ man’ into a model of virtue, tact, and unimpeachable rectitude.

The Australian, a paragon of historical revisionism, saw Prince Philip as a man with the ‘common touch’, a ‘Royal larrikin’, a ‘moderniser’. To the Daily Mirror he was a ‘sensitive’, poetry-loving, ‘radical’. It was all a bit absurd.

restrictions you have when you don’t have restrictions…

' maskmask'

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has defended his handling of the Omicron COVID-19 outbreak, saying the state is in a strong position despite rising cases and testing chaos.

preparing the dead end…


They defend the climate while preparing the end of the world


        by Manlio Dinucci  

    For Manlio Dinucci, the danger of global warming pales in comparison to the far more devastating threat of a nuclear winter that some COP26 participants are hastily preparing.

the evil empire…

scapegoatscapegoatThirty years on, I miss the ‘Evil Empire’.  As a child of the Cold War, I grew up only knowing the Soviet Union as our enemy. When it collapsed, it created a vacuum when it came to defending the US.

1000 billion christmasses…

trucktruck This truck isn’t a real truck. This is probably our best representation of what we think about reality. From stupid religious beliefs to informed sciences, we have improved our vision, yet we are still blind as bats. An ant has as much location awareness as we have in our spacial set, though we tend to take more bulk, which in terms of relative infinite limit of importance is about zero. But we try to understand.

And this is good.

This young Down syndrome man in his early thirties took a similar truck made of different molecules — wood versus plastic — around the block daily like a dog on a leach. He had conversations with his “truck” like people have words with their dogs — animals that barely understand anything more than a wooden toy would, but are willing to learn to sit for a bone.

In the zone…


We owe a debt to Julian... In this time of celebration, we wish Julian Assange the best gift that one can get for Christmas: FREEDOM. 

running between wicked wickets...


Now we know when the election will be held: In March.

Well we don’t know for sure, of course, but after Thursday’s MYEFO [Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook] there’s no need for a pre-election budget in April followed by an election in May, a repeat of 2019 and the common assumption for 2022 up to now.

Thursday’s MYEFO was the election budget you have when you don’t have an election budget.


Federal budgets are no longer the announcement platforms they used to be – everything is pre-announced these days, so there’s no need for a budget to unveil election goodies.

the irresponsibility of the scomo steam engine...


When thinking about next year's Federal Election, Australians should consider the incalculable damage Scott Morrison has done to Australian democracy during his first full term as elected Prime Minister, writes George Grundy.

AS PARLIAMENT closes out for 2021, the Morrison Government is taking steps to set the agenda for next year's Federal Election.


Scott Morrison will be hoping for no major bushfires this summer and a return to pre-COVID normality, so the battle can be fought around perceived LNP strengths such as the economy, national security and culture war issues like social media trolling.



Like many, my best Christmas memories come from childhood. Endless hot summers, the river, food and family. And faith.

I come from a big Aboriginal family. There's no Christmas like a black Christmas. There was never much money and presents were few and modest, but they were treasured. One year I got a book of Greek myths that opened a world of wonder and ideas that have stayed with me a lifetime.

We played cricket with a homemade bat carved out of an old fence post. Our ham came from a tin and chicken substituted for turkey.

But we were blessed. Christmas was a time of prayer and hope. My uncles were pastors in the Aboriginal church. They looked to the black church leaders of the United States like the reverend Martin Luther King Jr.



the doctors' wives...


Scott Morrison and his government enter the new year with a fresh iteration of their "women problem" — the multiple high-profile female independents contesting a number of Liberal seats.

It's not that the next parliament is likely to see a big influx of new lower house crossbenchers.

ABC election analyst Antony Green points out that, to win, independents in these seats would need a 25-30 per cent primary vote and to push the Liberal vote down to about 45 per cent.

One of these aspirants may succeed, two if they were extremely lucky. Perhaps the drive will end up nothing more than colour and movement.

However it goes, their challenges bring serious campaign trouble for Morrison.

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