Thursday 19th of May 2022

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on the way to the asylum, hopefully before he unleashes WW3…...

According to numerous US media reports and opinion polls in the US, Joe Biden is increasingly being described as one of the worst presidents in American history, proving to be “an unparalleled disaster.”

mad crazy feckless nuts ……..

There have been several particularly disturbing stories in the media over the past week even if one chooses to tune out the US Congress’s pending astonishing overwhelming approval of a grant of $39.8 billion to Ukraine to continue the war to “weaken” Russia. Even so-called progressives in the Democratic Party voted for the war. So now the United States will be at war with Russia through proxy, like it or not, and the consequences could be devastating, particularly if NATO member Poland intervenes directly, as it has been threatening, but few in Washington seem to be awake to that reality.


BY Philip M. Giraldi

on the price of beans…….

Britain faces the “major concern” of “apocalyptic” global food-price rises sparked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Bank of England’s governor has told MPs.

Andrew Bailey warned of a “very big income shock” to households, and admitted feeling “helpless” in the face of surging inflation.


His comments came as veteran Tory MP Michael Fabricant called on the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, to raise benefits in line with inflation, and as concerns were raised over plans by the energy regulator to revise the price cap on bills every three months instead of every six.


the worst or the worst?……...

The discussion of foreign policy is one of the low points in the election. It is hard to be otherwise when both major parties are committed to integrating Australia’s military forces with those of the US. This severely curtails the scope for proposing independent policies and raises expectations ensuring the Government and Opposition contribute forces to almost any war America wants it to.

as time goes by….

In the past, indiscriminate shelling by Ukrainian Armed Forces already led to the destruction of tankers full of chemicals and the leak of poisonous substances that endangered lives in the Lugansk People's Republic (LPR).

hopefully, the last episode of "scum truck" in the australian political skies…….

Capt. Kirk (John Belushi), Spock (Chevy Chase) and Dr. McCoy (Dan Aykroyd) encounter network executives (Elliott Gould, Garrett Morris) who announce Star Trek is cancelled. Aired 05/29/76


The Coalition’s superannuation-backed first-home buyers scheme would push up property prices by as much as $134,000 while failing to expand the supply of housing, economists have warned.

neutered neutrality by the US empire…….

As is well known, the Swiss Federal Council decided on 28 February to adopt all EU sanctions against Russia – not voluntarily, according to those familiar with the geopolitical situation, but in any case with more zeal than demanded in Washington and Brussels, because it also wants to please the EU and NATO turbos at home.1 Since then, the Federal Council has been constantly adapting its decrees – each time with the phrase that this does not harm Swiss neutrality(!).2 Before Easter, the Federal Council adopted the fifth package of sanctions, not without a rather casual commentary on the situation in general and the Russian “war guilt” in particular.


The Ukrainian delegation to Eurovision 2022. One of the escorts (left) is wearing the trident. This medieval symbol became the emblem of Ukraine only in 1917-18 at the initiative of the historian Mykhailo Hrushevsky. It was adopted as the country’s coat of arms in 1996. There are two ways to draw its base. The color variations are also significant. The one of the attendant is not the official version, but the one of the Banderites [Ukrainian neo-Nazis].

The festival of Eurovision 2022 was held in Turin (Italy). It is organized by an association, the European Broadcasting Union [set up by a NATO "directive"], bringing together the public service televisions of the European continent before 200 million viewers.

the invisible villain…..

Spider-Man fans have been left stunned by the name of an obscure villain from the Marvel comic book series.

While many of Spider-Man’s nemeses are almost as well-known as he is – such as Doctor Octopus, Venom or Green Goblin – the minor fellon known as Spectrum has perhaps the most famous name of all.


As was recently pointed out in a viral tweet, Spectrum’s real name is in fact Joe Biden.

The character first appeared in Peter Parker No 1 back in 2010, at a time when the real-life Joe Biden was serving as US Vice President under Barack Obama.



getting closer to nuclear armaggedon...

The undersigned strongly and unambiguously express their opposition to your policy with regard to Ukraine. Your strategy is edging the world closer and closer to a nuclear war with Russia, and to another world war. Recently, you requested Congress for even more funds to be sent to Ukraine in order to help them buy more weapons for the military conflict with Russia. 

hamburger semaphoring…..

Americans are being shepherded to the next emoji crusade – the latest being Russia’s special operation in Ukraine – like consumers waiting in line for junk food and Happy Meals. When does the mindless virtue-signaling end?

While some Westerners may find a kindred spirit with McDonald’s and its anti-war posturing against Russia, a little more consistency on the issue of war and peace would be a most welcome development.


To end our writing about hunting, one could be led to believe that the democratisationed issue of a hunting licence in parallel with the increasing rarity of wild quails would make obsolete the joys and privileges of poaching from which one can traditionally affirm the taste of freedom. But poaching remains one of the vitality of the free thinker and the true poacher will carry some strangling wire under his cap, even if parliament votes some contrary self-congratulary legislation. One knows that democracies, especially the over-riped ones, maintain secret hunting grounds that are full of preys, from rabbits to pheasants, in which everyone is a poacher with a hunting inspector’s hat. It’s called corruptation...

new promises worse than abbott's lies, with no value added and love at first sight…...

Scott Morrison has made housing policies for young and old a central part of his address at the Liberal Party’s official campaign launch, days before Australians go to polling booths.

A re-elected Coalition government will allow first-home buyers to access their superannuation to buy a home, while people over 55 will be able to put $300,000 in their retirement nest egg from the proceeds of downsizing to a smaller home, freeing up larger properties for families.

“Superannuation is there to help Australians in their retirement,” the Prime Minister told the party faithful in Brisbane on Sunday.

“The evidence shows that the best thing we can do to help Australians achieve financial security in their retirement is to help them own their own home.”

free medicine, free education, and financial aid for those wishing to study abroad……...

During the era of Muammar Gaddafi’s Libyan Jamahiriya, the country was openly admired by many countries in the region for the well-being and living conditions of Libyans, perhaps with the exception of the Gulf States. And this was justified, among other things, by the fact that there was free medicine, free education, and financial aid for those wishing to study abroad. Flats were given to young families for free. Some of the medicines in pharmacies were given to elderly people free of charge. Utility bills were ridiculously low.

seeing the true nefarious US deceit and interferences …...

While the so-called liberal and conservative corporate mainstream media – all stenographers for the intelligence agencies – pour forth the most blatant propaganda about Russia and Ukraine that is so conspicuous that it is comedic if it weren’t so dangerous, the self-depicted cognoscenti also ingest subtler messages, often from the alternative media.

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