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easy sell....

Washington Syndrome: Australia’s sovereignty sell-out hidden in plain sight

Australian Defence Force in the decades ahead. As media quibbled about this equipment purchase or that one, former Senator and submariner Rex Patrick explains the sovereignty sell-out hidden in plain sight.

 Washington Syndrome

It’s confirmed. All the evidence points to the Defence Minister suffering from Stockholm Syndrome (or more accurately Washington Syndrome), except that he hasn’t just formed a bond with his Defence Department, where he won’t challenge them. He’s swallowed the whole kit and caboodle; adopting Defence lingo and lines as his own.

screaming joe and the alt universe......

in our mediocre universe, FOXnews would be naturally wrong and Morning Joe (Screaming Joe Scarborough ENDS His Career Live On MSNBC in a RAGE!!!) “could be” right… 

But we live in the inverted parallel real Joe Biden deceitful fascist world of loony democrats, where FOXnews is a bit more correct and Morning Joe is an explosive banana rotting on the spot… 

Meanwhile Donald Trump has made the Republican base tighten its butt to a certain point — considering Mike Johnson is a traitor to the cause and Mike Pence spruiks rubbish about “unprovoked” in regard to Russia “invading” Yuckraine… Joe Biden has succeeded in turning the Democrats into a party of mental cloacalic tight-arseholes… Is America ready for another four years of this senile unchargeable memory-deficient old kook shuffling the motions from his nappies? 

tit for TAT TAT TAT....

As is routinely the case with Western-backed wars, the corporate media’s timeline begins at the moment that suits their narrative. We have seen this play out recently, with the attempt to rob the Gaza war of all contexts before October 7, 2023. Similarly, when it comes to Israel’s conflict with Iran, the two have been embroiled in what is referred to as a “shadow war,” the details of which are pretty shocking.




london's destiny with psychopaths for all seasons.....

Top secret papers reviewed by The Grayzone reveal Tony Blair demanded strikes on civilian targets in Yugoslavia days before NATO attacked them. While the UK military acknowledged a NATO strike on Hotel Jugoslavia would mean inflicting “some civilian casualties,” it insisted the deaths were “worth the cost.”


Kosovo War at 25: Blair’s secret invasion plot to ‘topple Milosevic’ revealed


god and war cannot be insured.....

The legal team representing high-powered insurers Lloyd’s and Arch says that since the Nord Stream explosions were “more likely than not to have been inflicted by… a government,” they have no responsibility to pay for damages to the pipelines. To succeed with that defense, the companies will presumably be compelled to prove, in court, who carried out those attacks. 




British insurers are arguing that they have no obligation to honor their coverage of the Nord Stream pipelines, which were blown up in September 2022, because the unprecedented act of industrial sabotage was likely carried out by a national government.

exhibit A....

Australia’s carbon offset scheme costs a lot and captures almost no carbon but provides a fig leaf for continuing emissions. Technology-based Carbon Dioxide Removal is still a distant dream. Distributed energy resources can be the Swiss Army knife of the electricity system.


Environment: Expert calls Australia’s carbon offset scheme a scam    By Peter Sainsbury


Australia’s carbon offset scheme exposed as a scam

jackboots and jackpots....

The House of Representatives held a rare Saturday session to vote on $95 billion in proposed aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, with the vote, desperately sought after by the White House, Democrats and neocon Republicans since October, coming after months of efforts by pro-MAGA lawmakers to focus resources on the crisis at the US’ southern border.

The House approved nearly $100 billion in assistance to Washington’s overseas allies, partners and client states on Saturday, with supporters of the aid managing to overcome opposition after a six-month deadlock in the chamber.

polishing the language at "the new york times".....

The New York Times coverage of the Israeli carnage in Gaza, like that of other mainstream U.S. media, is a disgrace to journalism. 

This assertion should not surprise anyone. U.S. media is driven neither by facts nor morality, but by agendas, calculating and power hunger. 


Ramzy Baroud responds to revelations about The New York Times “guidance” on language about the Israeli mass slaughter in the Gaza Strip since Oct. 7.


The humanity of 120 thousand dead and wounded Palestinians because of the Israeli genocide in Gaza is simply not part of that agenda. 

re-inventing the square wheel.....

In a dramatic break from his party’s hardline conservative base, US House Speaker MIke Johnson this week praised the country’s deep state, named Russia, China, and Iran as an “axis of evil,” and vowed to put his job on the line to funnel more than $60 billion to Kiev.

For months, Johnson has resisted bringing a $95 billion foreign aid bill to a vote, arguing that neither he nor his fellow Republicans could support such a bill – which would give $14 billion in military aid to Israel and $60 billion to Ukraine – without it being tied to an overhaul of US border security.

However, after a series of recent meetings with US intelligence chiefs, Johnson has changed his tune.

welcome: the french state versus the ecologists.....

Two articles discussing how state terrorism is applied against environmental activists. The first article from Reporterre tells how state terrorism is used against environmentalists, as in any self-respecting dictatorship, sequestration and torture (beating). The second article is Contre Attaque analyzes the situation and its purpose: to terrorize.

In the basement of anti-terrorism, the hell of environmental activists


Brutal arrests, endless police custody. 17 people were arrested on April 8 as part of an action against Lafarge in 2023, with “disproportionate” anti-terrorism resources. They tell.

polling in the US of A.....

In the latest Reuters/Ipsos Core Political poll, Americans continue to report political extremism or threats to democracy as their top issue facing the country, followed by the economy and immigration.


When it comes to political extremism and threats to democracy, more Americans now say they prefer Biden’s approach to the issue over Trump’s. Americans are still divided, however, on whether Trump or Biden has a better plan for improving the economy. At the macro level, most Americans still say that, generally, things in the U.S. are headed off on the wrong track, and Biden’s approval rating is relatively unchanged, now reading at 40%, from the start of 2024.

wafting across the ditch....

I don’t want to appall the diplomats present by using a vulgarism, but Pillar two [of AUKUS] is fragrant methane-wrapped bullshit. Australia and New Zealand are beautifully placed to nurture and defend a different model of relationships between the prevailing power [the US] and the rising power [China]: A different approach from the one that says war is inevitable, says former Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr.



NDIS and emphasis on budgetary control....

When she introduced the first NDIS legislation to the House of Representatives in 2012 Prime Minister Julia Gillard said it was to replace “A system that metes out support rationed by arbitrary budget allocations, not real human needs”. It was a radical break with other forms of welfare assistance because it put the human rights of people with disabilities first and foremost – not the budget. It was not subject to asset or income tests. It was effectively unique. It was intended to meet Australia’s obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.


NDIS and Aged Care; from rights first to budget firstBy Roger Beale


the russians are coming.... the russians are coming... the .....

The Russians are coming — or coming back, better put. 

As the November elections draw near, let us brace for another barrage of preposterous propaganda to the effect Russians are poisoning our minds with “disinformation,” “false narratives,” and all the other misnomers deployed when facts contradict liberal authoritarian orthodoxies.


PATRICK LAWRENCE: Could the Russians Seize Congress?


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