Thursday 29th of July 2021

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The climate impact of wild pigs around the world is equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions of 1.1m cars annually, according to new research.

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New South Wales has recorded its fifth death from the COVID-19 Delta outbreak after a woman in her 50s was found dead inside her home in Green Valley in Sydney’s south west.


















Everyday we make a zillion decisions without knowing. Our billion cells carry on doing their complex chemistry that we have to feed at some stage to sustain the reaction. At the top of the system, there is a mechanism dedicated to the survival of the assemblage — when we, our consciousness and our subconscious, as the entity director of various cells have to make the best for “all of us”. It’s a ∑ ∞+n of importance.


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The right-wing commentariat — especially in the Daily Telegraph (I am not allowed to call it Daily Shittograph anymore) and (dark) Sky News, the home of Scomo’s barking dogs — had a field day at bagging “Dictator Dan”, Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria who imposed drastic lockdowns when Melbourne was “infected” with Covid-19. They used New South Wales Premier as an example of good governance… Great this, great that, Gladys B could not place a foot wrong, despite her shitty love affair with a certain Daryl which could have lead to some corruption of intent. Now it appears that New South Wales is "A State Run by Mom Gladys…"

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Left hook, right jab, duck… And if this does not work, throw in the towel... This is the gamut of the intellectual — say philosophical — extend of the US leadership. Republicans or democrats... It’s a bit childish and is lacking in depth: you’re with us or against us. Yes, join the bullies and you won’t get hurt while your intellectual capacities to think for yourself shrink into a black hole of stupidity that makes an American footballer a professor of scientific rigour. 


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We witness that campaigns against Cuba have intensified when the blockade is harsher and the Covid-19 pandemic is being dealt with on the Island, led by a government that privileges the health of people.


The two topics falling outside the conceptual scope of promoters and actors. The former are the same as always, running the business of money that the United States allocates to counterrevolution, the latter with their dignity dragged around and without a plan for a better Cuba.

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It is impossible to write usefully and informatively about the pandemic without risk to reputation. One’s writings on COVID exist in context, not just media and accepted narrative but one’s own writings as well. Thus, it is vital that any information, even science, as that has of late been twisted out or recognizability as well, be judged based on the credibility and standing of the voice reporting it.


By Gordon Duff


That said, we establish that as of this writing it is mid-July, the year is 2021 and collective world media has failed miserably, to serve, to report, to analyze and to investigate.

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Australia, one of the world's biggest fossil fuel exporters, has strongly criticised the European Union's proposal to enact a carbon border tax.

The measure was confirmed yesterday in the EU's sweeping new climate plan.

Such a tax would make exporters to the EU pay more for goods like steel and cement, to level the playing field for European firms paying carbon permits.

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Worse than the Civil War? Biden’s description of January 6 is designed to create even more division across America


The US president took political exaggeration to the extreme when he said the Capitol rioters were worse than the Confederates. With this historical ignorance, he seems intent on framing all his opponents as enemies of the state.

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Scott Morrison has blamed a national panel of medical experts for Australia’s slow coronavirus vaccine rollout.

The Prime Minister said a series of “very cautious” decisions from the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation [ATAGI) had a massive impact.

“It slowed it considerably and it put us behind. We wish that wasn’t the result but it was,” he told 2GB radio on Wednesday.


“Those decisions are made independent of government, as they should be.”

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Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley will appeal a Federal Court order that she has a duty of care to protect young people from the impacts of greenhouse gas emissions.

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