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blind freddy .....

In his first detailed remarks since the
bombing of a prominent Shiite mosque triggered two days of deadly reprisals
& counter-reprisals, the president warned that "the days ahead in Iraq
are going to be difficult & exhausting."

"Please", he nearly added
"we have a MONOPOLY on bombing your lot to smithereen! So stop it or
you'll go...". He would have stopped here, of course, realizing he did not
see very well himself anymore...

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UN investigator briefed Downer on AWB

Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer has confirmed he was
briefed on allegations against AWB a month before the UN oil-for-food inquiry
handed down its report.

It has been revealed Mr Downer met the UN oil-for-food
investigator Paul Volcker in New York in September last year.

hell, by invitation only .....

From the ABC

PM backs 'bloody' tourism ad campaign
Prime Minister John Howard has praised the new advertising campaign by Tourism Australia, which features a cheeky tag-line. .. Bloody Hell...


prospective heister .....


on the road to kickbackee .....


from the ABC
Iraq wheat mission going without AWB
Australia's sole wheat exporter, AWB, has been dropped from the delegation heading to Iraq for crisis talks on wheat.
The ABC understands AWB chairman Brendan Stewart will not be accompanying Deputy Prime Minister Mark Vaile on the mission, which will be relabelled a government-to-government visit.


ghost trains .....

the ABC …..

Australian diplomat told the Government that Iraq wanted fees outside the
oil-for-food program.

AWB link in kickbacks cable: PM

nice colour too .....

From the ABC

PM declines Cole invitation

The Prime Minister says there is nothing
more that Government Ministers can offer the Cole Inquiry.

today, Commissioner Terence Cole issued an invitation for anyone with
information about kickbacks or the Iraqi oil-for-food scandal to appear before
his inquiry. He made special mention of Members of Parliament and public

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somewhere in baghdad .....

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kept in the dark .....

careful wording


From the ABC

PM denies knowledge of AWB kickbacks

Prime Minister John Howard says comments he made in 2003 about the Iraqi oil-for-food program were not based on any knowledge of AWB's involvement in the payment of kickbacks.


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