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dumb polls .....


From the ABC …. 

IR changes hit Howard's standing

A new opinion poll shows a drop
in voter support for Prime Minister John Howard, following the start of
his Government's new industrial relations changes. 

bugger bunger .....

nose bleed 661-3 .....

From 4 Corners .….

OF THE IRAQ PROGRAMME (1999-2003):  

“It is true to say that it was
not their responsibility to carry out the pricing review. That said,
my sympathy only extends so far because every nation has
a responsibility, absolutely, under resolution 661, to ensure that
its nationals comply with the terms of that resolution. 

false note .....

Blogger's passsion...

Selected quotes
from an
Interview: Iraqi blogger Riverbend

By Firas Al-Atraqchi

Sunday 09 April 2006, 11:41 Makka Time, 8:41 GMT

Riverbend's blog Baghdad Burning began to make waves in late 2003 and quickly became one of the most read Iraqi blogs. She offered an Iraqi woman's perspective on the US invasion and the first months after the fall of Baghdad.

Since then, her blog has been adapted into book form by UK-based publishers Marion Boyars and New York-based Feminist Press.

In March 2005, the blog was adapted into a play by a New York-based theatre production company.

red tape recommendations .....

from the ABC ….. 

Govt to slash business red tape 

Prime Minister John Howard and
Treasurer Peter Costello will today announce a package to cut red tape for
business and make it easier for small firms to access the new workplace
relations laws. 

the little aussie nationalist .....

From the ABC ….. 

PM defends right to override
state IR laws 

Prime Minister John Howard says
there will not be any dramatic consequences for the states if they lose
the industrial relations challenge in the High Court. 

The states are fighting plans for
a national industrial relations system. 

Battle of Hollybook...

From the New York Times

Algeria Forbids Efforts to Convert Its Muslims

Published: April 6, 2006
ALGIERS, April 5 (Reuters) — Algeria has passed a law prohibiting efforts to convert Muslims to another religion, the country's chief of religious affairs said on Wednesday. The move seems aimed at maintaining stability after the Islamist violence that had plagued the country for a decade.

Muhammad Aissa, director of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, told the state radio network that the measure, passed on March 20, was prompted by the activities of Christian evangelists, particularly in the restive ethnic Berber region of Kabylie.

bunnies at the pump .....


From the ABC ….. 

Record petrol prices expected
over Easter!!

Melbourne's petrol prices are
expected to hit new highs over Easter. 

The price of unleaded petrol
reached a record high yesterday of $1.34 in the city and at Wheelers Hill. 

gloating in the dark .....

taliban cleric .....

history can be a pain in the butt .....

Rice acknowledges
'thousands' of mistakes in Iraq

US Secretary of State Condoleezza
Rice has acknowledged that the United States has made "thousands"
of tactical errors in Iraq. 

But she pleaded that the US and
British invasion of Iraq three years ago be judged on its strategic goal -
the ouster of dictator Saddam Hussein to pave the way for democracy - as
she defended Washington's policy in the region. 

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