Thursday 7th of July 2022


stunning pile of speculative crap from the new republic….

Will Merrick Garland Defend Democracy?

He came in wanting to depoliticize the Justice Department. But does that mean letting an ex-president get away with subverting democracy?


the US will defend "democracy" to the last person on earth…..

Fred Dagg, aka John Clarke, was a democracy fanatic... Clarke appeared on New Zealand TV screens as Dagg during the mid to late 1970s, "taking the piss" out of the post-pioneering Kiwi "blokes" and "blokesses".


ukraine has long been a toilet bowl…….

 Fresh from banning more opposition parties, Ukraine's Zelensky takes it upon himself to shill for war with China over Taiwan


The actor-turned-politician has become the perfect useful idiot for Washington’s foreign policy priorities


If Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky isn’t getting paid to foment war between the West and China, he should be. The ubiquitous media darling declared on Saturday that the “international community” must help Taiwan resist Chinese “aggression” now, before Beijing attacks the poor little heavily-armed island.


by Helen Buyniski


bullshit from NATO, londoncrap and little zelenshittt-t…..

The West must prepare to continue supporting Ukraine in a war lasting for years, Nato's chief has warned.

Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the costs of war were high, but the price of letting Moscow achieve its military goals was even greater.

enough is enough!!!! time to put the undiplomatic boxing gloves on!!!!!!!!!!!!

The decision by the UK Government overnight to approve the extradition of Julian Assange to the US, to face trumped up espionage and other charges, is an outrageous betrayal of the rule of law, media freedom and human rights.

This matter is so deeply wrong on so many levels. Mr Assange is a Walkley Award winning Australian journalist who revealed hard evidence of US war crimes and other misconduct. This outraged Washington and the Americans are desperate to get even, with the UK and Australian governments tripping over themselves in the rush to please the US and go along for the ride.

Good grief the US doesn’t even have global legal extraterritoriality, and nor does the UK/US extradition agreement include the charges levelled at Mr Assange.

living in a paper-thin house….

Against the background of the current Japanese government’s clearly ill-conceived policies, which are causing ever greater misery for its people, criticism of Fumio Kishida’s cabinet has increased markedly, with his rating dropping by a further 4.6 percentage points to 56.9% over the month. This is evidenced, in particular, by published data from a survey conducted by the Kyodo agency. According to Japan’s main news agency, 64.1% of respondents were negative about the government’s actions to combat rising prices.


BY Vladimir Danilov


political theatre that won't appear on fox…...

But for the most part so far, if you’ve consumed any of the previous January 6–related content out there, you already know what you’re going to get. The hearings have been little more than a reminder that the Capitol riot happened and that it was bad, only this time with a narrower focus on Trump and his personal role in the incident.

please, volodymyr, sign a deal with russia, before morons like bojo kill more of your kids….

Boris Johnson put problems plaguing his Tory party at home on the backburner on Friday as he paid a second surprise visit to Kiev to meet with Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky. The UK Prime Minister offered to launch a major military training programme for Ukrainian forces “with the potential to train up to 10,000 soldiers every 120 days.”

Boris Johnson, fresh from his surprise visit to Ukraine, has urged western leaders to “steel” themselves for a long conflict in Ukraine.

too many crashes in amerika…….

US President Joe Biden fell from his bicycle while stopping to greet supporters in Rehoboth, Delaware on Saturday. The 79-year-old president did not require medical attention, the White House said.

Video footage of the incident shows Biden crossing a street at low speed, before putting one foot down on the asphalt as if to dismount his bike. Instead, the president fell to the ground, landing on his side.

Biden, who was wearing a helmet, was helped to his feet by assistants. He rode away after speaking briefly to the small crowd of supporters who had gathered along his bike route.

According to the White House, Biden fell after his “foot got caught on the pedal,” and did not need medical attention.

slave to an american decrepit and deceitful empire…..

When people talk about Asia, they do not generally mean Australia. After all, it is the largest part of a theoretically separate continent, Oceania, and its people are white and British in origin for the most part.

However Oceania is a cultural term as much as anything. It refers to places where there a mix of native Polynesians and white European settlers, and English is the language of the educated, and more prestigious than native languages. As a functioning entity, it has no meaning, so Australia, which should be taking the lead as the largest country in that continent, has to be part of something else to serve any purpose.


BY Seth Ferris

Clinton speaks rubbish french…..

Hillary Clinton has criticized Emmanuel Macron’s policy towards Russia – the French leader should take it as a compliment


If the warmongering American chastises you for seeking diplomacy, you know you’re doing something right


Former US Secretary of State, First Lady, Senator, and failed presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, passed through Paris last week, and seized an opportunity to chastise French President Emmanuel Macron on his own turf. 


BY Rachel Marsden


we all owe assange a tremendous debt…...

Caitlin Johnstone: Assange is doing his most important work yet


Thanks to him, we know what Western leaders' claimed support of free press is really worth


By Caitlin Johnstone, an independent journalist based in Melbourne, Australia. Her website is here and you can follow her on Twitter @caitoz


bad news…..

June 14 (Reuters) - A growing number of people are selectively avoiding important news stories such as the coronavirus pandemic, Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and the cost-of-living crisis, according to a report released on Tuesday.

a conga line of foes, enemies and made-up demons to have an excuse for our butt cramp…...

Any government that is a national-security state needs big official enemies — scary ones, ones that will cause the citizenry to continue supporting not only the continued existence of a national-security state form of government but also ever-growing budgets for it and its army of voracious “defense” contractors.

That’s, of course, what the current brouhaha about Russia is all about. It’s really a replay of the Cold War decades, when Americans were made to believe that the Reds were coming to get them, take over the federal government and the public schools, and indoctrinate everyone into loving communism and socialism.


BY Jacob Hornberger


the Colbert privileged invasion of the capitol with some help….

The U.S. Capitol Police arrested a group of nine staffers from CBS’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert for allegedly trespassing in the U.S. Capitol on Thursday night, according to Fox News. 

The group of Colbert staffers was arrested in the Capitol’s Longworth House Office Building and charged with illegal entry into the House office buildings after hours. These nine individuals were reportedly escorted out of the January 6 Committee hearing earlier Thursday for not having proper press credential.

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