Thursday 7th of July 2022


most privateers in the arms trade are in prison — or dead….

Billionaires Can Arm Ukraine


The ultra-rich should dip into their deep pockets—for their own sake.

Dear Jeff Bezos,

of american religious fascism and adoration of the gun…..

fascists to the end of time…..fascists to the end of time…..

The Supreme Court is relentlessly funding and empowering Christian fascism. It not only overturned Roe v. Wade, ending a constitutional right to an abortion, but ruled on June 21 that Maine may not exclude religious schools from a state tuition program.


solving social poverty: corbyn versus the establishment….

In Shaftesbury or Lost and Found — a “genre” painting by William MacDuff and shown at the Royal Academy in 1863 — the crumpled hand-bill in the foreground advertises a meeting of the Ragged School Union under Shaftesbury’s presidency. Its activities included setting up homeless street arabs as shoeblacks, hence the interest shown by the two boys in the print of their benefactor.

Gus, Cartoonist since 1951, has modified the painting to include JEREMY CORBYN....


FROM Matt Kennard


The Facebook Cat Song

There's a computer in my pocket
called a mobile phone
I can ask it questions on
everything that's known
One thing most important
knocks the others flat
any time I want to I can
see a Facebook Cat
Facebook Cats rule the world
around our lives their tails are curled
Love to watch them all day long
Sing the Facebook Cat Song
I fixed the Planet the other day
Global Peace and stuff
told my friends on Facebook

of prostitutes….

Data found on Hunter Biden’s laptop reveal that the US president’s son spent over $30,000 on escorts from a “model agency” with offices in Kiev and Moscow, the Washington Examiner reported on Monday. 

According to the report, Hunter Biden racked up his five-figure bill between November 2018 and March 2019, in between Joe Biden’s terms as vice president and president of the US. Throughout this period, Joe Biden wired his son a total of $100,000 to help pay his bills, although it is unclear whether the senior Biden knew what his son was spending the money on.

inhumanity at unit 721….

adam came from eve….

According to the noise made by the small but vocal LGBTQ+ community, we all should be wearing rainbow-coloured underpants. But accepting and embracing the LGBTQ+ community does not mean that we all have to be LGBTQ+. 


For many cis-gender, gender-dysphoria (gender identity complexed with gender appearance — not a disease) is not an issue. For many centuries, societies have had to deal with homosexuality and other situations which are not sexually reproductive. Sex for pleasure (or not) has been an on and off taboo subject since before antiquity. 


thinking like a yankee…….

Think tank: The term denotes a group of people who are paid to do nothing but read, discuss, think, and write, usually to address and redress a matter of vital importance to humanity.


You can think of a think tank as a research university blessed with a complete absence of students and where, as a consequence, none of its professors has to teach---all they have to do is research, research, research.


At last count, the United States had 1,984 think tanks---nearly a third of the world's total. American think tanks are constantly researching solutions to a variety of the world's problems, and then arguing, advocating, and lobbying for policy changes at local, state, and federal levels.

of the anglo-saxon superiority complex…..

It is hard to comprehend why the French and the Germans would be enamoured with the Anglo-Saxon viewpoints, especially after the likes of Adenauer and General de Gaulle. But one can see how this has been achieved.

“The future of the world depends upon the gradual recognition, by the rest of the world, of the fundamental principles which lie at the heart of Anglo-Saxon civilization.”


Chums are chums:

G7 leaders at the bedside of ukraine — a terminally sick country….

THE Western leaders, those who think they run the world, have gone to a meeting in Germany for the G7.... I will apologise for not apologising about the cartoon above. It is designed to express the reality of these morons who have been lying to you and me for a long time. Many articles on this site have exposed the acid hypocrisy that these idiots live by.... and the imbecilic fuel that blows up Zelenskyyy-y's head.... 

time for biden to throw in the towel….

losing 1000 soldiers per day…..

make a peace deal now!!!!!!…..

Dr frankensteinskiyy-y…...

the G7 in pain again….

President Biden is heading to Europe, leaving a nation in turmoil over abortion rights to take on dueling missions abroad: find ways to lower food and gas prices while keeping allies unified in their pressure campaign against Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Biden’s meetings over the next week with the Group of Seven (G-7) nations and NATO allies will be largely focused on addressing Moscow’s continued bloody assault on Ukraine and the global economic shocks stemming from the invasion, though issues at home threaten to overshadow his time overseas.

do violence peacefully, please…..

Demonstrators have taken to the streets in cities across the US to protest the US Supreme Court’s overturning of the landmark 1973 Roe v Wade abortion ruling – amid fears of weeks of violence across the nation.

Angry crowds also gathered outside the Supreme Court building in Washington DC, where anti-abortion activists erupted in cheers after the ruling, while some abortion rights supporters were in tears.

US President Joe Biden condemned the decision, which will dramatically change life for millions of women and exacerbate growing tensions in a deeply polarised country.

Mr Biden condemned the ruling as taking an “extreme and dangerous path”.

“It’s a sad day for the court and for the country,” he said.

sign THE deal now, volodymyrskyyy-y…….

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine will probably end with a negotiated settlement, but that does not mean the West should stop sending arms to Kiev or reduce sanctions pressure on Moscow, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Saturday.

“Most likely, this war will end at the negotiating table,” Stoltenberg told the Spanish newspaper El Pais, acknowledging that an outright military victory was not on the cards.

“Our responsibility is to ensure that Ukraine is in the strongest possible position and to help it remain a sovereign and independent European nation,” he said.

The best way to bolster Kiev's position ahead of talks with Moscow is “to provide strong military support, economic support, and push through tough sanctions against Russia,” the NATO chief added.

it's not a crime to be heterosexual, even when twittering in space…….

Is Star Wars political? If you asked fans of the original movies, they might give you an interesting answer – but if you ask the official Star Wars Twitter account, it most certainly is. It’s got “WARS” in the name, after all.

The Star Wars official Twitter account has absolutely no problem bullying anyone off Twitter – and it’s done exactly that. If you aren’t a fan, or if you have some mild criticism about what they’re doing, then good luck to you and godspeed – you won’t survive the angry mob.

In many ways, the official Star Wars Twitter account’s behavior isn’t at all unlike what members of Tumblr’s fandoms – be it for Steven Universe or Kora, The Last Avatar – would do to anyone who stepped out of line.



BY Ian Miles Cheong


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