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what's good for the goose.....

What are the problems that the strategy seeks to address? What are the challenges and opportunities with which the strategy must contend? This section describes the strategic context for a new global strategy for China.

The rules-based international system

The post-World War II, rules-based international system, led by likeminded allies and partners, has produced unprecedented levels of peace, prosperity, and freedom, but it is coming under increasing strain. A foremost challenge to the system is the return of great-power competition with revisionist, autocratic states—especially China.


the travails below the skin of propaganda.....

WARSAW (Sputnik) - Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki expressed his outrage on Monday to Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal over the celebration of the birthday of the controversial Ukrainian nationalist Stepan Bandera.

On January 1, the Ukrainian authorities held a series of events on the occasion of Bandera's birthday.

under the weather balloons...

Some US politicians are playing the bait and switch game, using the Chinese balloon to get American afraid so that they can support their anti-China policies, said Scott Ritter (Ritter), a former US Marine Corps intelligence officer.


deep and meaningful.......

Reducing the risk of Australia becoming trapped in an American war in Asia, again, requires the Australian government to give notice now to the United States that it wishes to withdraw from the Force Posture Agreement.

An open letter to the Prime Minister of Australia, Anthony Albanese. February 17, 2023.


The Abbott government’s adoption in 2014 of a Force Posture Agreement (FPA) with the United States cedes control of certain military operations from our territory to the US. And Defence Minister Richard Marles’ recent address to Parliament affirms nothing will change.

subconscious coincidental history?.....

6 July 2022 — With attempts to 'cancel' Pushkin, Ukraine's drive to eradicate Russian language and culture has reached the level of farce. (ZELENSKY IS AN ILLITERATE IDIOT WHO CAN ONLY READ TV SCRIPTS ABOUT DICK-PIANO PLAYING.)

Pushkin (1799-1837) published his first poem at the age of 15 and became a renowned poet, novelist and playwright in just a few years. 




“Pushkin is now a Frenchman, didn’t you know?” joked Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry. “Better lie down for this, you might faint.”

the catholics and the nazis.....

At the end of the Second World War, a report from the American Third Army stated, “The question who is a Nazi is often a dark riddle. . . . The question what is a Nazi is also not easy to answer.”  Despite these challenges, the Allied Powers (France, Great   Britain, the Soviet Union and the United States) individually created a complex denazification system with tribunals to determine who had been an ardent supporter of National Socialism.


at the undertakers (from nearly a year ago)......

Russia’s war against Ukraine rages on. The U.S. and Europe continue to support Kiev. But not, it seems, to make peace. Rather, the allies are prepared to back the Zelensky government as long as it fights Moscow to the last Ukrainian—which has always been the West’s approach to Kiev.


Washington Will Fight Russia to the Last Ukrainian


Kiev faces a choice: make peace for its people or war for its supposed friends?

the fallout.....

The disturbing and detailed reportage by a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh on Washington’s sabotage of the Russian Nordstream 2 gas pipeline to Germany now provides new perspective on the momentous series of geopolitical trends that began with the war in Ukraine.

My own assessment of the Russian invasion written one year ago offered an analysis that was, and still is, markedly at variance with the Washington-dominated narrative of the course of Ukraine events.


an insurance in diversity: the end of empirionism....

Any attempt to create a single world government is a cause for concern, since it could strip humanity of diversity and precipitate the end of civilization, billionaire Elon Musk has told a summit of government officials in Dubai.

The SpaceX CEO made a virtual appearance at the 2023 World Government Summit in the UAE on Wednesday. The event is aimed at fostering cooperation between nations, but Musk warned against taking it too far.

“We want to avoid creating a civilizational risk by having – and this may seem odd – too much cooperation between governments,” Musk said.

how the brookings institute (brookings) framed the debate (lied by omission and bullshit) before the russian intervention......

This current critical phase of the crisis in Ukraine has been manufactured by Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin. Russian troops, artillery, armored vehicles, tanks and other equipment encircle Ukraine: they are along the Russian border with Ukraine and in the annexed territory of Crimea as well as in Belarus, threatening a major military confrontation.


dumb, dumb, dumb and dumber......

Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has slammed Washington's alleged involvement in bombing the Nord Stream gas lines as one of the “dumbest” decisions taken in years, warning that the move will have “horrific”consequences for Europeans and further undercut the already “supremely useless” NATO alliance.

the chou cream splattered on the western faces.....


Despite countless Western bossy-boots beavering away in the media and beyond, generating worst-case projections as they strain to create a collective storyboard for “China: The Disaster Movie”, China, exasperatingly, keeps successfully pressing on towards its own clearly considered, affirmative future.


By Richard Cullen



art versus art in politics......

When Mexican artist Diego Rivera was commissioned in 1932 to do a mural in the middle of Manhattan's Rockefeller Center, some might have wondered whether industrialist tycoon John D. Rockefeller Jr. knew what he was getting into.

In 1934, the legendary artist's work was chiseled off the wall.

Now, in Washington, D.C., the Mexican Cultural Institute has mounted a show that tells what happened to Rivera's mural.


March 9, 2014




"Man at the Crossroads: Diego Rivera's Mural at Rockefeller Center," is a whodunit tale that also illustrates the tensions between art and politics. Exhibition co-curator Susana Pliego says the Rockefeller family was aware of Rivera's leftist politics when it commissioned the work.

the fear of the balloons is going to make the pentagon budget balloon...

UFO defense: Washington turns to sci-fi to boost military spending

On the heels of the Chinese ‘spy balloon’ scare, the US is now being invaded by unidentified aerial craft – just in time for the new budget bill

After the so-called “Chinese spy balloon” passed over the US last week and was shot down, the US claimed that multiple “UFO’s” have since appeared in its airspace, as well as above Canada.


By Timur Fomenko, a political analyst 


taking europe down with him.....

It is an open secret: the government of Kiyv is losing militarily to the Russian army. The latter is advancing without hurrying and is building the defense of the regions that joined Moscow by referendum. But this inexorable reality hides others. For example, the fact that Turkey, still a member of NATO, supports Russia and provides it with spare parts for its army. Not only is the Atlantic Alliance losing, but it is cracking.


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