Thursday 7th of July 2022


Assange should be free…….

Two years ago, at my local Australian Labor Party branch, I moved a motion urging the ALP to support dropping extradition proceedings against Julian Assange. Maroubra ALP is not inner city. It might be regarded as a bastion of the right. The motion was carried, near unanimously. After the debate, one member came up and said: “I think Assange is probably a narcissistic bastard but he’s ours.”

That is, he’s an Australian.




after years of being pushed around by the US hegemony…..

The Spectator (Australia) published an article in 2014 about PUTIN WANTING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD.... with a cartoon of Putin that was a pisstake from the movie, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.... Gus Leoniksy, cartoonist since 1951, has modified this illustration to represent "reality"... The Spectator article was (is) rubbish of course. Russia, China and many other countries are sick of being told what to do by the USA. THE US ARE THE ONES WHO WANT TO OWN AND CONTROL THE WORLD and this has been known since 1917/1919.... (see the HEARTLAND)

fascist nazis to the end of time…..

If Stepan Bandera was an agent of the Gestapo and left only the memory (positive for some) of the massacres and tortures he organized, Dmytro Dontsov was -and still is- the reference thinker of Ukranian nationalists. It is he who invented Ukrainian racialism and imagined the fanaticism of Ukrainian nationalists as a weapon.



The ideology of the banderists


by Thierry Meyssan


If in previous articles I have presented the history of the Banderist movement from the interwar period to the present day, I would like to talk here about their ideology.

summers of discontent…...

LONDON, June 21 (Reuters) - Tens of thousands of workers walked out on the first day of Britain's biggest rail strike in 30 years on Tuesday, with millions of passengers facing days of chaos as both the unions and government vowed to stick to their guns in a row over pay.

educating a brave person……..

My graduating class at Davison High School had voted that I should give the graduation address at our commencement ceremony, which took place 50 years ago this weekend. The senior class had also voted me “Class Comic.” That should’ve been all the warning the school administration needed — that the senior class wanted the class clown to give the official graduation speech. They should’ve known this would not end well. 

In the weeks leading up to the end of the school year, those of us with the “good grades” were inducted into the National Honor Society, which meant we would receive flashy golden cords so we could parade around on graduation night and show everybody how really smart we were (when in fact, all it meant was that we were good test takers).


from green to brown then black….

The EU must not revert to using coal and neglect its climate change goals in order to replace Russian gas, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has said.

“We have to make sure that we use this crisis to move forward and not to have a backsliding on the dirty fossil fuels,” von der Leyen told the Financial Times on Monday.

“It’s a fine line and it’s not determined whether we are going to take the right turn.”

Von der Leyen said EU nations need to continue “massive investment in renewables.” 

She added that Brussels has “emergency steps in place” to respond to the threat of decreasing supplies from Russia, such as energy conservation and prioritizing which industries receive gas.

freedomola and fizz….

So Honest Joe Biden is now going to give another $1.2 billion to the Ukrainians on top of the sixty or so billion that is already in the pipeline, but who’s counting, particularly as Congress refused to approve having an inspector general to monitor whose pockets will be lined. The money will be printed up without any collateral or “borrowed” and the American taxpayer will somehow have to bear the burden of this latest folly that is ipso facto driving much of the world into recession.


no threat……...

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants a return to the 'spheres of influence' policy, but he will not succeed, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz claimed in an interview with the newspaper Munchner Merkur.

Among other topics, Scholz was asked to comment on Russia’s claims that Western sanctions were preventing deliveries of Russian gas to Germany via the Nord Stream pipeline. Earlier on Monday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the pipeline’s turbines have to undergo maintenance, but because of the sanctions “the Europeans are not returning them.”

“This justification is not plausible,” Scholz responded.

we die anyway as the system survives…….

It is hard to be sanguine about the future. The breakdown of the ecosystem is well documented. So is the refusal of the global ruling elite to pursue measures that might mitigate the devastation. We accelerate the extraction of fossil fuels, wallow in profligate consumption, including our consumption of livestock, and make new wars as if we are gripped by a Freudian death wish. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Conquest, War, Famine and Death – gallop into the 21rst century.




monkey money....

Spice lovers are bracing for a shortage of Sriracha sauce that experts say is likely due in part to the effects of climate change on chili peppers.

The green-capped, bright red product, whose popularity NPR described as “something of a cult following,” is beginning to disappear from supermarket shelves.  

accepting a fascist and completely corrupt country in the EU…..

US President Joe Biden thinks Ukraine is “very likely” to become a member of the European Union, he told reporters on Monday. He also said a visit to Kiev is still on the table, but probably not during his upcoming trip to Europe.

Biden spoke to a press gaggle in Rehoboth, Delaware, where he’s vacationing ahead of the NATO summit in Madrid, scheduled to start on June 29. The 79-year-old US leader fell off his bicycle on Saturday, but the White House later said he was unharmed.

a strong rebuke from the US….

The UN special Human Rights investigation into Palestine/Israel which found Israel to be primarily responsible for ongoing unrest and violence received a strong rebuke from the US, which in turn sought support from its allies to sign its statement. Australia declined to do so, issuing its own statement.

The significance is not so much in what the statement contained, but in the very fact that after nine years of blindly following the US, Australia wishes to make its own statement and judgement about human rights, justice, and peace. This should be resoundingly applauded. The US statement is predictably partisan, and while the Australian statement mirrors the US statement in the oft repeated claim that Israel is being unfairly picked on, it is far more nuanced.



glorifying ukraine in her civil war is a waste of time…...

Russia doesn’t care about ‘eyes of the West’ – Lavrov


Moscow cares about international law, not what the West thinks, its foreign minister has told BBC


The fate of British fighters captured in Ukraine and sentenced to death as mercenaries is for the Donetsk People’s Republic to decide under international law, and Russia doesn’t care how that looks “in the eyes of the West,” Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told UK state broadcaster BBC in an interview on Thursday, on the sidelines of the annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

JUSTICE4ASSANGE NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now is the time to end a dangerous threat to basic freedoms and the rule of law.  The Albanese government has a critical role to play in ensuring that outcome.

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