Monday 17th of May 2021


of an irritation-inducing faith...

Today (1/4/2021), the Pearls And Irritations website, the John Menadue Public Policy Journal, enters the world of mysticism, and one wonders why? WHY?

the men in white coats are coming soon...

on the bench
WATCH: Biden adds fodder to dementia speculation as spirited response on filibuster reform degenerates into word salad

chasing tom cats...


Christian Porter has been made industry minister while Peter Dutton will replace Linda Reynolds in the defence portfolio.

the anti-vaxxers of yesteryears...


The Cow-Pock—or—the Wonderful Effects of the New Inoculation!—vide. the Publications of ye Anti-Vaccine Society

water supply from the chosen people...

the chosen people

Water fight: Israel turns off Jordan’s water supply amid drought and ‘personal frictions’


the US president preaches about human rights...


The US president's preaching about human rights in a nation he wants to undermine have never sounded as hollow as when he speaks about the 'oppressed' Muslims of China. Just ask any Muslim-majority country bombed by the US.


on the way to new south wales, australia, to see sheep farms, 1884...

Émile Wenz is barely 21 when he begins his journey from Reims to Australia, in 1884.

american leadershit "hard choices"...


Anyone who has spent enough time in Washington or has even a cursory familiarity with the professional functionaries who staff the foreign policy and national security apparatus here will have encountered, at one time or another, well-intentioned, seemingly humble, painfully earnest bureaucrats who are certain that the rest of the world needs, indeed cries out for, “American leadership.”

make no mistake: biden does not make mistakes —he's just stupid and nasty...

jake   The adviser still insists Washington is ready to speak with Moscow about strategic partnership in certain areas.

melting the ice of the cold war...


NATO chief: Melting Arctic ice could heat up geopolitics

With China and Russia expanding their military presence in the Arctic, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told DW melting ice could increase geopolitical tensions and show the "security impacts of climate change."


"you must live in a glasshouse because I live in one myself..."


Holding a press conference inside Parliament House, the Prime Minister defended himself against criticism stemming from his justification for his response to the Brittany Higgins rape allegation and how his wife had told him to imagine it was his daughter.

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