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Hi all. Thanks for dropping in to the NHJ! daily blogsite, and - first up - our thanks especially to the brilliant Penguin IT team for their patience, skill and creativity in arcing up this site for us to play with. Love your work, guys!

Now in the best traditions of cyber-organics, we're not exactly sure how this blog-beast is going to develop in the coming weeks, since this whole site is still in a way a new-ish concept in interactive, post-publishing 'value-adding' (to chatter in the vogueish Bean Monkey-speak for a tic. Groan.) But in general the aim of this section of the NHJ! website will be to blog more or less daily in order to keep interested types informed about how the project is progressing overall. Among other things, we'll try to:

a) let you know what Margo is up to as far as promotions and appearances for/related to the book are concerned;
b) point you towards related cyber-stuff, such as external reviews, comments and discussions arising from the book;<

Provocative Book (Norman Murdoch)

It's about time somebody started standing up to these so-called leaders. If they can't LEAD this great land of ours, in the interests for ALL Australians then they have to go, it's as simple as that! How about the way John Howard treated the George Bush visit, to me that looked like just plain contempt towards Australians and our media. He wanted to show the Australian public that he could do any thing he wanted, when he wanted to.

As for the book as a whole, it is a GODsend for those who have been on the receiving end of any form of injustice, as I have! What is happening in the political arena, with the continual erosion of our democratic rights and the non-existent accountability checks and balances for politicians is a sign that Australians would do best to heed. They've sold off most of the country's assets, run our industries into the ground, the tax system is designed in a way to benefit the wealthy, our indigenous peoples live in third world conditions, there's more and

About time we had a book like this! (Sean Brady)

Thanks for writing this book, Margo...and a big thank you to your fellow contributors and everyone who made this book possible. It's about time we had a book like this. The shelves of the Current Affairs section in bookshops are full of books alerting us to the horrors of the Bush administration, and we finally have a worthy volume about the Howard government to sit proudly with them.

What impressed me most about this book is the passion that went into its creation. Rather than page after page of dryly recorded facts, this book sure gives us the appalling facts but also engages the reader on an emotional level. The sense of anger and frustration was evident on every page, and I agreed with every word of it. Reading this book was something of a cathartic experience for me as I find that many people I talk to on a day to day basis are either apathetic about what's going in in Canberra and elsewhere or they're not taking the time to find out as much as they can, not wishing to tune

It's the 'little' things ()

In yesterday's Web Diary, Margo wrote 'lots of political commentators write that Mark Latham is concentrating on the

Unfair politics II ()

Also claiming they've been slandered by recent campaign mammal-analogies - and now reportedly seeking a pro-bono Rights lawyer to pursue a Class Action - are these poor chappies.

Unfair Politics II ()

Also claiming they've been slandered by recent campaign 'dirty tricks' mammal-analogies - and now reportedly seeking a pro-bono Rights lawyer to pursue a Class Action - are these cuddly chappies.

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