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party pork pie plotters...


The senior Tory said these dark arts tactics had “intimidated” backbenchers and broke the law.

His astonishing tirade - made in Parliament - poured yet more petrol on the raging civil war engulfing the Tory Party.

But Boris came out swinging against the claim, insisting he had “seen no evidence” to support the allegation.

While his Cabinet ally and attack dog Nadine Dorries said Mr Wragg was peddling “nonsense” and just “attention seeking”.

tricks and treat and bullshit...

hunthuntEXCLUSIVE: Morrison and Hunt's tricky denial of RAT requisitions


As Australians struggle to access RATs tests, Greg Hunt and Scott Morrison have publicly denied allegations of stockpiling. Michelle Pini and David Donovan report.

‘This is a reaction to the COVID s*** storm we’re all experiencing together! Please rest assured that you will receive your goods, as soon as possible.’

US to foment fresh trouble around the South China Sea...


As part of its strategy to develop a global coalition against China in and around the Indo-Pacific, the US has been, for past many years, paying very close attention to what can be called ‘territorial flashpoints’ surrounding China – Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang – to demonise and delegitimise China as a global power.


the influence of homer simpson on US politics...


“The Simpsons” predicted in 2007 that government would become so inept they’d need to enlist the help of actor Tom Hanks to gain back credibility, and the Biden administration appears to be doing just that.

finding the troublesome RATs price gougers...


Federal police have launched an investigation into the price-gouging of rapid antigen tests.

A specialist taskforce has been set up by the AFP, after investigations began in NSW and Queensland following referrals from the consumer watchdog.

Retailers caught price-gouging on the tests have been warned they will face five years in prison.


AFP assistant commissioner of the crime command, Nigel Ryan, said there would be a zero-tolerance approach to retailers.

“The AFP will use its full powers to crack down on RAT price-gouging,” he said.

I've seen warehouse disasters as good as this on youtube...


How refreshing to hear Professor Paul Torzillo’s views rather than the usual blabbering from our politicians (“Top medic blasts the politics of pandemic”, January 20). The decision to open up on December 15 was based on information before Omicron was in the community. It has contributed to the staff shortages we see in hospitals and other businesses. It has stopped many small businesses from being able to operate fully and again derailed the economy with staff isolating and those cautious in our community staying home. Have we really learnt nothing since the start of this pandemic? Let’s hear from the health professionals on the frontline who can better determine what we should and shouldn’t be doing. Daniela Catalano, Haberfield

cuban syndrome....


The CIA believes it is unlikely Russia or another foreign adversary used microwaves or other forms of directed energy to attack the hundreds of American officials who claim to have been affected by "Havana syndrome".

where will they bloody be in May?


It sounded a touch desperate – Prime Minister Scott Morrison imploring backpackers to “come on down” to Australia, as the Omicron crisis escalated.

“Enjoy a holiday here”, said the one-time managing director of Tourism Australia, and “at the same time join our workforce and help us”.

The backpacker flow is slow, so there’ll be a $3 million advertising campaign (minus Lara Bingle) to lure them, and they’ll get a rebate on their visas if they come soon.


People were quick to see the irony – while Morrison was spruiking working holidays, travel advice in the US was updated to say “avoid travel to Australia”.

“Come on down” wasn’t Morrison’s only trite line.

the west is going berserk...



Washington refuses to hear Russia and China


by Thierry Meyssan


During the whole week, Moscow has been waiting for an answer to its proposal for a Treaty guaranteeing peace. Washington has never mentioned it. On the contrary, it has accused Russia of preparing to attack Ukraine and of planning a false flag operation to justify it. Russia can no longer back down, but any action on its part risks opening a third world conflict.


This article is a follow-up to : 

these three loonies are far more dangerous than the three stooges...


Rogue government backbencher George Christensen may be stripped of a lucrative parliamentary role after repeatedly pushing baseless anti-vax claims.

But Prime Minister Scott Morrison has refused to take stronger action on the controversial Queensland MP, pleading with Australians instead to ignore his discredited views.

“As a free country, people are allowed to say what they think but we don’t have to listen to them. They wouldn’t have to amplify their views. And I am certainly not seeking to do that,” Mr Morrison said when quizzed about Mr Christensen’s latest inflammatory statements on Wednesday.


“You can’t go around locking people up for what they say as Australians.

stoking the fire under the frying pan of hate...


In an opinion piece, Thomas L. Friedman, vents his hatred of Russia... and especially Vladimir Putin. He accuses the little guy of the exact sins that the USA have engaged in since the end of WW2. Putin to Thomas L. Friedman is the devil incarnate, a thief, a megalomaniac — and one can see that Friedman is secretly frustrated that his country only manages to elect second rate leaders... The USA have a cabal of about 500 people who want to rule the entire planet... That is a given. These people have instruments such as the CIA, the NSA, News Corp and Pelosi who is a poor Christian soul with a godly vengeance as a motivator for shitting every day... Poor fucking world... Here is Friedman's:


the g-2 experiment...


About 10,000 muons reach every square meter of the earth's surface a minute; these charged particles form as by-products of cosmic rays colliding with molecules in the upper atmosphere. Traveling at relativistic speeds, muons can penetrate tens of meters into rocks and other matter before attenuating as a result of absorption or deflection by other atoms.[10]



gouging in times of war... on covid-19... nothing new...


Retailers charging “beyond outrageous” prices for rapid antigen tests are being referred to the federal police for investigation, as supply issues continue to hamper Australia’s testing regime.

The referrals were disclosed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission as union leaders accused the federal government of putting workers “in harm’s way” by failing to provide free and accessible rapid antigen tests.


Union leaders said after an “emergency” meeting on Monday that free rapid antigen tests were needed for the whole community, not just essential workers, and they vowed to write to all employers urging them to protect employees.

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