Thursday 7th of July 2022


how we are made to think by the big tech….

Author and law professor Maurice Stucke explains why the practices of Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple are so dangerous and what’s really required to rein them in. Hint: Current proposals are unlikely to work. 

Google. Amazon. Facebook. Apple. We live within the digital worlds they have created, and increasingly there’s little chance of escape. They know our personalities. They record whether we are impulsive or prone to anxiety. They understand how we respond to sad stories and violent images. And they use this power, which comes from the relentless mining of our personal data all day, every day, to manipulate and addict us. 


BY Lynn Parramore


4th July cancelled……...

Fourth of July celebration canceled over deadly police shooting


Police officers in the US city of Akron fired almost 100 rounds at a black man during a chase earlier this week


The American city of Akron, Ohio, has canceled its Independence Day celebrations following a high-profile police shooting earlier this week, which saw several officers firing almost a hundred of rounds at a young black man they were chasing. The man died after more than 60 rounds struck his body.

the comic crowd at the theatre tonight — by thomas brown…….

THE Play-House is an Inchanted

Island, where nothing appears

in Reality what it is, nor what it

should be. 'Tis frequented by Persons

of all Degrees and Qualities

whatsoever, that have a great deal of

Idle Time lying upon their Hands,

and can't tell how to employ it worser.


Here Lords come to Laugh, and

to be Laugh'd at for being there, and

seeing their Qualities ridicul'd by every

Triobolary Poet. Knights come

hither to learn the Amorous Smirk,

the Ala mode Grin, the Antick Bow,

the Newest-Fashion'd Cringe, and how


Emmanuel Macron and Anthony Albanese have formally reset relations between their countries, with the French president saying Australia’s new prime minister was not to blame for the submarine row.

The two leaders shared a warm public exchange in the courtyard of the French presidential palace, along with their partners, in what Mr Albanese said was a “new start”.

The relationship repair came nine months after former Prime Minister Scott Morrison infuriated the French by scrapping a $90 billion submarine deal with France’s Naval Group to pursue the AUKUS security alliance.

Mr Macron publicly accused Mr Morrison of lying about the contract after France was blindsided by Australia’s decision to buy UK or US nuclear-powered subs.

the painter and one of his models who shaped the destiny of odessa…...

Above: Lawrence's portrait of Armand-Emmanuel de Vignerot du Plessis, duc de Richelieu (cropped).

mariupol malta shipping news…...

As West blames Moscow for 'food crisis', ships sail from Mariupol with Moscow's help while Ukraine holds vessels in its ports


Western media and state officials keep blaming Russia for the ‘food crisis,’ but Moscow is trying to reopen Ukrainian and Donbass ports


Without much notice in the West, on June 21, the first foreign ship departed from the Port of Mariupol since Ukrainian and foreign mercenary forces were fully forced out of the Donbass city a month prior. Escorted by Russian naval boats, the vessel’s departure set the precedent for a resumption of normal port activity to and from Mariupol.



By Eva Bartlett


the mis-communication technology of australia has its roots in the liberal (CONservative) privatisation politics….

The Labor government has yet to say how it’ll “fix” the NBN, while the other telco giants are variously courting and badgering the ACCC about the use of mobile spectrum. It’s the game that never ends in the land of Australian telecommunications, reports Kim Wingerei.

In the time-honoured tradition of corporations, when the economics of their market-driven business model doesn’t quite work, they run to government for help. In this case, it is Telstra and TPG which want to increase their joint use of mobile phone spectrum for mutual benefit.

TPG claims it will be truly wonderful for consumers who will be getting “higher service quality, better coverage, more choice and faster access to 5G for customers in regional areas.“

It is unclear how Telstra’s alleged share of the spoils to the tune of $1.8 billion, will equally be to consumers’ benefit.

that angry lynching mentality…...

Increasingly, it seems, Americans have an anger problem. All too many of us now have the urge to use name-calling, violent social-media posts, threats, baseball bats, and guns to do what we once did with persuasion and voting. For example, during the year after Donald Trump entered the Oval Office, threats of violence or even death against lawmakers of both parties increased more than fourfold.


the shame of being a foolish member of fascism has not sunk in yet...

Erich Kästner, the great critic, humanist, and antimilitarist, once said, “You must never sink so low as to drink from the cocoa you are being dragged through.” As the German government seeks to sweeten the €100 billion in special debt it plans to take on for ad hoc rearmament — changing the constitution to this end — it’s worth taking a critical look at the “cocoa” it’s ladling over us.

joke of the day…...


US Markets Lost up to 30% This Year Amid Soaring Inflation, Fuel Prices, Sanctions Backlash


The global economy started facing troubles during the coronavirus pandemic recovery, with countries reporting soaring inflation in November 2021. Woes exacerbated in 2022, with growing oil, gas and fuel prices, and were further worsened by the economic aftershock of anti-Russia sanctions.


The first half of 2022 was hardly a rally for investors, as global markets recorded drops not seen in over half a century.

latest G7 summit showed club’s impotence as previous impotent G7-G8-G20 meetings…...

In Germany, seven rich countries offered underwhelming solutions to problems of the world they don’t represent, the outlet argued... 

This year’s G7 leaders' summit in Germany was described as a great disappointment by Politico, which compared the meeting's results to Swiss cheese due to “gaping holes”. Even the first spouses mostly ignored it, showing the irrelevance of the meeting, it argued.

NATO knew terrorists would gain from toppling gaddafi……..


Britain’s military knew that fighters from an Al Qaeda-linked terrorist organization were benefiting from the overthrow of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, but continued to support NATO airstrikes in Libya for another two months.

The revelation raises serious questions about British foreign policy and whether the U.K.’s then Prime Minister David Cameron misled Parliament. 

In early September 2011, Cameron updated the House of Commons about the situation in Libya, telling MPs: 

“This revolution was not about extreme Islamism; Al-Qaeda played no part in it.”

tincan flimflam…...

Australian journalists are at war with their audience and the audience says 'enough'!


ONE OF THE ODD revelations from Dr Tim Dunlop’s recent article surveying certain prominent Australian journalists on public dissatisfaction was how little people in the media understand their audiences.


But not only that, how little they respect – especially when it comes to Twitter − their readers' understanding, knowledge and potential expertise.


the war, effin' racing cars and the piggery of weapon manufacturers….

Formula One has issued a statement after former chief executive Bernie Ecclestone ignited a heated reaction for telling UK television that he would "take a bullet" for “first-class person” Vladimir Putin.

Ecclestone has frequently described Putin as a friend since the introduction of the Russian Grand Prix to the F1 schedule in 2014.

The British tycoon told ITV breakfast show 'Good Morning Britain' on Thursday that he still respected the Russian leader and accused Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky of not doing more to stop the current conflict.

“I’d still take a bullet for him,” Ecclestone replied when asked if he still sees Putin as a friend.

an offer of political asylum…...

It is really not common to have testimonies indicating that the American government planned to assassinate a Western journalist who had exposed the crimes of the said American government.

One could even consider it very important for Democracy that the citizen be informed of this – at least as much as knowing that a 78th cleverly orchestrated leak of offshore documents shows that the former Prime Minister of Syldavia has an account in the Bahamas….

Alas, the media coverage was almost non-existent…







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